Pro Player Insiders Executive Editor Melissa Mahler Behind the scenes look at lives and lifestyles of NFL players and their families plus sports news, interviews & events Fri, 17 Nov 2017 20:48:32 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Cardinals VS Seahawks Fri, 17 Nov 2017 20:48:32 +0000 After a miserable Thursday night loss to the Seattle Seahawks the Cardinals sit at a mediocre 4-5 where a playoff spot seems to be distant at best, and the season is starting to feel more like a wasted year than anything else. Ultimately, for us Cardinal fans it’s time to start thinking about how to acquire a better draft pick, since Quarterback Carson Palmer will likely be retiring. The Cardinals need to establish a new Quarterback that can lead us into the future. Personally, I thought the Cardinals played a great game considering we played without our typical the key starters because of injuries. However, it wasn’t enough, and the Cardinals lost to Seattle 22-16.



-       The Cardinal Offensive line played fairly well when it came to pass blocking, however, they couldn’t get Adrian Peterson and the run game going, so, they became completely one-sided with a pass attack and the Seahawks dropped back into coverage and never allowed the Cardinals to get back into the game.

-       Drew Stanton played very well for a backup quarterback going up against the Seahawks Legion of Boom Defense. However, he did miss some easy throws and left some points on the field and the Cardinals couldn’t afford to leave those points behind.

-        The Wide Receiving corps of the Arizona Cardinals – excluding Larry Fitzgerald – have got to be the worst group of Wide Receivers that the Cardinals have had in a long time. Whether it’s John Brown struggling to stay on the field or JJ Nelson struggling to catch a pass the Cardinals need to find replacements for next year as this season looks to be a wash.


Larry Fitzgerald awaits the start to the game.


-       The Arizona Cardinals defense I thought played their best game of the season against the Seattle Seahawks, especially the pass rush. Although, injury plagued on the defensive line they were able to get home on Russell Wilson multiple times and make life rough on him all night.

-       Budda Baker stepped up big against the Seahawks Thursday night and was the 3rd ranked safety for week 10 according to Pro Football Focus. Now that Tyvon Branch is done for the season we’ll get to see if Baker is the real deal throughout the rest of the season.


Jones goes after Wide Receiver Doug Baldwin.

Special Teams:

-       What’s left to say about the Cardinals not-so-special teams. They are absolutely awful, Phil Dawson can’t drain a kick and they cannot tackle on kickoff returns. Fire the coach, cut Dawson and find some new players that can tackle on kickoff returns.

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What to Make of the Bills Quarterback Situation Wed, 15 Nov 2017 18:02:49 +0000 Buffalo, New York – Through the first seven games of the 2017- 2018 NFL season the Buffalo Bills put together a respectable record of (5-2) with the hope of derailing their playoff drought right around the corner. Two games and a bye week later and the Buffalo Bills could not be further removed from that same team. Currently at (5-4) after falling to the New York Jets and the New Orleans Saints, the Bills according to first-year Head Coach Sean McDermott have made a change at quarterback. Following three seasons as the Bills off again, on-again starter, Tyrod Taylor will be sitting on the pine this Sunday. Rookie quarterback, Nathan Peterman will be at the helm for the Bills as they head out west to take on the Los Angeles Chargers.

What To Know About Nathan Peterman
Peterman, the fifth-round pick out of Pittsburgh in this year’s draft is set to be thrown into the thick of things as the Bills are poised to make a playoff push. The move for the rookie is by no means coming out of nowhere as he made his debut a week ago after Taylor was benched for going one for five in the second half against the Saints. Even the whispers from the fans arguably had become too much to ignore as McDermott acknowledged following the loss.

“Nathan, he’s a good player. I like what he did yesterday. I think he did some good things in the game yesterday. I know where they’re coming from, from a fan standpoint.”

With pro-comparisons to Kirk Cousins, Peterman’s ceiling in this league is high, though it is the many unknowns that caused him to slip into the fifth round. A quick delivery in the pocket and experience playing in a pro-level offense in college gives him a big head start compared to other rookies thrown into the mix, though where Taylor exceeded at times in his touch, an area Peterman has plenty of room to improve. The first quarterback picked under the McDermott regime, Peterman has a chance to take the reins of the Bills if he can play well enough, especially considering the uncertainty that has faced the Bills at the position in the past.

What to Make of Tyrod Taylor
For Tyrod Taylor, an uncertain future just became even foggier thanks to Sean McDermott. After signing a 2-year, $30,500,000 contract with the Buffalo Bills with $15,500,000 guaranteed it appeared Taylor’s future had been settled, though a clause that allows the Bills to dump Taylor for little cost at seasons end ultimately made it another prove it deal for the Virginia Tech product. From numbers standpoint, Taylor has had him another average year with 12 total touchdowns on the year to only three turnovers and over 1,900 all-purpose yards on the season. The Bills offense is struggling mightily though as they rank near dead last in every offensive category including 30th in passing. With the team struggling as such and the lack of explosiveness of the offense as a whole under Taylor, it appears this benching may be the final straw for the Tyrod Taylor experiment in Buffalo.

