The Legacy of Craig Sager and the Sager Strong Foundation

Before the iconic sideline reporter Craig Sager passed away last year, Craig and his wife Stacy started a foundation called the Sager Strong Foundation. The foundation was built to raise awareness about Leukemia, fund clinical trials and Cancer research, and help others who have this disease. “People do not see how hard it was for us when Craig was fighting Leukemia. Those clinical trials helped Craig out a lot,” said Stacy.

While he was fighting Leukemia, he remained the same hard worker and positive person that he has always been. He loved his job and you can tell it when he was covering games or having laughs with players or coaches who he was interviewing. Craig always inspired people to have a positive mindset and just live life the way that you want to live it.


Before Craig passed in December, there was a movement that was hash tagged millions of times, as well as inspiration to others who are fighting any type of diseases. That movement was called Sager Strong. Millions of people encouraged him to keep fighting and told him that they miss his reporting, as well as his colorful suits. One of the qualities that everyone loved about him was the way he treated people. “It did not matter what color you were, he treated everyone with respect. If you were negative in any type of way, he would push you away. He was always upbeat and positive even when he was fighting Leukemia,” said Stacy.

Anyone that knew Craig knew that he loved to Golf. Before he passed away, he started an event called Living Out Loud Sager Strong Golf Tournament, which was a weekend to relax, have fun, and golf. This year, the Sager family is staying with the tradition, making it the 2nd annual event. “I want everyone to remember that he was fun and a positive spirit. This event was something that he loved. So why not keep it. This year we have a guy jumping out of a plane, pool party, drinks and tons of fun for the family. The event will be held September 3rd.”

Sager is remembered for so many good things while he was alive, but the one speech that had many people tearing up was his heartfelt message at the ESYPS after accepting the Jimmy V Perseverance award. “When you are diagnosed with a terminal disease…your perception of time changes. When doctors tell you you have three weeks to live, you try to live a lifetime of moments in three weeks, to hell with three weeks…. Time is something that cannot be bought, it cannot be wagered with God, and it is not an endless supply…. If I’ve learned anything through all of this, it’s that each day is a canvas waiting to be painted…. I will never give up, and I will never give in. I will continue to keep fighting, sucking the marrow out of life as life sucks the marrow out of me. I will live my life full of love and full of fun. It’s the only way I know how.”

Craig lived his life the only way that he could and that was to influence everyone that he talked to with wisdom, love, and pure joy. He will always be the colorful reporter that impacted not just his community, but the world.

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