Huskies Drop game opener against No.9 Auburn 21-16

Seattle, WA- The University of Washington was stunned by No. 9 Auburn 21-16 in a defensive game that had a playoff-like intensity, as well as some gutsy play calling by both coaches.


The Husky had many opportunities to put pressure on Auburn with their play-action calling down in the red zone in the first half, but they could not capitalize off the good field position that they had. The Tigers’ defense played big in the red zone and halted in productive drives that the Huskies had with getting into the end zone. The Huskies had to settle for a couple of field goals, while Auburn came out the gate with some deep throws down the field to get the Huskies’ defense uncomfortable. It worked to perfection because Auburn picked up some big chunks of yardage through the air and put the Huskies down by two touchdowns.

By the end of the first half, the score was 13-6.

Jake Browing and the Huskies’ offensive coordinator decided to utilize Myles Gaskin a bit more. He gashed up some yards against the Tigers, as they marched down the field to get a score. While going for a score Gaskin broke a record that was held by Napoleon Kaufman for some time. Gaskin only needed 50 yards in this game to break history with him being the all-time rushing leader. “I’m very thankful to the O-line and all of the O-lines I’ve played behind,” Gaskin said. “It means a lot to be afforded the opportunities that I’ve had here. I’m just happy.” He finished the game with 75  yards, but that drive help put points on the board. The Huskies punched the ball in the end zone, closing the deficit to two points. 

After the Tigers missed a field goal attempt, the momentum switched back to the Huskies’ sideline. The Huskies’ capitalized off the great field position. They scored a field goal, which put them up 16-15.

With the Tigers down by 1, they rallied during adversity. They threw a couple of passes down the field, which put them in the red zone. On a third and seven,  JaTarvious Whitlow shot up the middle and scored the go-ahead score. 

“Sometimes it’s how you win a game that can help you later in the season,” Malzahn said in what he hoped would be a bit of foreshadowing for the season.


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