What does this mean for the Bills moving forward?
The reasoning for the decision to bench Taylor can be looked at from many different angles from the Bills personnel level. Perhaps the most head-scratching aspect of this decision was the timing. In a year when starting quarterbacks on potential playoff caliber teams are getting injured left and right it would have made all the sense in the world for Taylor to be a logical trade candidate. Atlas the benching comes just shortly after the trade deadline, leaving teams like the Cardinals, Packers, and Texans left with the Stanton’s, Hundley’s, and Savages of the world. On a short contract with a proven starter, Taylor could have more than picked up the slack for any of these teams and given the “rebuilding” Bills assets in return. Ultimately this is McDermott’s team now, and as seen by trades he is going to build a team of his guys that follow his philosophy, as mentioned he may have just seen enough to make the switch.

“Sometimes as you’re building, you go through growing pains, and you go back and reteach. I pull from what I’ve experienced over my career in the NFL. I’ve been on some really good teams. I’m confident in this team in the same way. You go back, you reteach and you reexamine what you’re doing, making sure it’s the right thing. That said, I know a lot of what we’re doing is good. You don’t lose sight of that. This is a 5-4 football team, and a lot of hard work [has] been put into it so far, and we’ve done a lot of good things. Obviously, the last two weeks have not been up to the standard that we’ve instilled from the day we’ve come in here,” explained McDermott.

When it comes down to it, this is a team that has already blown past many of the expectations they had coming into the year. The change at quarterback has been one that has been in the works for quite some time, and ultimately may not be the last one made this season when all is said is done. As for the Bills, they have the playoffs in sight, and whether they truly believe it or not Peterman is the man that will get them there this season.

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Shannon Miller; The gymnast who stole the hearts of Americans Mon, 13 Nov 2017 17:48:32 +0000 Seattle, WA- The iconic and breathtaking gymnast Shanon Miller was a sight to see when she was doing her routines, as well as her upbeat spirit that was displayed in everything that she did. She always had a positive aspect about life, even when she was defeated or had an obstacle to hurdle. In 1993 and 1994 she conquered one of her many goals and that was becoming an All-Around Champion. That was the start of her record-setting career. In 1996  she was an Olympic balance beam champion,  and a member of the gold medal-winning Magnificent Seven team at the 1996 Olympics, but what set her apart was her drive.

920x920 (1)

“There have been so many great memories. The first time I walked into the arena at the Olympic Games was amazing! I was only fifteen years old at my first Olympics in 1992. And, of course, winning gold with my team, the Magnificent Seven, during the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta and capping off my Olympic career with gold on balance beam. But I think my favorite memories are of the friendships forged. Whether they were athletes in my own club in Oklahoma or competitors on the other side of the world, it was wonderful to have the opportunity to form friendships that are still some of the most important in my life.”

“For me, it was never about the actual medal or trophy. Yes, those were wonderful. However, the driving force me was the challenge of a new skill or of coming as close to a perfect 10.0 on a routine that I possibly could. I loved learning and I loved taking one skill and trying to make it perfect.”

When Miller retired, she was in a class of her own earning 16 World Championships and Olympic medals between 1991 and 1996. 

After retiring Miller wanted to give something back, not only to the sports she loved, but an uplifting sense for females, so she invested time, money, and structure with building her company Shannon Miller Lifestyle, which inspired many females.

“My company, Shannon Miller Lifestyle, has a mission to help women make their health a priority. This passion really began after I retired from Olympic competition (at the ripe old age of 19, lol). Through my 20’s I faced many of the issues others my age faced. What do I do with my life? How do I maintain my health and fitness? For me it was a difficult time losing that structure of the sport, moving away from home to go to college and losing much of the self-esteem and confidence that I had gained through gymnastics. I found that I really wasn’t sure how to work out as a “normal” person or the right balance of calories in/calories out. While training I never worried about calories because I was constantly burning so many.”

“I began to think about health outside of sport and in a different way than I had before. As I became more and more involved with women’s health over the years I decided that after law school I wanted to focus on empowering women to make their health a priority. I love that every day is different and that I have the opportunity to focus on everything from fitness and nutrition to cancer, diabetes and heart disease. And at the end of the day, it’s about whether we have provided encouragement, education, awareness or products that can help women feel that focusing on their health is a very positive move. Being healthy allows us to be here for all of those who depend on us.”

Shannon Miller

In 2011 Miller had germ cell Ovarian Cancer and she fought cancer by having faith and doing what she needed to do with staying healthy. “I relied a great deal on my faith and on lessons learned through sport. These were things like goal setting, perseverance and keeping a positive attitude as much as possible. One of the most important things I had to remember was the importance of teamwork. I had such a wonderful support system in my gymnastics career and I had an amazing support system during my cancer journey. I had to remind myself that it was okay, in fact, it was essential, that I lean on them.”

