Bills’ run wildly against the Jets

Buffalo, NY- The Buffalo Bills were very impressive on the ground as they pounded the New York Jets in a 12-21 victory. Coming into the game, there were many concerns about how the Bills were going to get in a rhythm and get the ball in the end zone. That question was answered as the Bills dominated the Jets on both sides of the ball. Bills’ QB Tyrod Taylor was very decisive with getting his wide receivers into the game early. Jordan Matthews caught a beautiful pass that was in between defenders to get the Bills in scoring position in the first half. He finished the game with only two receptions for 61 yards.



However, LeSean McCoy came to play. He sliced and diced the Jets’ defense and finished the game with 111 yards on the ground. The Bills’ defense looked sharp as they got the Jets off the field in third down situations. They brought a lot of different schemes that the Jets did not recognize. They put pressure on Josh McCown and their running backs and made sure that the Jets were one dimensional.  On the ground, the Jets struggled and only combined for 40 yards. McCown finished the game 26/39 for 187 with 2 ints.

Despite the Bills’ success, they still struggled with penalties. They had 6 crucial penalties for over 50 yards. Last season they were the most penalized team in the league, giving up over 100 yards a game. In order for them to hang in their division and make a playoff push, they need to keep penalties at a minimum.

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