The Cowboys lost their Cinderella shoes in a 30-22 loss to the Rams

Los Angeles- The  Dallas Cowboys’ defense was shredded to pieces on the ground, as the Rams ran away with a 30-22 victory over the Cowboys.



In the first half, the Cowboys marched down the field to draw first blood after Dak Prescott threw a 20-yard pass to Amari Cooper to put them in position to score, which made it 7-0. On the Rams first and second possession, the Cowboys stopped the Rams from scoring a touchdown and the Rams had to settle for a pair of field goals.

After a couple of three and outs with the stalling of the Cowboys’ offense, the Rams started to pick up the pace. C.J. Anderson tore through Dallas’ secondary with four runs over 10 yards. Jared Goff threw a couple of strikes to his wide receivers and went back to the running attack. Anderson busted through for a 15-yard scamper and a 1-yard touchdown run to put the Rams up 13-7. The Rams added to the lead after Todd Gurley ran for a 35-yard touchdown to extend the lead 20-7

Prescott did not look the same after the first drive that the Cowboys scored on. Prescott overthrew Cooper a couple of times and the Rams’ defense was making life tough for the Cowboys’ offensive line late in the first half. Prescott finished the half 3 of 9 and could not get anything productive going on the offensive end. Ezekiel Elliot carried the ball 9 times and had 40 yards with an average of 4 yards per touch. The Cowboys were 1 out of 6 on third down conversions and looked out of sync.

In the second half, the Cowboys’ defense held the Rams to a field goal to make it 23-7. However after the Rams scored the field goal, the Cowboys were very aggressive on the next possession to create some type of urgency. On a 4th and short, the Cowboys converted the fourth down to keep the chains moving. After converting on 4th down, Dak made a miracle happen as he extended the play with his legs on first down and threw a dart to Michael Gallup down the field for a 30-yard completion to put the Cowboys at the 1-yard line. Elliot finished the drive with a 1-yard touchdown and the Cowboys went for the 2-point conversion, which they converted to make it 23-15.

The Cowboys had no answer for the running attack of the Rams; Anderson scored on a 4th and goal early in the 4th quarter to go up 30-15. Late in the 4th quarter, the Cowboys converted on 3 fourth and shorts to put them in a position to try to make it a one-possession game. Prescott scored a 1-yard touchdown to cut the deficit down. With 2 minutes left and regulation, the score was 30-22. With only two timeouts left, Dallas needed a stop on a 3rd and 6, but Goff made sure that did not happen. Goff, as well as C.J. Anderson, made sure that their season would continue, while the Cowboys were left with yet another divisional round disappointment.

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