Free Concert in Vegas held for the celebration of the Knights’ season

Seattle, WA- What a season for the NHL and the Golden Knights this season. The Golden Knights have shocked the world by getting 51 wins in their first and the bragging rights to be first place in Pacific Division. In the first round of the NHL playoffs, they will be facing the Los Angelos Kings. It will be a good match-up between the two teams, but win or lose the Knights are winners in everyone’s’ eyes.



This year the NHL wanted to do something special for the fans, as well build up the excitement during the playoffs, which includes Snoop Dogg releasing a video series called Snoop 101. Snoop 101 will be a tutorial of hockey, what it means to be a fan, and just a different perspective from Snoops’ point of view.

Snoop 101’ videos are available on NHL social media channels and, with a link to view below.

While Snoop talks playoffs in his segments, Grammy nominated music artist Logic is making a surprise visit to Vegas this Friday to celebrate the Knights season with the 2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs Party. The party will consist of a free concert at the Toshiba Plaza on April 11 at 5:00 pm. It will be a night to remember, so please be safe and have a good time celebrating the ending of a great season for the NHL.




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