Trevone Boykin; Ready when called on

Renton, WA-  After a great and inspiring performance on Sunday against the Los Angeles Chargers, Trevone Boykin looks to secure the back-up position. It has been speculated that he will get the spot. In the win against the Chargers, he was 12 of 15 for 180 yards with one pick and one interception, but he still wants to improve. “I am always ready to go out there and play when I get the opportunity. Having veteran guys has helped me throughout camp, as well as me growing in this organization.” hi-res-0676a435b3b17f590ca72ad7897fc858_crop_north

Boykin is more mobile than Austin Davis, who is also fighting to keep a job and fits into stretching the field better. Boykin can extend plays when the pocket is broken. He has gotten better with throwing the long ball on time and his back shoulder throws has been very impressive. At the start of camp, Boykin struggled with going through his progressions and just ducking his head and running. Throughout the last three weeks, he has stayed in the pocket and waited for his receivers to get into their routes before he let it go.

Having a veteran QB has helped Boykin through the rough times and has shown improvement. With the Vikings coming into town for the Seahawks first home game, Boykin will be the center of attention and it will be interesting to see if he will have a big game like he did last Sunday.

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