Andre Smith; Football molded me into the person that I am today

Seattle, WA- NFL prospect Andre Smith is on the brink of making it to the pros, but he knows that it took a lot of patience, dedication, hard work, and overcoming adversity to make it this far. “It has been one long journey, but I know I have a ways to go. Football is more than a game to me; it is my passion, heart, and it is life to me. I do not see myself quitting on something I love.”

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Football has been in Smith’s blood since he was little. He had family that supported him and pushed him to exceed expectations. “My cousins always pushed me since I was little. We would have different competitions like who could do more pushups or something of that nature to see who would do more and excel. They push me, as well as other people who believed in me. I can not and will not let myself or those people down no matter how much adversity I face.”

Smith excels as a football player, but he is very talented with motivating others. “I have always been a leader that spoke about believing in yourself, doing the things that you have to do in order to make your goal or dream happen, and just having faith that everything will work itself out.” You have to lead by example. Don’t say this or that without any type of action. Anyone can use words, but many people do not justify their words with their action. I believe it starts with you and how you want others to view you.”

On and off the field Smith is a great example of a leader, he does what he is told and he likes to perfect his craft. “I want to go out there and be the best. If I have to do a drill a hundred times, I will. I have been told that other individuals look up to me and see my drive and it makes me want to go ten times harder. I am not just playing for myself, but others, who see a little bit of me in them.”

As the NFL Draft day approaches in a few weeks, Smith has done a lot and now Smith and his family patiently awaited an opportunity with a phone call from a NFL team. “This is a dream come true. Just to be among many athletes that I can learn from is a blessing. Football has molded me into the person that I am today and I am greatful for all of the support that supporters have given me.”

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