BIG 3 could big the next Big thing in Sports

Seattle, WA- After a long day of BIG 3 tournaments that were played in Seattle  to figure out what teams will go to the championship round in Vegas, many questions surfaced about the longevity of the BIG 3 league. Former NBA icon Allen Iverson addressed the possibilities of the future of the league. “It is nice to be around something that I love and still love to this day. Ice Cube is a genius with making this league come true. It gives other players who have not had a chance to make it in the NBA or overseas have a chance to come out here and play ball. This is it, This is the last organization that can help you pursue your dream.” 20883028_10155790231466004_9116582430033493105_n The BIG 3 was established this year and the regular season started in late June. The BIG 3 is combined with retired players, overseas players, and players who just want to show off their talents. In it’s debut, the BIG 3 averaged around 398,000 viewers, but has decreased in the last few months. The BIG 3 is not just a three on three game, but they bring a lot of excitement for the fans. It is like the fans are watching an actual NBA game with iconic legends that makes the crowd go crazy. The BIG 3 has just started and a lot of fans are already loving the concept of the game. Some fans have stated that they should have teams in different states to make it more competitive or have extend the game to 60 instead of 50, either way the BIG 3 brand is getting a lot of positive feedback. This past weekend in Seattle, there were more of an attendance than the Seattle Storm games. People came in from different cities or dates to watch some of the iconic players go ahead to head. “This is something special that can expand into something great, said Allen Iverson. Next week will be the finale for this season of the BIG 3 and the two teams that will go head to head for the championship and bragging rights are Trilogy and 3 headed Monsters on Saturday in Vegas. It should be a good one!   20914231_10155791035121004_3594356164097197470_n

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