Charles Tillman is now an FBI agent

Seattle, WA- Former Chicago Bears’ cornerback is now an FBI agent. Recently, Tillman graduated from the FBI’s training academy and now is on his way to helping out his community. Tillman will be placed on a two-year probation period where he can gain experience, wisdom, and knowledge to use in the field.


During Tillman’s career, he was known as a force to be reckoned with. He was a physical corner that had every intention of making you pay if you were near him on the field. He played with the Bears for 12 seasons and was known as the “Punch the football” player. Tillman had a unique skill that many defenders do not have. He was very good at tackling, but while he was tackling an opponent to the ground, he would punch the ball out of their hands.  A lot of wide receivers and tight ends could not figure out a solution to the strategy of Tillman.

Outside of punching the ball out of players’ hands and causing havoc in the backfield, Tillman was a force off the field helping out the Chicago community. He was always giving back and encouraging people to chase their dreams and make the best out of life.

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