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National Football Players Women Association

Over 25 years ago the Original Wives of Pro Athletes™ began bringing awareness to various causes and help educate  and empower NFL families. On July 5, 2011 the Founder, Irene Pridgen lost her mother to cancer and the very next day, July 6, 2011 the Co- Founder; Sylvia Mackey lost her husband, retired NFL Player, Hall of Famer, John Mackey #88 to traumatic brain injury.

Irene Pridgen Melissa Mahler  Sylvia Mackey
NFPWA Founders Irene Pridgen & Sylvia Mackey

An NFL Executive expressed concern for the role that women play in the lives of current and retired NFL players.  To support and inspire one another with new-found goals, the ORIGINAL Wives of Pro Athletes morphed into The National Football Players Women Association. This faith-based non-profit service organization of veteran NFL women continues its mission of service by working with other organizations and hosting uplifting seminars and workshops for the younger NFL wives, significant others, children, widows and their families.

The NFPWA brings awareness and education to mothers and families on the potential risks, prevention, resources and warning signs of concussions. Sylvia Mackey and others share their love stories, the loss of their loved ones, to help alleviate the pain other NFL veteran wives are going through, as well as help them understand their benefits and where to turn for help.



The NFPWA has special emphasis is on:

* supporting each other *roles & influence * the business of football *developing individuality *women’s issues * coping with ups, downs and in-between * warning signs of brain & mental illness *support NFL Family charities *violence against women *military families *advancement of mental health and research *music therapy

NFPWA ‘s goal is to educate, empower, support and inspire an environment of caring, healing and growth for the women and their families by helping them achieve their potential in every area of their lives.  It is another positive voice to help bring awareness from women who have lived the “American Dream”.

See their websites www.nfpwa.com and  www.thewivesofproathletes.org

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