Injuries are stacking up against the Bills

Buffalo Bills- The Buffalo Bills are not having the type of training camp that they wanted. They are dealing with injuries that were sustained to their players this week. Bills’ head coach talked a little about injuries .” Philly Brown no change with the illness, he’ll be out. Cordy Glenn no change with the foot soreness, he’ll be out. Ian Seau will also miss this evening’s practice. Micah (Hyde) with the hip, Colt Anderson no change. Greg Mabin tweaked his hamstring, he will miss tonight’s practice and Kyle Williams will get the veterans night off at this point. Just the update weather-wise, you heard just as well as I did, we’re going to delay it at this point in time. Hopefully, with this system coming through, we’ll get a chance to get out there. That’s the goal at this point. So, it helps us with our adaptability and I’m sure this won’t be the only time we go through something like this during the season so it’ll be a dry run for us.”

In a time where the Bills are optimistic about change, they are getting spearheaded with key injuries. However look at the bright spots of all of these injuries. They happened at the start of training camp, so these players have some time to regain their health.

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The term patience was a key word for this weeks’ run around in training camp. The Bills are getting used to a new system, head coach, and some players that are coming back from injuries. Defensive end Jerel Worthy has had a decent training camp. He struggled in the first part of camp, but he is getting the hang of the new system. He sat down with ProPlayerInsiders for a quick interview about his positions’ coach  Mike Waufle.  “He works towards our strengths instead of trying to correct what going wrong. He tells us to constantly get better at what we’re good at and just keep attacking, man he never wants to take a guy out of what they’re good and just allows you to hunt and that’s what’s phenomenal about this defense. The more chances we get to hunt and have fun and get the ball out fast it’s definitely great for us.He just demands excellence. He tells us we can be one the best in the game, we firmly believe it and up front we just try to work like that every day. At the end of the day, the track record is proven. If you got a four guys up front – five, six, seven guys who can rush the passer, you can take a team deep in the playoffs.

The recent injury that was a blow to the Bills on Friday  was an apparent leg injury to Shaq Lawson . Nothing is confirmed on how serious the injury was, but the Bills took him out of practice to make sure everything was okay. As the Bills prepare for another week, they have to be in a little frenzy of the obstacles that are in front of them. 

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