New England hopes to get the flashy 6 championship rings

The New England Patriots are in control of their dynasty and designation for their sixth Super Bowl Ring, but they will have to beat a tough Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles come into this with the third top-ranked defense, so the Pats have to be very deceptive with getting the Eagles to overplay. The Eagles have been solid all year, but they have been bitten with big plays down the field because they go for double moves. Miami Dolphins v New England Patriots

In order for the Patriots to put pressure on the Eagles, they will have to do a little bit of everything from play-action, screens, and curls to get the Eagles a little anxious to attempt to jump routes. The Pats have been very good on third and fourth conversions and that is something that the Eagles at times have struggled with. The Pats have some strong wide receivers that can cause mismatch problems for the Eagles. Gronk, Mitchell, and Amendola have caused many teams trouble with how they create spacing and how they can get yards after the catch. They need to see how they can exploit the Eagles’ zone coverage.

On the defensive side of the ball, New England is rated in the top five and have rallied by effort, turnovers, and just playing through adversity. They will have to put a lot of pressure on Nick Foles and not allow him to go to his right side. Foles is very good with extending plays with his legs when he is going to his right, but he has trouble with going to his left. New England can put edge rushers and load that side to make Foles adjust.

It will be interesting to see how the Pats will come and bring pressure at Foles. Will they play one on one coverage or will they play a lot of Zone coverage?

The key factors in a New England victory will be to take their chances down the field, do not let Foles get an opportunity to have a lot of time in the pocket, and protect Brady. This will be a good game, so stay tuned for the encore of this rematch.

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