Brittany Gilman: Taking strides in a male dominated occupation

Seattle, WA- Ceo of BG Sports Enterprises, Brittany Gilman is creating a platform that a lot of people have been inspired by motivated by, and encouraged by. Brittany decided in 2007 that she was going to build the foundation of BG Sports Enterprises after a successful career of being a professional snowboarder and working with different marketing agencies when she was younger, she decided to risk it all and start her own business.


“Reputation is all you have, as well as being the best person that you can be on a daily basis, which is something that has shaped me into the woman that I am today. It is hard being in a field where it is dominated by males.  I have to watch everything I do because women, in general, have these type of stereotypes that attempt to define them. I like to work hard, as well as give opportunities to help people focus on their goals or dreams. I wanted to do something for others.”

BG Sports Enterprises is an agency that is built upon positive individuals that possess great characteristic about them. All of the players bring in a positive approach to their character, wisdom, and, mindset. Brittany feels it is important to surround yourself with like-minded individuals, as well as reflecting on improving yourself. “It starts with you. When times get tough you can always rally behind yourself and push yourself. Have faith and trust the process. The process may be hard at times, but it is so worth it. Rejection, hardships, and challenges teach many lessions that will go a long way in your journey.”

Brittany and her family have always been passionate about sports, as well as improving their community. Brittany likes to give advice to people who aspire to be in her shoes or is finding it hard to break barriers in the field. ” You have to keep dreaming and making action happen. Anybody can sit there and dream, but it takes patience, willpower, and faith to believe in something that is not happening right now. As humans, we rush things, because we want something right now, but with endurance, patience, and faith, you will get to your dreams. As a woman in this field, you have to be on point at all times. I like to embrace and encourage any women that are trying to build their own foundation of dreams whether it is a company, agency, or just a goal.  Go for it. Never let anyone or anything stop you from making it happen. You have to be flexible with learning new things to add to what you already know.”

Despite all of the challenges that Brittany has faced, she has always been optimistic, determined, and humble about progressing. Watch out for this inspiring woman who has achieved. a lot in such a little time.


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