Miller has always been an athlete that loved her fans, as well as made sure she was available for them as well as her family. Family was something that was rooted in Millers’ genes and she does not take it for granted. Family, morals, and having a positive mindset was something that America admired about Miller. She never stopped loving people she never quit, and she always had a positive message through any adversity.

]]> 0 Coyotes Roll On Through Another Win-less Week Mon, 13 Nov 2017 15:00:54 +0000 With another week now finished in the books, the Arizona Coyotes still have yet to find their groove as they lost all four games on their schedule this week. Despite them being losses, they were still relatively close games with two of them requiring either overtime or a shootout or there were late goals scored to seal the game for the Yotes and only one where they were completely out scored.

With their first game this week against the Washington Capitals in D.C., the Coyotes got off to a quick start with goals coming from the red-hot Clayton Keller and other rookie Christian Fischer, but the Caps struck back quick with a goal from Devante Smith-Pelly and Alex Ovechkin. The game would require overtime where the Caps would take advantage of a nifty tic-tac-toe with an odd whiff on the shot from T.J. Oshie that would turn out to be a perfect pass to John Carlson who one-timed it into the net.

The next game would be a back-to-back for the Coyotes as they would immediately travel to Pittsburgh and face the defending Stanley Cup Champions: the Pittsburgh Penguins. Antti Raanta would get the start after getting the game against Washington off, but Justin Shultz of the Penguins would start things off quick as he propelled one into the net just 59 seconds into the first period. Two minutes later, Evgeni Malkin would put the Pens up 2-0. The score would remain the same until the 3rd period where Coyotes’ Tobias Reider would snipe one past Matt Murray to make it a 2-1 game, but Penguins’ Phil Kessel would score off a puck that soared into the air as he patiently waited for it to get below the crossbar of the goal and batted it home to make it 3-1 and that would be the result of that game. The only positive thing to take from this game is the standing ovation from the Penguins’ organization and fans as Coyotes’ head coach Rick Tocchet returned to Pittsburgh as he spent the last 3 years as an assistant coach for the Penguins; it was nice to see a classy act from the Penguins’ organization. The Coyotes would be off to St. Louis next.

With the Blues being the best team in the West, the Coyotes knew for sure this would be a tough matchup and they sure did put up a fight. The Blues would be the first to strike as Joel Edmundson redirected a shot-pass from Chris Thorburn. The Coyotes’ Brendan Perlini would score twice to put the Yotes up 2-1 until a shot from Blues’ captain Alex Pietrangelo wristed one into the net past Raanta. The game would require overtime, where no goals were scored, which resulted in a shootout. Blues’ Brayden Schenn and Alex Steen would score for the Blues in the shootout as the Coyotes didn’t score once. The Blues would take it 3-2.

The Coyotes would return home for a matchup against the Winnipeg Jets on Military Appreciation Night as both clubs honored both retired and currently serving members of both the Canadian and U.S. Armed Forces. The Coyotes would be the first to strike in the 1st period as they crashed the net and a shot from defenseman Alex Goligoski was redirected from Zac Rinaldo. That would be the only goal for the Coyotes for the night as the Jets scored 4 unanswered goals from Matt Hendricks, Mark Scheifele, Kyle Connor, and an empty net goal from Patrik Laine.

With another week in the books, the Coyotes are now sitting on a 2-14-3 record with just 7 points and dead last in the entire league. With an offseason, so built on the impression that the Coyotes were going to see improvements is turning out to be a year which the Coyotes are just wanting to forget. It’ll eventually get to the point where the players will have nothing to play for and just either have to play spoiler or just be the doormats of the league.

Arizona will be on a Canadian touring spree as the Coyotes will start their road trip in Winnipeg, then to Montreal to face the Canadiens, then to Ottawa to face the Senators, and finally finishing up their road trip on Monday in Toronto against the Maple Leafs.

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Cardinals vs Niners Wed, 08 Nov 2017 21:47:53 +0000 Although, it was refreshing to wash off the 33-0 beatdown we received in London – courtesy of the Rams – I don’t think much of this win over the now 0 and 9 San Francisco 49ers. The Cardinals followed their same blueprint that led them to a win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and fed the beast that is Adrian Peterson. The Cardinals ran the ball 37 times, by doing this it took the pressure off of backup Quarterback Drew Stanton and it allowed him to play a “game-manager” type role. This would ultimately lead the Cardinals to a 20-10 victory in Northern California over the 49ers.



-       Backup Quarterback Drew Stanton continues to show why he is one of the most effective backups in the game. Drew went 15 for 30 with 201 yards passing and 2 touchdowns, not exactly “star studded” numbers, but, Drew did what he always does and that’s deliver for the Cards. Overall, I’m very impressed with Drew – even though, he hasn’t played in a year – Stanton came out and helped deliver a win.

