Jets may trade their NO.3 overall pick in the 2019 Draft

New York- The New York Jets have been on the fence about trading their first overall pick, but it has been speculated that if the Jets indeed trade their pick, they would want to trade down to maybe get a steal from the New York Giants.


“Yeah, I think I would be open to any team as long as the trade made sense to us,” Jets’ general manager Mike Maccagnan said. “There is nothing that would stop us from doing that.”I think when you think back to last year — I think I may have said this before in other settings with you guys — we felt very good about trying to position ourselves at three and part of it was what we’d have to give them in terms of compensation,” Maccagnan said. “We thought, honestly, that extra spot from three to two would probably cost us our future one, but also at the time, we also tried to do the trade that we felt was maybe at the time when most people weren’t looking to do that. So, if you draw more attention to it, sometimes the cost becomes higher. You get closer to the draft, the same thing happens or on draft day.”

Last year, the Jets made a huge move with moving up to get QB Sam Darnold and they feel like Darnold is their franchise QB. However, the team is in a rebuilding phase and they need many pieces in order to compete within their division, as well as with the league. Darnold showed bright spots in his rookie season with how accurate he can be under duress, but reading defenses have been difficult for Darnold. Darnold has tried to fit ball to his receivers when there is tight coverage or double coverage on crucial downs.

The Jets dealt with a lot of injuries and they finished last season off with a 4-12 record. The Jets will more than likely build around Darnold, so it will be interesting to see if the Jets will keep their pick or trade down.

The Jets are on the clock.

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