Chargers GM Tom Telesco loves what the AAF is bringing to the table

Los Angeles-Within the first week the Alliance of American Football league has become an outlet for football fanatics to watch until the NFL Draft, but a lot of fans love the idea of what the AAF is bringing to the table. 


The AAF has marketed itself in a way that it will be hard to fail within their first season. They have brought in noticeable players that have played in the NFL or CFL and brought them out to play for a second opportunity to play football. The second factor was the prime time effect with having two games on two big-time networks. One was played on the NFL Network and the other was played on CBS. Both TV stations are big-time networks and for them to have the guts to go after the big networks tell you that they have thoroughly thought about every avenue to make their first year successful. 

Lastly look at the NFL commentators who have broken down plays, as well as the debut of the new league. Tiki Barber, Spero Dedes, Trent Green, Andrew Catalon, and Gary Danielson were a few faces that are a household name.

Even the new league caught the eyes of Los Angeles Chargers GM Tom Telesco. Telesco feels that the AAF could be used as more of a developmental league in the near future. “It has the potential to be a nice complement to the NFL. It’s a great spot for a developmental league for players, but even aside from that — coaches and front office, officiating, athletic trainers and video equipment people, public relations — all of that, so I think it’s a great place where people can develop in every department of football operations. Every department that touches a football team can get some real-life experience.” Telesco has stated that he will be bringing scouts to the games.





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