Cardinals throw water on drafting another QB

Arizona-There have been speculation that the Arizona Cardinals were, in fact, thinking about rolling the dice with trading Josh Rosen for another quarterback in the NFL Draft, but all the heat in that speculation was watered down when Cardinals president Michael Bidwill said this; “Josh is a smart guy, he’s been around and he’s seen what happens year in and year out,” Bidwill said. “There’s always a lot of speculation that turns out to not be true. But moving forward, we’re going to continue to build this team and build around the foundation that we have.


The Cardinals’ record last season was 3-13 and they were last in their division. Rosen struggled to find his touch with his players and there was rumors circulation that a lot of the players were frustrated with what was happening. Rosen is just a young QB that still has a lot to learn. His strengths are throwing to the outside when he has time and under duress, his poise is undeniably strong. If he can not find a receiver going through his progressions, he will wait until he can not wait anymore and stay in the pocket. However, Rosen has to read the defense better. At times, he would try to fit a throw to a receiver when it is double coverage or stare down his receivers, which led to turnovers.

In his first year, Rosen threw for 2,278 yards with 11 touchdowns and 14 interceptions. Despite the rumors that Rosen may get traded and the Cardinals will go after Kyler Murray, the Cardinals feel like they have the right guy that they can build around. A lot of pieces have to be put together as the Cardinals are rebuilding, but the organization feels like they have the right person in their corner.

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