-       For now, it looks like the Cardinals have revived Running Back Adrian Peterson’s career. Last Sunday against the San Francisco 49ers Peterson racked up 159 rushing yards on 37 carries. Peterson has completely changed the identity of the Cardinals from a “no risk it no biscuit” mentality to a “Run N’ Gun” type of offense.

-       The Cardinals offensive line looked much better this week. Whether rest from a week off or the athleticism of Drew Stanton, the Cardinals offensive line needs to have a repeat game if the Cardinals wish to stand a chance against the Seattle Seahawks.


Adrain Peterson runs hard vs the 49ers.


-       Tyrann Mathieu played a better game coming off the bye week and had a signature “honey badger” moment when he stripped the ball from a 49ers Receiver early in the 1st quarter. Although, he also had a few miscues, things are looking up for Mathieu.

-       The defensive line had a day against the weak 49ers offensive line as they would get home on Quarterback C.J. Beathard sacking him 5 times. The Defensive Line has been mediocre at best all year so if the Cardinals can fix this I’m optimistic they will beat Seattle handily come Thursday night.

-       Cornerback Patrick Peterson gets no love from the media. As an avid sports fanatic it is clear as day that the Cards have the best shutdown cornerback in the game. All game every game Patrick Peterson has covered the opposing teams number one threat and completely shuts them down. I don’t know how he does it but if he didn’t play this good the Cardinals would be 2-6 not 4-4.

Arizona Cardinals vs. San Francisco 49ers

Beathard is smoked by Cardinals Defensive Tackle.

Special Teams:

-       Cardinals second round pick and likely heir to the Tyrann Mathieu throne, Budda Baker was an absolute monster on Special Teams versus the 49ers. If he can continue to play this way on Special Teams the Cardinals could cut Justin Bethal all together and save some cap room in the summer.

-       I’ve just about had my “Phil” of Cardinals kicker Dawson – pardon the pun. In my mind this guy is a mess and possibly worse than Former Cards Kicker Chandler Catazaro. Not only does he miss low and high-pressure kicks but he misses chip shot kicks. After his 6th missed Field Goal of the year, I’m done with the “Phil Dawson experiment”


Overall, it was a nice win for the Cardinals, but don’t read too much into it just yet. This Thursday will be a test for the Cardinals as they will take on the Seattle Seahawks here in Glendale. If the Cardinals win this game then you might be able to think about a possible playoff berth.

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Thursday Night Bird Fight Wed, 08 Nov 2017 21:45:07 +0000 After a road win against the division foe 49ers, the Arizona Cardinals will be back home to take on the Seattle Seahawks in week 10’s Thursday Night Football, Color Rush.  It felt like just yesterday when both teams were in the Super Bowl discussion, but neither team has been impressive thus far.  In fact, if the playoffs started today, both teams would be out.

At 5-3, the Seahawks will be coming to town as favorites (+6), having not lost at the University of Phoenix Stadium since 2012.  Last year’s game in Glendale ended in a tie, an ugly 6-6 tie that saw both teams miss potential game winning field goals.  Oddly enough, both teams have new kickers this year, neither of which are anywhere near fan favorites.  Cardinals’ kicker Phil Dawson has already missed six field goals on the year.  To put that in to perspective, Chandler Catanzaro missed seven for the entire 2016-17 season, and the Cardinals let him walk.  Arizona’s General Manager Steve Keim, seems to be at his wit’s end with the kicking woes stating, “We just have to go back to the basics and really dig in and see what’s going wrong and make sure that we fix it, because it cannot happen again.”  Don’t be surprised if a miss at home this week results in Dawson working on his golf game rather than his kick game when week 11 rolls around.  Last week Seattle fans watched Blair Walsh kick the Seahawks out of first place by going 0-3 in field-goal attempts, contributing to a 14-17 loss to the Washington RedskinsHad the Seahawks won that game, they’d be 6-2 and in first place in the NFC West.  The outcome this week will determine who ranks second in the division.

The key to Arizona winning this week for is clear: keep Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson off the field.  Easier said than done, right?  Wilson obviously leads the team in passing yards, but he leads the team in rushing yards, too.  While his 271 yards rushing certainly aren’t scaring anyone, his run game is annoyingly efficient.  13 of his 46 rushing attempts have resulted in first downs.  That’s over a 28% conversion rate.  Another perspective:  Le’Veon Bell and Ezekiel Elliot only convert just over 23% of their runs to first downs.  Look for Arizona to blitz and spy DangeRuss heavily throughout the game.  The other way to keep Russell off the field is to not let him have the ball.  Arizona fed running back Adrian Peterson 37 carries last week.  Doing this not only resulted in 159 yards for Peterson, but it allowed Arizona to control the clock for nearly 13 more minutes than the 49ers.  That’s almost an entire quarter.  The Cards run game is ranked a pitiful 31st, but AP has had impressive performances in two of his last three games.  He’ll be hungry to show the world in a primetime game that he can still go “All Day”.

