Jameis Winston wants DeSean Jackson to stay

Tampa Bay-jameis-winston-sued‘ QB Jameis Winston wants DeSean Jackson to stay in Tampa. Winston feels like Jackson brings something special to the team with his competitive spirit and his quickness getting down the field. “The thing about having a guy like DeSean Jackson; he’s passionate, he wants to win. When you have a guy like that, really winning and losing really separates how he’s going to react. He wants to be an important part of winning football games and he knows that he is a very important piece to winning football games. So if we were winning, he’s a selfless individual and he’s fine. But when you’re losing and the guy feels like he’s not getting taking advantage of, of course, he’s going to have something to say. That’s just his make-up,” said Jameis.

Jackson has shown in his career that he is a speedy receiver. As a defender, you have to press Jackson to knock him off his route, if you do not knock him off his route, he will fly by you. Last season, Jackson had four consecutive games where he had over 100 yards and seemed like he was happy in Tampa, but in week 5  frustration continued to grow as the coaches had no answer to get productive wins for the team. The Bucs finished the season 5-11 and it seems like Jackson wants to play for a team that will be a playoff contender.

Despite having much success in the NFL, Jackson cannot stay healthy. In the last 2 years, Jackson was sidelined with some type of injury that kept him off the field, so that will be taken into consideration if the Bucs will keep him or if another team would want to take a risk on Jackson. When he is on the field, Jackson is a threat and a game changer. He puts a lot of pressure on opponents because you have to know where he is at all times. He can make plays happen down the field in a matter of seconds. Will he stay or go will be the question that will be surrounding Tampa Bay in the upcoming weeks?


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