Bills lose after throwing a pick in closing seconds (20-16)

Buffalo, NY- With only seconds left in regulation, the Buffalo Bills lose the game on a game ending pick against the Philadelphia Eagles. Bills’ QB Nate Peterman was at the 11- yard line trying to get in the end zone for the go ahead touchdown, but was intercepted. Peterman put up some decent starts in tonight’s game going 10/20 for 167 yards. He showed a lot of poise when the pocket collapsed and ate up the Eagles’ secondary with throwing short passes down the middle of the field or taking some chances with one on one coverage.


Last week WR Zay Jones did not see much action, but this week against the Eagles he was ready. He had three grabs for 42 yards, which was impressive with the limited action that he has had. Jones has improved his route running, as well as the QB and WR communication has gotten better. However this game was sloppy with both teams. There were seven turnovers and the Bills had 18 penalties which hurt any progression with moving the ball down the field.

The Bills have struggled with jumping to early or holding calls that has hurt them. They had more penalties this week than last week something has to give in order for the Bills to be very effective with making a run for the post season.

Nobody is hitting the panic button yet with Tyrod Taylor having a horrific game tonight. He was 8-18 for 53 yards and two picks, but he was not phased by his performance. “Definitely wasn’t the performance that I would like to put on or the offense and team would like to put on. There’s definitely some plays out there that we left on the field. Me personally, I felt like I left some plays on the field. It’s also preseason. There’s time for us to grow as a team, time for me to grow as a player and continue to keep building chemistry with the guys on the field.”

“I’m definitely not worried,” Taylor said. ” It’s definitely part of the process. Some plays left on the field, me in particular left some plays out there. Just have to continue to keep building. It’s a new group of guys. We’ll continue to keep building chemistry day-in-and-day-out . There’s a lot to learn from this game right here. Lots to learn last week with the limited plays but even more to learn from this game with situational football.”

The Bills are a young talented group, but someone has to be nervous on what they are seeing with the Bills. It is a new system and head coach, but they have to have some urgency with getting all of the kinks worked out by regular season.

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