Jennifer Rodriguez: Big Platform to uplift women

Seattle, WA- Beauty is not defined just by looks, but by the characteristics of individuals. Jennifer Rodriguez, who is the Miss California and Miss Teen California Latina State Director made sure that her platform had more meaning than just beautiful woman competing for a crown. Both of these pageants are there for women to tell their stories. “A lot of people do not understand there is more to a competition than just looks. Many females use these pageants as a way to help their community, foundation, or bring awareness to topics that need to be discussed.”


Rodriguez started Miss California and Miss Teen California after her time working with the NF, she felt like she had a bigger purpose in life and wanted to do something impactful and something that had substance and a purpose behind it. Rodriguez has always been a pageant fan and one day she wanted to create her own pageant.

Since 2008, both Miss California and Miss Teen California Latina took off and has established itself as the largest competition for Latinas in Califonia. “I always wanted to help and uplift women. I mean a lot of these women come from different backgrounds and have some inspiring stories to share. These pageants help women to understand who they are, having a structure and supportive program, and a way to uplift women and not objectify them as just a face.”

Since last year the #Metoo movement has inspired many females to come out and put the spotlight on males who take advantage of their position, status, and sexual harrassed woman without any consequence. When Rodriguez was asked about the #Metoo movement, she simply stated that is was empowering. “The #Me too movement is very inspiring. I have so much compassion and admiration for these ladies to talk about what they have been through. It is very unfortunate for these things to happen to women, but it needs to be some light shed on the topic.”

A lot of females face a lot of insecurities within pageants, as well as daily life, but Rodriguez has a powerful message for them about loving yourself. “Take a look at yourself and remain positive. Noone is going to love you like you are going to love yourself, so respect your mind, body, and soul. Protect it from anything negative and surround yourself with positive people. Support means everything in this world because there are days where we all need those supportive people around.”

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