The Cowboys beat the Seahawks in a wild one 24-22

Dallas-The Saturday Night NFC  Wild Card match-up between the Seattle Seahawks and the Dallas Cowboys was a game of chess on the defensive side. In the first half, both teams combined for only 16 points in the first half. However, the Cowboys were running thin with their receivers. Allen Hurns suffered a gruesome left leg injury in the first quarter. He was carted off the field and did not return. Dallas’ wide receiver Cole Beasley tweaked his ankle in the first quarter and you could tell he was bothered by it. He was trying not to put all his weight coming out of his routes, which put Dak Prescott in a difficult position. He had to hold the ball much longer than what he wanted.



The Cowboys running attack put a lot of pressure on the Seahawks’ defensive line. They made sure that Ezekiel Elliot had contributed to their success. Before the end of the half, Elliot scampered for 45 yards to get the Cowboys in position to get some points. They scored a touchdown with Dax throwing a perfect ball to his wide receiver on a fade route to extend their lead to 10-6.

On the ensuing kick, the Tyler Lockett almost ran a kick return back but was caught by the kicker. The Seahawks gained 20 more yards and had to settle for a 57-yard field goal by Sebastian Janikowski, but he missed the field goal. However after he kicked the ball, Janikowski apparently strained something. He could barely walk off the field and that was something that the Seahawks did not want.

In the second half, both teams were very successful with getting the offense off the field on the defensive end, but the Seahawks got gutsy on a fourth and five on their third possession of the third quarter. Russell Wilson threw a 35-yard bomb to Doug Baldwin to get the Seahawks in the red zone. On a second and goal, Wilson kept the ball and scored, which made it his third rushing touchdown in his postseason career. After a successful 2 point conversion, the Seahawks went up 14-10.

After the Seahawks scored, the Cowboys picked up the pace to get the Seahawks on their heels. After a couple of quick first downs, Prescott throws a dart in the middle of the field to Amari Cooper for a 20-yard reception, which put the Cowboys in business to score. On the ensuing down, Dak called his own number and scored, but was called back, because his knee touched the ground before the ball crossed the plain. On a second and goal, Elliot scored to put the Cowboys up 17-14.

The Cowboys overcame an interception in which KJ Wright had picked off in the end zone and a couple of penalties, but the Cowboys put a lot of pressure on the Seahawks by running the ball with Elliot. However, the Seahawks had three costly penalties on third and long to set the Cowboys up for a go-ahead score.  On a 3rd and 14 with nobody open, Dax decided to call his own number. He ran past a couple of defenders and juked away from some arm tackles to put the ball at the one. He scored on 1st and goal to put the Cowboys up 24-14.

Everyone thought the game was over except the Seahawks. With less than 2 minutes, Wilson threw a 50-yard bomb to Lockett, which put them in the red zone. Wilson threw a back shoulder pass to Baldwin for the touchdown to cut the deficit to 4. With a successful 2-point conversion, the Seahawks were down 2. All they had to do was get an offside kick and they would be in business. With only seconds left, the Seahawks punter attempted a dropkick but failed horribly. The ball sailed in the air instead of the ground and into the hands of the Cowboys’ lineman.

The Cowboys are heading into the divisional round and will have to wait to see who they play. This victory marks the third time the Cowboys reached the second round since the late ’90s


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