Jets part ways with general manager Mike Maccagnan

New York- The New York Jets decided to part ways with former general Mike Maccagnan on Wednesday. The parting was a surprise to other individuals in the organization, as well as fans, but the Jets wanted to continue in a different direction.


“I think there was pretty good synergy, but it was not everything I was hoping for,” CEO Christopher Johnson said. “I made the decision that I want to find a better fit for this building. … It’s more than a talent-evaluation guy. I want a great strategic thinker, a great manager, a communicator, someone who can collaborate well with the building. I’m convinced we’re going to find that person.”

The Jets have put in Adam Gase, who is the Jets’ first-year head coach as the acting GM. The Jets are rebuilding and rebranding their identity to try to make their 2019 season a successful one. The Jets spent a lot of money to get Le’veon Bell, as well as getting key pieces that they needed in the 2019 NFL Draft. The Jets have had a tough road with the Patriots dominating their division since 2001 and they are desperately trying to find the sun out of a darkness that has surrounded the organization.

Letting go of the old formula with Maccagnan could open many doors for creativity, as well as a good structure that can help speed up the process of getting the right players, coaches, and getting the Jets to playing the type of system that they want to. The Jets are now creating space to find the right personnel that will give them that winning perspective.


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