Doug Baldwin: Many surgeries are ahead

Seattle- Seattle Seahawks’ wide receiver Doug Baldwin is likely to have more surgeries that will affect him playing on the field this season. Baldwin has been plagued by injuries in his last three years, but this surgery may be a sports hernia surgery. After last season, Baldwin underwent knee and shoulder surgeries and head coach Pete Carroll has been optimistic about Baldwin’s return.”He’s making progress, working at it hard. He’s working at the facility regularly,” Carroll said.


When Baldwin is on the field, he is a threat to defenders. He is not a speedy player, but he does enough to get open and catches the ball consistently. While Baldwin is underrated as one of the best wide receivers in the game today, he does a lot for the Seahawks. He is a great blocker and a player that works hard on his craft. Majority of the Seahawks’ success is written in the hands of Baldwin, but last season was stressful for him. “This year has been hell,” Baldwin said. “This year has been absolute hell. I’ve been … oh my goodness. We don’t have enough time for that. It’s been hell. But I’m so grateful to be healthy enough to be on the field with my teammates to celebrate victories and just enjoying playing football again, just like a kid.”

Through the tough times, Baldwin has always been an optimistic person that is competitive. Right now, Baldwin is facing a decision that could end his career. He is 31 years old and has a history with injuries, so this could be his last dance playing the game he loves.


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