After a one way exit out of the playoffs, the Bills are optimistic about next year

Seattle, Wa- With only a few ticks left on the clock and Tyrod Tayor looking at the possibility of coming back to tie the game at the end of regulation, the Bills shot themselves in the foot with a crucial interception that won the game for the Jaguars 10-3.

However, with a sense of getting over the drought to a playoff game with a new head coach a different system, the Bills are looking at the possibility of making another run next year. There are a few players that are getting older and might change their tune to the musical exit of retirement, but after getting to the playoffs and playing their best in a defensive effort, the organization feels like more can come out of it.


Linebacker Lorenzo Alexander is optimistic about his future with the Bills. He does not want to retire yet, but he would want to stay one more year with the organization.”I mean, that’s the plan for me. Obviously, the organization has to make a decision on whether or not they want to keep me and then once that happens, I have to earn my right back on this team. Until, obviously, March, the league year is not over so I’ll still be coming up here, getting treatment, working out to start preparing myself for the offseason.”

“Retirement is not on my radar quite yet. I definitely want to get one more in. I really love this organization, love what we were able to build here and I definitely want to continue to be a part of helping this organization take that next step, and that’s winning a playoff game and getting to a championship and winning that. I feel good, my wife is all on board with me continuing to play and as long as I got a happy home [and] happy wife, I can come to work each and every day and play free. I look forward to it.”

Kevin Benjamin who was a huge part of the Bills’ success and has been excited about working with the organization since he was traded from Carolina to Buffalo.

“I love it, it was a good – I mean, I don’t think I did a lot on the field because I got the injury. But it was an adjustment and I like it. I like it here in Buffalo. I got one more season here next year so I’m going to prepare for the offseason and get my body back right, come back and focus and get ready for OTA’s.”You could just tell the urgency to get to the Super Bowl and that’s the number one goal. That’s supposed to be every team’s number one goal. That’s where they’re trying to go so I think next year will be a big year for us.”


With a new direction and a spicy taste of the playoffs, the Bills have nothing to be ashamed about. Their defense neutralized the Jaguars’ offense and made them depend on the running attack of Blake Bortles, which was the deciding factor in this game.

With a healthy mindset and a coach in his first year that demanded more of the Bills, the Bills are walking in the right direction for next year.





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