Seattle’s head coach Pete Carroll has always tried to maintain a “run-first” strategy (unless he’s on the one), but the mismatch this week stands out, and it’s in the pass game.  Seattle comes in ranked second in pass yards per game (275), and the Cardinals pass defense is ranked 24th, giving up 249 yards per game.  Patrick Peterson will undoubtedly shadow Doug Baldwin, but the Cardinals have struggled containing anyone that #21 isn’t showing attention to.  With Wilson’s ability to extend the play, the Cardinals will need to find a way to prevent speedster receivers Tyler Lockett and Paul Richardson from streaking wide open down the field.  If all else fails, Russell always has his 6’7” all-pro tight end Jimmy Graham to throw to.  Richardson and Graham are both listed as questionable for Thursday night’s contest, but it appears they are likely to play.

Quarterback Drew Stanton may be 7-3 as a starter for Arizona, but none of those wins have come against Seattle.  Only 267 yards of Arizona’s fifth ranked passing offense belongs to Stanton.  Among the mile-long list of names scribbled on the Seahawks Tuesday injury report, Cardinal fans certainly noticed the names of free safety Earl Thomas III (hamstring) and cornerback Richard Sherman (achilles).  Thomas will be a true game-time decision whereas Sherman is likely being cautious and resting during the shortened week.  Chandler High School graduate, Dion Jordan (DE), may have a chance to make his Seahawk debut on Thursday.  The third overall pick in the 2013 draft hasn’t played a snap since 2014 and has been labeled a colossal bust with only three sacks in 26 career games played.  Outside of any friends or family Dion may have at the game, don’t expect the Red Sea to show any hometown love.

Kickoff is scheduled for 6:25pm (MT) this Thursday, November 9th, 2017.

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JuJu Leads the Steelers past the Lions Wed, 08 Nov 2017 21:42:42 +0000 Pittsburgh’s first primetime game of the year ended in a 20-15 victory over the Detroit Lions. JuJu Smith-Schuster and the Steelers redzone defense were the stars of the night. JuJu finished the night with 7 receptions, 193 yards, and one spectacular 97-yard touchdown catch and run. The Steelers defense responded to coach Mike Tomlin’s challenge to improve the redzone defense by holding the Lions offense to 0 touchdowns in 5 redzone trips and two of those times were goal line stops.


Other than Smith-Schuster’s breakout performance, the Steelers offense had a relatively average night. Ben Roethlisberger didn’t look sharp, missing both Eli Rogers and Darrius Heyward-Bey in end zone for easy touchdowns, and overthrowing Antonio Brown which led to Glover Quin’s interception. However, the Steelers were efficient on 3rd down converting 50% of the time and a lot of that can be contributed to Big Ben and JuJu. Le’Veon Bell didn’t rack up over 100 scrimmage yards for the 1st time in three weeks. His fumble near the end of the 1st half changed the momentum of the game. Pittsburgh was about to enter the redzone with a minute left in the half and take a 2 possession lead, instead Bell fumbled and Detroit marched down the field and take a 2 point lead with Matt Prater’s 34 yard field goal. Although the running game had little room all night, the offensive line was fantastic in pass coverage, giving up 0 sacks all night.


On a night where the defense was overmatched by Matt Stafford and the Lions offense, Vince Williams, Sean Davis, and Javon Hargrave made just enough plays in the redzone to hold Detroit to 5 field goals. The Steelers run defense, led linebackers Ryan Shazier and Williams, continued to impress holding Detroit to 71 rushing yards. The secondary, who has been the heartbeat of the defense, was torched for 411 passing yards. Stafford again and again exposed a hole in the Steelers cover 2 defense, which was 20-25 yards past the line of scrimmage and outside the numbers. This is a cause for concern for upcoming weeks as other teams will try that area of the field. Either the safeties will have to read and react faster or the corners will have to trail the route just a tad bit longer to be able to cover the hole. Chris Boswell put together a perfect game netting 2 field goals and 2 extra points. Jordan Berry, who has one the worst punting averages in the league, had another mediocre game with a net average 41.8 yards.

The Steelers head into the bye week looking pretty good atop the AFC with few injuries. Only 3 of the last 8 games will be played outside of Pittsburgh to finish up the season. If the Steelers continue to play how they have been the past few weeks, look for them to be the number 1 seed in the AFC with home field advantage and a bye.  

