Bills are not hitting the Panic button yet

Buffalo, NY- The Buffalo Bills are not hitting the panic button just yet in training camp. They understand that injuries happen and they try to adjust to them. The latest injuries that happen were on Friday with Shaq Lawson and Ryan Davis. Davis had to leave because of a concussion and Lawson was taking out because he might of tweaked his ankle, so the coaching staff took him out for precautions.

Today was different, Bills WR Sammy Watkins was running a route and it looked as if his leg just gave out. Watkins said he was okay and asked his coach if he could come back in get more reps. At first his coach said no, but after a little more pursuing Sammy was back on the field. “I overextended on my foot on my route,” Watkins said after practice. “Usually I don’t do that, but that play I overextended and tweaked my ankle a little bit, but I’m fine.”

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During practice, a familiar future Hall of Famer was in attendance and gave the Bills a “Pep Talk.” Steve  Smith was there and gave an inspirational talk to the guys . Watkins explained what was said on the field. “Just the business. Just to stay here another day, try to come in every day and make a play. And the importance of just making it a business. These guys, the DBs, are not our friends. I mean, I love them to death, but at the end of the day I have to feed my kids and I have a legacy that I’m trying to chase. He’s just telling me you’re not a bad guy if you’re an [expletive], basically. It was a good speech, said Watkins. Wide receiver Zay Jones was in awe when Smith talked to him. “First and foremost, that man’s a legend. Whenever he’s talking, mouths are closed. He was just giving us some tips, really just encouraging us – future Hall of Famer. It was just really good for a young guy like me to hear,” said Jones.

Despite all the injures that the Bills have had in the first week, they are moving forward and are optimistic about their future. It will be interesting to see how they will respond in their pre-season debut against the Minnesota Vikings this week.

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