Blake Bortles Praises Sean McVays’ coaching ability

Los Angeles- Former Jacksonville Jaguars’ QB Blake Bortles praised Rams’ head coach Sean McVay on his style of coaching and how it could impact him improving as a QB. “I mean, I think as a quarterback, there’s not really anybody else you’d rather be around if you had your pick,” Bortles said. “What he’s done, the people that have been taken out of here for head coaching jobs, and OC jobs in other places. I think is a testament to how good he is at what he does, how good of a teacher and a coach he is. You watch them play, and the effort and intensity that they play at speaks to the type of head coach he is.”


Bortles was released from Jacksonville last week, as the organization moved forward with getting Nick Foles. Bortles signed with the Rams on Monday. Bortles has a chance to improve his quality of work by working alongside Jared Goff. Both of these quarterbacks can help each other out. Bortles is a little older than Goff, which could help out Goff when he needs someone mature to calm him down in critical situations. Bortles can learn from Goff about staying in the pocket when the pocket breaks down and not just running all the time.

Bortles comes into an uptempo/smash mouth offense that can make life easier for him. He will not have to do too much to make his presences felt. When he was in Jacksonville, Bortles had to create some type of offense and it was a lot of pressure on his shoulders. He did not have much of a supporting cast until the 2017 year where they were one step away from going to the Super Bowl. It will be interesting to see what Bortles does in training camp and see if he is the right personnel to back up Goff.

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