Day 1 of Seahawks’ Training Camp

Seattle, WA- Today starts the first day of Seahawks Traning Camp. Coming into this season there are a lot of expectations that this organization is focusing on. After completing a 9-7 season last year, the Seahawks want to improve their pass protection. Last season Russell Wilson was one of the most sacked Quarterbacks in the league. He had minimal protection in the pocket and he had to make things happen with his legs. In order for Wilson to be very successful this year, he has to have some type of protection.

However, there was a twist to opening day. The Seahawks waived defensive lineman  Malik McDowell with a non-football injury. Before he was waived, there was a lot of talk on how he could help out the Seahawks this year, if he was 100% healthy. Last season he did not touch the field, because of a severe concussion during an ATV accident before training camp last summer, which halted his NFL journey.

When asked about the decision head coach Pete Caroll had this to say about the move. “It always was disappointing,” coach Pete Carroll said of McDowell’s situation. “This whole process has been disappointing because he had a real upside. We took a big pick to take him and all that, and unfortunately it didn’t happen. We made a move last year because he wasn’t here so that just shows you how important he was.”

Despite the McDowell situation, the first day was pretty exciting. The Griffin brothers were pretty excited about camp. Shaquem Griffin was full of energy and looked poised running drills. Bobby Wagner had some exceptional words for what he has seen so far with Shaquem. “Shaquem has an unbelievable talent. He goes out there and works hard. I am excited to see him play and how he will help out this team.”

Bobby also stated how the Seahawks’ culture molded him into the man that he is today, as well as helping the new guys out. ” It means so much to me that these guys are my brothers. I came in here and they took me under their wing. We all went through the single stage, finding a girlfriend stage, and actually having a family stage. We helped each other out and that is what I will keep doing with the new guys. I am very excited about the newcomers and I am excited about the direction we are going into.”

With some great leaders on the offensive side and defensive of the ball, these young athletes will grow and excel to their full potential. The Seahawks are on the clock. It will be interesting to see what players will make the cuts. Stay tuned for more action from Seattle.


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