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Kenny Easley talks about defensive backs winning the Heisman Trophy Tue, 07 Nov 2017 20:45:32 +0000
Seattle, WA- Former Seattle Seahawk Kenny Easley has had an Illustrious career, that was capped off by being inducted into the Pro-Football Hall of Fame this past August. He was selected fourth by the Seattle Seahawks in the 1981 draft two spot behind fellow future Hall of Famer and Superbowl Champion Lawrence “LT” Taylor. Following a standout collegiate career at The University of California Los Angeles, Easley recorded 19 interceptions, three Consensus All-America awards from 1978 -1980.

During his first year with the Seattle Seahawks, Kenny Easley came in and made a name for himself, earning the 1981 American Football Conference Defensive Rookie of Year award. After recording three interceptions totaling 155 yards, including an 82-yard return for a touchdown. He would add four fumble recoveries. Earning himself the nickname “The Enforcer”. After two years removed from winning the AFC Defensive Rookie of the year award, he would get the AFC Defensive Player of the Year award by recording seven interceptions and have 106 return yards with three sacks. The following year he earned the Associated Press NFL’s Defensive Player of the Year in 1984 while leading the league in takeaways with 10 interceptions and two touchdowns. Easley would go on and receive First -Team All-Pro Honors in four straight seasons 1982-1985.


During Easley’s career, he would be voted to 5 Pro-Bowls and was selected to the 1980s All-Decade Team and Seahawks Ring of Honor. Kenny Easley would retire in 1988 due to being diagnosed with idiopathic nephrotic syndrome, which is a severe kidney disease, causing him walk away from the game he loved.

The 2017 hall of fame inductee recently sat down with Landon Buford, an Editor with The Hype Magazine and discussed his thoughts on if a Defensive Player would ever win the Heisman Trophy? Here is what Easley had to say, “I think Lawrence Taylor should have won the Heisman Trophy winner, but they gave it to a running back named George Rodgers out of the University of South Carolina. “Lawrence Taylor was the best football player in the land barring none and I’ll say it again barring none. Lawrence Taylor was the best college football player in the land and should have won the Heisman Trophy and if he shouldn’t have won it then Mike Singletary. Who was probably the second-best football player in the land and if he shouldn’t have won it I think I should have won it because I was a three-time Defensive All- American. If I wasn’t the pick to win it, then Ronnie Lott should have won the Heisman Trophy. If you look at our draft class and examine how many numbers one picks and then go look at the all-decade team of the 80s. Finally, research the Pro Football Hall of Fame. If none of those players in our draft class didn’t win the award that no one on defensive, in my opinion, will ever win it. If there was such a thing as the NFL’s version of the Original Dream Team the 1981 draft class was it.”

The 1981 NFL drafted featured seven Hall of Famers Rickey Jackson, Howie Long, Ronnie Lott, Russ Grimm, Lawrence Taylor, Kenny Easley, and Mike Singletary.


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2018 NFL DRAFT TOP 400 SENIORS Tue, 07 Nov 2017 20:30:24 +0000  


We had a lot of feedback on our top 200 seniors so we decided to expand to our top 400.  We have moved several players around as well to reflect additional film we have watched.


Our top rated senior is NC State defensive end Bradley Chubb who has had a great year.


Washington State quarterback Luke Falk and Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield are definitely the top two senior quarterback prospects and candidates to go in the first round.


South Dakota State tight end Dallas Goedert is our top rated small schooler and one of many we project to get drafted.


Below is a look at the full top 400.




