The Browns have become favorites to win the Super Bowl this year

Cleveland- The Cleveland Browns have become favorites to win the Super Bowl this year when they acquired Odell Beckham Jr in a trade with the New York Giants. The Browns gave the Giants, Safety Jabrill Peppers, and a 17th and 95th pick in the 2019 NFL Draft. Beckham will be reunited with his former LSU teammate Jarvis Landry.USATSI_11442568_168384674_lowres

The Browns on paper are one of the most stacked teams in the league with having multiple players that have the ability to change the game around in a matter of minutes. Their backfield with Kareem Hunt and Nick Chubb is a balance of speed, vision, and power. Before Hunt was let go with the Chiefs, because he lied about an altercation that involved a woman, Hunt was on the verge of having another 1,000-yard season. In his career with the Chiefs, he had 2,151 yards on the ground, along with 15 touchdowns. Hunt has a unique ability to squeeze through small holes with his size and can finish off runs.

Chubb had a breakout year with having almost a 1,000-yard season (996). He is a speedy back that can get to the secondary really quick. It is hard to bring him down. He averaged around five-yards a carry and opponents had no answer for him. With Hunt and Chubb in the backfield, it will be difficult for defensive coaches to come up with a strategy, because now, you have two guys that you have to put eight guys in the box to contain them.

The Browns have found a franchise quarterback with Baker Mayfield. Last season, Mayfield took over after Tyrod Taylor was injured and turned a slumping organization into something special. With Mayfield in the game, fans knew something special was going to happen. He has this “I will not quit attitude” and it showed when he was on the field. He showed poised when his team was down by multiple scores. He is very patient and does not try to do too much. He can beat you with his legs, as well as his arm. He has a strong arm and that could be good for ODBJ.

Within the first two days of free agency, it looks like the Browns put themselves in a good position to be playing in Miami at the end of the season.


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