Titans put the clamps on Seattle 27-33

Seattle, WA- Coming off a win against the 49ers last week, the Seattle Seahawks somehow lost their composure in the last three-quarters to lose to the Tennessee Titans 33-27. It was a hot and muggy day with temperatures reaching over 90 degrees and that could have been why Seattle’s’ secondary looked exhausted. In the first half, Seattle got off to a very slow start. Russell Wilson was inconsistent throwing the ball to his receivers and held onto the ball longer than what he needed to. On the defensive end, Richard Sherman was involved in a controversial call that earned him three penalties in one play. The ref called Sherman for pass interference and on the run back after the ball was intercepted, he was called for holding. Sherman was hot at the call and took off his helmet, which earned him another flag.


Emotions were flailing all over the place because Titans QB Marcus Mariota and DeMarco Murray had the right formula to frustrate Seattle. They used stretch plays and ran the ball down the heart and soul of Seattle. Before the end of the half, the game picked up a little, Wilson threw a strike to Doug Baldwin to score a touchdown. That was the first touchdown scored by either team. The Titans went down the field with 2 minutes left and executed a nice drive that ended in a field goal. The halftime score was 9-7 in favor of the Titans.

In the second half, both teams opened up their offense. For Tennessee, Mariota started to throw post corner routes or either dump the ball in the middle of the zone, which was very effective for the Titans. The Titans came up short in the first two possessions of the second half, while the Seahawks started to fire on all cylinders. Wilson got hot and marched his team down the field and dumped the ball to Chris Carson for a touchdown. Seattle extends the lead to 14-9, but on the next possession, the Titans scored off a 55- yard bubble screen to  Rishard Matthews, which ultimately put the game away for the Titans. The Titans led 16-14 and extend their lead to 23-14 after Jonnu Smith scored on a broken play. He was left in the middle of the field with no defender on him. That touchdown and extra point put them up 24-13. 

With another three and out, Seattle had to punt the ball to the Titans. Titans got the ball in good field goal position and the springy Murray scored on the next play to extend the lead to 30-14 and three possessions later, the Titans kicked a field goal to extend the lead to 33-14

Wilson got his team in the right direction with throwing two more touchdowns, but time was not on their side as Titans took a knee for the final 16 seconds., which ended the game 27-33.

The score was a lot closer than the game, but this week the offensive line, who have struggled held up for Wilson to throw some bombs down the field. Wilson ended the game with 29/49 for 373 with 4 tds.

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