Doug Baldwin’s Community event was a hit

Seattle, WA- Seattle Seahawks Wide Receiver Doug Baldwin and the community of Renton, Washington came together to give back to their community with different activities that fans and their family could enjoy. Participants enjoyed different drills such as the 40-yard dash, catch and passing, kick returns, hit the tackling dummy, and the verticle jump. All of these participants had so much fun running with Baldwin and challenging him to compete.

There were two sessions that took place that were about an hour long. “I appreciate everyone that came out here to support something positive within the community. I had so much fun with all of you and I hope to do it again, said Baldwin.” The proceeds for the event will go into building a community center, which is in the works for Baldwin.

Baldwin has always been an inspiration to a lot of people on and off the field. He is very articulate in displaying how he feels with certain issues such as the injustice in the world, as well as improving the community of Seattle He is the pulse that keeps the community in a positive light.

“Community centers not only provide athletic and educational activities, they are the building blocks for character building opportunities. These opportunities are being denied to many of the youth of today especially in the Cascade/Benson area.” – Doug Baldwin.



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