American Flag Football League; A new league that will have everyone talking

Seattle, WA- The American Flag Football League is a new league that is built on having fun and being competitive, without having many injuries in the process. The American Flag Football League will have 7 on 7 tournaments throughout their debut season this summer and many familiar faces are apart of the AFFL, such as Michael Vick, Chad Johnson, and other players that had phenomenal careers in the Pros.Justin Forsett

CEO and Founder Jeffrey Lewis is pretty excited about this league and feels like it could help a lot of individuals with their fundamentals, as well as taking it up a notch in their athletic careers. ”

“I’ve always watched my son play flag football and after seeing him and his team develop over the years, I knew there had to be a market for former elite athletes of all sports to reignite their competitiveness and that’s when the AFFL came to life.” “The League is a huge opportunity for athletes of all kinds and will showcase some of the best athletic talents out there. Players will experience fast, competitive and action-packed football and fans will absolutely see that this summer. The League is also a platform for characters to develop throughout the tournament and truly interact with fans.”

 “Starting a league comes with a newfound appreciation for the sports world alongside those who have pointed us in the right direction. We’re excited to kick things off with our first qualifier this weekend in Austin and look forward to ultimately crowning an inaugural U.S. Open of Football champion,” said Lewis.

This will be the first year that the AFFL will start, but this could be a stepping stone for older athletes that are trying to stay in shape, as well as pursue the eyes of coaches at the CFL or NFL level, as well as the youth who want to excel and make it to the top. A lot of individuals believe that this could be a huge lift for both the players and the league. Some of them will get to live out their dreams by playing with former NFL athletes that they look up to or others could use this platform as a place to excel and work on improving themselves to get to the next level.

Jeffrey has been a fan of football for some time and has been very busy with getting this league off the ground. It was not put together in one day, it took years to come up with the concept and find the right people to buy into this new game of football, but Jefferey is pretty optimistic about his league.

During the season, 11 games will be broadcast via NFL Network. A lot of people are excited about the AFFL, as its something new which adds football to their summer sports schedule.


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