New England: First Half Struggles

Coming into the game, the New England Patriots were the heavily favored, but they had struggled with getting pressure on Nick Foles. Foles has had a field day already with throwing over 200 yards, but that is just one of the problems that the Pats have had. New England has struggled to stop Blount and Ajayo. Both players have combined for 106 yards and have made it hard for the Patriots to figure what strategy to use. New England has to find some way to stop this offense or either they will be laying from behind again like they did in last years Super Bowl.

New Orleans Saints v New England Patriots

However, despite the Eagles’ success, they have not deflated the Pats and the Pats have been in this situation, when they are down and come back from halftime firing on all cylinders. The Pats have come down the field ant d pushed the ball down the throat of the Eagles by using their speedy receivers, but Brady has missed on a couple of plays that could have kept their drives alive but did not convert.

The halftime score was 22-12 in favor of the Eagles, but the Patriots are coming into the half with adjustments and how to stop the Eagles from scoring. They had a 13-12 edge in first downs but has been very conservative with taking shots down the field.

Both offenses are playing at top notch and it might come down to who wants it more. The Patriots have to stop the speedy receivers of the Eagles and not allow any deep passes down the field. The Eagles have given up an interception but was held in check by the Eagles’ defense.

Lets see what adjustments that New England can come up with.



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