Day 6: Seahawks observations

Seattle, WA- It was day 6 of training camp and the Seattle Seahawks’ back up QB Austin Davis struggled today with being accurate throwing the long ball or throwing slants. When he attempted to scramble, because the pocket was collapsing, he fumbled the ball. Extending plays is something that Davis has always been good at, but he has a tendency to be careless with the ball. However, on the next possession, he threw a tight spiral down the teeth of the defense for a touchdown. Davis has had his ups and down in camp, but remains upbeat and positive about securing the backup position.


The Seahawks put WR Brandon Marshall to work and he said that he felt good being back on the field. “It has been a long and lengthy process with coming back from an injury. I have been around the world to make sure I get the proper treatment, so I can go out there and play ball. I have not played ball in almost four months, said Marshall.

Russell Wilson and Brandon still have to get their communication and timing together, but Brandon stated that it comes with time. “As you seen today there was a pass that Wilson threw and I did not catch, because the timing was off. We talked about it after I dropped it and on the next play he threw me a pass that went for a touchdown. It is all about timing. There are some things that I have to adjust to make it easier for Wilson, “said Marshall.

The Seahawks defensive line is very young and at times they overplay their assignments. They have enough time to adjust that before the season. Other than that everything else looked very smooth to finish out



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