Jodi Woodruff: Free Agency in Pro Football

Seattle, WA- Jodi Woodruff published a book called Free Agency in Pro Football that talks about how the agency effects players, teams, as well as the financial background. Woodruff wanted to share her insight, because players, as well as teams, need to understand the process, statistics, and logic that is ignored at times by the general public. “I was intrigued by free agency because I studied some cases as a lawyer, which caught my attention. It is about marketing yourself to the highest level. Some players that are in free agency do not understand their value and end up taking a deal that is less than what they are worth. My book tells players how to market themselves to achieve what they want.”


Jodi has enjoyed watching football when she can because she is a busy woman, but she states that football has meaning behind everything.”When I was little football in our house meant bonding together, and that is what I see when I watch football. Different cultures coming together to play something that they are passionate about.”

When asked about the new rule for silently protesting the Nation Atheme, Jodi simply stated, “It is not a big deal. You can not force someone to agree with everything. People have different beliefs, so why make such a big s about people who are kneeling. They are not hurting anybody and honestly, maybe this topic of injustice needs to be talked about a little more.”

Jodi has conducted 20 labor relations negotiations and has done extensive research on the ins and outs of Free Agency and finds out that a lot of people do not know what is going on behind the scenes.  “I mean it is a lot of researching, but very interesting information that I can use to help others that do not know much about Free Agency. There is a lot of knowledge that players need to have before going after a deal. I am here to help them and give them advice.”

Jodi enjoys helping people market themselves to excel and whatever objective that they have in mind. Her book Fre Agency in Pro Football is a guide to become successful.

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