Areina Plowden: Vegan is the way to go


Atlanta, GA- Entertainment and Sports publicist Areina Plowden shares her story on how being a vegan changed her life, as well her healthy lifestyle. Many people go back and forth with being a vegan stating that they simply have no discipline with their eating habits or they have a difficult time find restaurants that cater to Vegans. “I am not going to lie to, when I first started my journey, it was so hard. I had a lot of doubters that told me I would not be committed to the Vegan lifestyle, because of my old habits. I wanted a better lifestyle for my family, as well as myself. I have seen the positive aspect of being a vegan. I have loads of energy. I lost weight and I love how it has changed my mindset,” said Areina.

Areina was so inspired with being a vegan that she wrote a book called The Vegan Chronicles. The Vegan Chronicles talks about Areina’s journey, as it transformed her mind, health, and body. The book is a tool for others who want to become vegan but has some doubts about it. “I wanted to write this book to help other people with their journey. A lot of people are misinformed about certain information out there about being vegan, so I wanted to be honest with them. I wanted to tell them my doubts when I first started and how my mind, health, and spirit has improved me as a person since I was committed to being a vegan.”

Areina has always been a very supportive and positive person. She does not let individuals cloud her judgment and she just wants the best for people in general. “With being a Vegan, discipline is a must. Do not try to rush the process, because you will stress yourself out if you do not see the improvements that you wanted. Never try to force being a Vegan. If it does not work for you, try something else that works for you. Remove negative people, as well as food, drinks, or anything that can harm your health. A positive lifestyle will have you feeling good. Connect with like-minded people that will help you and not hinder you and lastly always research information on being a vegan. Talk with people who have become a vegan and ask them questions, maybe it will help you get a better understanding or become more knowledgeable about vegans.”

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