Seattle’s defense rips open the Rams’ red zone efforts in a 16-10 victory

Seattle, WA- The Seattle Seahawks could not get their offense rolling, but their defense was the heartbeat in the 16-10 win against the Los Angeles Rams, which keeps them atop of their division.

Cleveland Browns at Seattle Seahawks

For the past few weeks, Seattle’s offensive line has been under fire for not helping out their QB Russell Wilson. Wilson has had no pass protection help and basically has to extend plays with his legs. After a home run victory against the 49ers last week, the offense was throttled by the Rams. With the first possession for the Rams, the Rams marched down the field and were about to score, but a hit from Earl Thomas III to Todd Gurley forced the ball to come out and hit the end zone. The play resulted in a touchback, which was a huge momentum swing for the Seahawks.

It was an offensive struggle for both teams until early in the second quarter when Tavon Austin scored, which put the Rams up 7-0. The Seahawks attempted to start off a productive drive after the score, but penalties killed the drive. Late in the second quarter, the Seahawks scored, which was 7-10. The defense did what they had to do to get the Rams off the field. After a fumble recovery, Seattle was held and was forced to kick a field goal.

The halftime score was 10-10. In the second half, Seattle could not get a drive going. Every time it seemed like the Seahawks could open up their lead, their drive was stalled. They kicked two more field goals, but that was at on the offensive side.  The defense was on the field majority of the game but made it difficult for the Rams to get anything going. In the fourth quarter with 40 seconds left, the Rams were marching down the field for a game-winning touchdown, but Seattle deflected the ball and it was game over.

Russell completed 24 of 37 for 198 and 1 touchdown, but he had zero help with his running backs. Thomas Rawls and Eddie Lacy combined for 39 yards, but the biggest factor in this game was the 5 turnovers that Seattle had caused.

Despite the Seahawks’ victory, it is apparent that they have problems across the board. The three concerns that have not been answered yet is the struggling offensive line and how can they improve protection on Wilson, who will be a factor at running back, and how can they get Jimmy Graham the ball early. Seattle has a bi-week to try to figure out the solution for these answers.


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