Seahawks; Fight for Second String

Renton, WA- The fight for second string is on for the Seattle Seahawks. Back up QB’s Trevone Boykin and Austin Davis is fighting for a position behind Russell Wilson. Both of the QB’s have had some success with throwing the short passes, but struggled with pocket presence. For an example, Boykin has been great with getting out of tackles and using his feet to extend plays, but he does not go through all of progression on his reads. Once he feels pressure, he usually tucks his head and runs. He is very accurate throwing 30 yards or less, but his deep ball has gotten away from him. Throughout his first week, he has improved, but still struggles with throwing the ball more to the outside than inside.

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Austin Davis is the traditional QB that will stand in the pocket  and make sure that he goes through all of his progressions, but he has the tendency to hold on to the ball a little bit longer than he should. He throws a lot of strikes that should be lobs, so his receivers could run under it. His long balls are very wobbly and the receiver has to come back to it, because it was overthrown. He is 6-2 and weighs 221 pounds. He can take hits and can look over defenders, but he has to be more accurate with his throws.

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This week will have to be the week that one of the guys have to take over. Right now it is a toss up on who will take second or the third string position.

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