LaMarr Woodley starts new business

Pittsburgh Steelers’ Superbowl champion LaMarr Woodley is taking on a new challenge with branding himself. He has started a production company called Area 56 productions in which he is challenging others to be creative, tell their stories in a way that they want, and using the platform to tell positive stories on their lives. “I started this company to help out people and  give them a platform to tell their stories in a positive way, said Woodley. “I did not just want to be a football player, but a man that uses his mind to build something big.”lamarr-woodley-raiders

Area 56 productions started off with Woodley giving viewers an insight of what he went through to become the star that he was on the field. “I wanted to let everyone know that it was more to me than just football. We all have stories to tell and I am telling it.” Woodley’s digital series is called “Draft day and it could be found on you tube throughout 2017.


Outside of his production company Woodley is very big with helping out his community out in a positive way. He loves to inspire people and just talk with them.”Football is one of my passions, but helping people is something that I have always loved to do. I mean to have people say that you inspired them on and off the field is special. I can say it is a blessing to come and enlighten the community. We need that more than ever with the generation that is at hand.”

Woodley has tackled some obstacles on the field, but branding his own production company has been smooth sailing for him because he loves a challenge. “In the next four to five years, I will like to see this company grow, but you have to crawl before you walk. I like the challenge of doing something new, fresh, and something that I am passionate about.”

With a new occupation and a positive mindset Woodley and his Area 56 productions could be the next big thing.

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