CLARENCE JONES; Walking in style

Seattle, WA- Sports designer Clarence Jones has been paving the way capturing the confidence that his clients have had when they have worn Clarence’ design. Clarence has a unique talent for capturing a different style for each one of his clients. You can see how the suits fit them smoothly, in a personality type of aspect, and how it coordinates with their skin complexion.

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“When I design clothes for my clients, I make sure that it fits them to the tee. I put all of my hard work and devotion in these clothes, so that not only my client will be satisfied, but so will I. When I design clothes, I design them like I am the one that is wearing them. In a field that is so competitive, you have to make sure that everything that you do is done correctly and have something that will capture the eyes of your client and others.”

Sports was something that Clarence was passionate about growing up, but instead of going the route that he wanted to, he was injured and could not pursue the NBA dream like he wanted. While life obstacles caused him to revise what he wanted to pursue, he went back to the chalkboard and asked himself what was something he loved to do and he came up with designing clothes.

“Clothes was something that I was always interested in. I mean my parents could dress and everywhere I went, I made sure that I looked nice. It is something about building confidence and helping people out, which makes the job fun. I love how happy my clients are when I help them find something that is different from the norm. I love helping people out and seeing them smile is more than I can ask for in life. ”


Many people helped Clarence grow into the man that he is in this field; Barbara Bates gave Jones his first big break: making custom shirts for Steve Harvey. “I didn’t do that kind of work, so it was easy for me to send him down that road and I connected some dots,” says Bates. That was the break that opened the door and he has been successful since. He has dressed up Shaquille O’Neal, Tim Hardaway, Gary Payton, JaVale McGee, Von Miller and others. “I have been very blessed to dress these athletes. God has given me a talent and I am using it to help people. “


Clarence owns his own clothing line called CJ Custom Clothiers, which has been gaining popularity in the sporting world, but Clarence has expressed that his faith in God has led him into being a successful man and he is very grateful for all the opportunities that came his way.

Clarence has said that a couple of his clients that will be in the 2018 NFL Draft will be wearing his designs, but he can not release the names of the individuals at this current time.





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