Jaiden2Fast; Young and Hungry

Seattle, WA- Jaiden2Fast is a young boxer that is spreading his name across the nation by winning fights with his speed and power He has won 11 fights with only 6 losses. With each loss that Jaiden has taken, he accepted it as a learning lesson. “I know I have a lot to learn, but that is what makes you better. Losing a match challenges you to find out what you did wrong and correct it to improve your craft.”

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Jaiden has been fighting at an early age and his dad is his biggest supporter. His dad used to fight and he uses the knowledge that he has to help his son improve his craft and make his dream come true. “I have a lot of knowledge and fighting skills that I use to help Jaiden,” says his dad. Jaiden is a counter fighter and is very good with his defense. His idol is his dad, as well as Floyd Mayweather. “Mayweather is not looking to get hit but shows you different looks that can mentally get you frustrated. I like how quick and fast he is with his hands and his footwork is very good.”

Outside of Boxing, Jaiden has a love of music and he is a hip-hop artist. “I love Hip-Hop and the messages that it sends to different people. I love rapping because it gives me an outlet to let people know how I feel on certain topics. I love the energy and how it makes me feel.”

Jaiden is very active in his community by giving back, as well giving encouraging words to people who look up to him. “Everyday you have to improve and just make sure you have a good source of positivity around you. Make sure that you listen to people who only want the best for you.”

Jaiden is a talented and intelligent young man that has shocked a lot of people in the industry for some time. With his guidance from his father and community, the world is endless for him.


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