Pos Rank First Name Last Name School Projection
DE 1 Bradley Chubb North Carolina State 1st
C 2 Billy Price Ohio State 1st
OLB 3 Rashaan Evans Alabama 1st
OLB 4 Harold Landry Boston College 1st-2nd
RB 5 Nick Chubb Georgia 1st-2nd
ILB 6 Josey Jewell Iowa 1st-2nd
WR 7 James Washington Oklahoma State 1st-2nd
QB 8 Luke Falk Washington State 2nd
OT 9 Martinas Rankin Mississippi State 2nd
DE 10 Duke Ejiofor Wake Forest 2nd
QB 11 Baker Mayfield Oklahoma 2nd
TE 12 Ian Thomas Indiana 2nd
DT 13 Maurice Hurst Michigan 2nd
OT 14 Mike McGlinchey Notre Dame 2nd
TE 15 Dallas Goedert South Dakota State 2nd
DT 16 Derrick Nnadi Florida State 2nd
OT 17 Chukwuma Okorafor Western Michigan 2nd
TE 18 Mike Gesicki Penn State 2nd-3rd
OLB 19 Lorenzo Carter Georgia 2nd-3rd
OT 20 Brandon Parker North Carolina A&T 2nd-3rd
OT 21 Braden Smith Auburn 2nd-3rd
CB 22 Duke Dawson Florida 3rd
OLB 23 Uchenna Nwosu Southern California 3rd
OLB 24 Trevon Young Louisville 3rd
C 25 Frank Ragnow Arkansas 3rd
OG 26 Austin Corbett Nevada 3rd
SS 27 Kyzir White West Virginia 3rd
RB 28 Rashaad Penny San Diego State 3rd
QB 29 Mason Rudolph Oklahoma State 3rd
WR 30 Allen Lazard Iowa State 3rd-4th
CB 31 Anthony Averett Alabama 3rd-4th
WR 32 D.J. Chark LSU 3rd-4th
FS 33 Sean Chandler Temple 3rd-4th
DE 34 Tyquan Lewis Ohio State 3rd-4th
C 35 Mason Cole Michigan 3rd-4th
WR 36 Dante Pettis Washington 3rd-4th
OG 37 Will Hernandez UTEP 3rd-4th
OT 38 Cole Madison Washington State 3rd-4th
OLB 39 Darius Leonard South Carolina State 3rd-4th
RB 40 Royce Freeman Oregon 4th
WR 41 Anthony Miller Memphis 4th
ILB 42 Shaun Dion Hamilton Alabama 4th
SS 43 Quin Blanding Virginia 4th
ILB 44 Azeem Victor Washington 4th
CB 45 Michael Joseph Dubuque 4th
QB 46 Mike White Western Kentucky 4th
CB 47 M.J. Stewart North Carolina 4th
TE 48 Troy Fumagalli Wisconsin 4th
OT 49 Timon Parris Stony Brook 4th
RB 50 Sony Michel Georgia 4th
WR 51 Michael Gallup Colorado State 4th
TE 52 Marcus Baugh Ohio State 4th-5th
FS 53 Godwin Igwebuike Northwestern 4th-5th
OG 54 Sean Welsh Iowa 4th-5th
CB 55 Grant Haley Penn State 4th-5th
OG 56 Wyatt Teller Virginia Tech 4th-5th
CB 57 Davontae Harris Illinois State 4th-5th
ILB 58 Garret Dooley Wisconsin 4th-5th
TE 59 Chris Herndon IV Miami 4th-5th
DE 60 Chad Thomas Miami 4th-5th
FS 61 Marcus Allen Penn State 4th-5th
CB 62 Tony Brown Alabama 4th-5th
OLB 63 Ogbonnia Okoronkwo Oklahoma 4th-5th
CB 64 Levi Wallace Alabama 4th-5th
FB 65 Jaylen Samuels North Carolina State 4th-5th
QB 66 Kurt Benkert Virginia 4th-5th
OT 67 Jamarco Jones Ohio State 5th
CB 68 Brandon Facyson Virginia Tech 5th
ILB 69 Micah Kiser Virginia 5th
RB 70 Justin Crawford West Virginia 5th
OT 71 Desmond Harrison West Georgia 5th
WR 72 Cam Phillips Virginia Tech 5th
CB 73 Darius Phillips Western Michigan 5th
ILB 74 Jason Cabinda Penn State 5th
CB 75 Taron Johnson Weber State 5th
WR 76 Jester Weah Pittsburgh 5th
RB 77 Ito Smith Southern Mississippi 5th
DE 78 Marcus Davenport UTSA 5th
OLB 79 Chris Covington Indiana 5th
FS 80 Dominick Sanders Georgia 5th
WR 81 Cedrick Wilson Boise State 5th
QB 82 J.T. Barrett Ohio State 5th-6th
DT 83 Folorunso Fatukasi Connecticut 5th-6th
RB 84 Kalen Ballage Arizona State 5th-6th
OT 85 Andrew Nelson Penn State 5th-6th
OLB 86 Mike McCray Michigan 5th-6th
WR 87 Elijah Marks Northern Arizona 5th-6th
FS 88 Natrell Jamerson Wisconsin 5th-6th
OLB 89 Matt Thomas Florida State 5th-6th
CB 90 Deatrick Nichols South Florida 5th-6th
OLB 91 Davin Bellamy Georgia 5th-6th
ILB 92 Andrew Motuapuaka Virginia Tech 5th-6th
C 93 Scott Quessenberry UCLA 5th-6th
DT 94 Justin Jones North Carolina State 5th-6th
OT 95 Tyrell Crosby Oregon 5th-6th
OLB 96 Dorian O’Daniel Clemson 5th-6th
