Brittney Bogues; Change is necessary in order to grow

Seattle, WA- Daughter of NBA’s own Muggsy Bogues, Brittney Bogues is inspiring her community by using her platform to bring awareness about domestic violence, equality, race and making the community a better place. She has impacted her community through encouragement and donating money to different charities and foundations that have impacted and change the lives of different individuals.

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“I was a victim of domestic violence and I felt like this is a topic that most of the time gets swept under a rug. It needs to be more women out there that are not afraid to go out there and tell their story about being in toxic relationships. It felt very good to see how many women are coming out saying this happened and we will not just sit back and do nothing about it. It takes a lot of courage to talk about domestic violence and how it has affected myself and others.”

“However, on the bright side of things, it feels good to be helping people. My dad has always told me to be kind and give back. It is a blessing and humbling experience just to help people out.”

Outside of doing speaking engagements and inspiring others, Brittney has been a force with branding her own business called All in PR, which she has mastered and now has teamed up with her brother starting their own business called Bogues Consulting Group. “I love PR and have done it for a long time, but I think my purpose is now helping people brand themselves or companies and help them become very successful. I am so thrilled and excited about teaming up with my brother Tyrone Bogues II who has been a greater mentor and someone who has pushed, and supported me in everything that I do ”

Brittney has inspired many individuals with her bubbly personality, go-getter approach, and a will to do the unthinkable. “I just have been very blessed with a great support system and watching him always inspired me. I am honored that people look up to me. Like I tell people you have to go out there and do something that you love. Rejection will come, but you have to be firm in yourself and grow from it. You will receive a lot of nos in your lifetime, but you have to keep moving forward. Sometimes life will alter your course with different obstacles, but within overcoming adversity you find growth in yourself, and nothing is better in life than knowing who you are and what you want out of life.”

Building and branding is one thing, but Brittney wants her community, as well as America, to progress for the better. “We have to sit back and have conversations that explains why a person feels one way than the other. Some people are so sensitized in their ways that they forgot that life has more meaning than what they feel. It is a two-way street to understand how and why a person feels the way that they do and I hope that one day we all could come together and be Americans fighting for the good of the world.”


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