SS 97 Stephen Roberts Auburn 5th-6th
ILB 98 Keishawn Bierria Washington 5th-6th
CB 99 Dane Cruikshank Arizona 5th-6th
OLB 100 Skai Moore South Carolina 5th-6th
OG 101 Tony Adams North Carolina State 5th-6th
ILB 102 Genard Avery Memphis 5th-6th
P 103 Johnny Townsend Florida 5th-6th
CB 104 Rashard Fant Indiana 6th
QB 105 Danny Etling LSU 6th
WR 106 Jake Wieneke South Dakota State 6th
RB 107 Darius Tice South Florida 6th
OG 108 John Montelus Virginia 6th
ILB 109 Chris Worley Ohio State 6th
CB 110 Kameron Kelly Jr. San Diego State 6th
DE 111 Andrew Brown Virginia 6th
OLB 112 Dante Booker Ohio State 6th
RB 113 Jeff Wilson North Texas 6th
CB 114 Omari Williams Samford 6th
TE 115 Jordan Thomas Mississippi State 6th
WR 116 J’Mon Moore Missouri 6th
OG 117 Cody O’Connell Washington State 6th
RB 118 Akrum Wadley Iowa 6th
CB 119 Isaac Yiadom Boston College 6th
OLB 120 Leon Jacobs Wisconsin 6th
OG 121 Isaiah Wynn Georgia 6th
FS 122 Chucky Williams Louisville 6th-7th
ILB 123 Tegray Scales Indiana 6th-7th
WR 124 Jaleel Scott New Mexico State 6th-7th
QB 125 Riley Ferguson Memphis 6th-7th
DE 126 Da’Shawn Hand Alabama 6th-7th
C 127 Brian Allen Michigan State 6th-7th
SS 128 Tracy Walker Louisiana Lafayette 6th-7th
WR 129 Andre Levrone Virginia 6th-7th
OLB 130 Da’Sean Downey Massachusetts 6th-7th
CB 131 Jalen Davis Utah State 6th-7th
ILB 132 Nick DeLuca North Dakota State 6th-7th
RB 133 Justin Jackson Northwestern 6th-7th
DE 134 Sione Teuhema Southeastern Louisiana 6th-7th
WR 135 Marcell Ateman Oklahoma State 6th-7th
TE 136 Adam Breneman Massachusetts 6th-7th
OLB 137 James Hearns Louisville 6th-7th
SS 138 Jarrod Franklin Tulane 6th-7th
WR 139 Javon Wims Georgia 6th-7th
CB 140 D’Montre Wade Murray State 6th-7th
DE 141 James Looney California 6th-7th
OLB 142 Darius Jackson Jacksonville State 6th-7th
DE 143 Chase Winovich Michigan 7th
OG 144 Colby Gossett Appalachian State 7th
CB 145 Parry Nickerson Tulane 7th
OLB 146 Marquis Haynes Mississippi 7th
DT 147 Nathan Shepherd Fort Hays State 7th
OT 148 Joe Noteboom TCU 7th
DT 149 John Atkins Georgia 7th
OG 150 Jamil Demby Maine 7th
SS 151 Tre Flowers Oklahoma State 7th
DE 152 Jalyn Holmes Ohio State 7th
QB 153 Nic Shimonek Texas Tech 7th
DE 154 Joe Ostman Central Michigan 7th
OG 155 Viane Talamaivao Southern California 7th-PFA
WR 156 Darren-Marcus Carrington II Utah 7th-PFA
FS 157 Armani Watts Texas A&M 7th-PFA
OT 158 Ty McCulley CSU-Pueblo 7th-PFA
QB 159 Kyle Lauletta Richmond 7th-PFA
K 160 Daniel Carlson Auburn 7th-PFA
ILB 161 Auggie Sanchez South Florida 7th-PFA
FS 162 Elijah Campbell Northern Iowa 7th-PFA
K 163 Michael Badgley Miami 7th-PFA
CB 164 Avonte Maddox Pittsburgh 7th-PFA
CB 165 Chris Jones Nebraska 7th-PFA
CB 166 Kamrin Moore Boston College 7th-PFA
OT 167 Alex Cappa Humboldt State 7th-PFA
RS 168 Evan Berry Tennessee 7th-PFA
FS 169 Joshua Kalu Nebraska 7th-PFA
WR 170 Justin Watson Penn 7th-PFA
CB 171 Jordan Thomas Oklahoma 7th-PFA
P 172 Joe Zema Incarnate Word 7th-PFA
RB 173 Trenton Cannon Virginia State 7th-PFA
DT 174 B.J. Hill North Carolina State 7th-PFA
DE 175 Justin Lawler Southern Methodist 7th-PFA
CB 176 Andre Chachere San Jose State 7th-PFA
OLB 177 Oren Burks Vanderbilt 7th-PFA
WR 178 Daurice Fountain Northern Iowa 7th-PFA
OT 179 Bentley Spain North Carolina 7th-PFA
SS 180 D’Cota Dixon Wisconsin 7th-PFA
QB 181 Jeremiah Briscoe Sam Houston State 7th-PFA
DT 182 Taylor Stallworth South Carolina 7th-PFA
CB 183 Mike Ford Southeast Missouri State 7th-PFA
SS 184 Corey Thompson LSU 7th-PFA
FS 185 Tyree Robinson Oregon 7th-PFA
RB 186 Martez Carter Grambling State 7th-PFA
P 187 Trevor Daniel Tennessee PFA
SS 188 Steven Parker Oklahoma PFA
DT 189 Josh Fatu Southern California PFA
C 190 Bradley Bozeman Alabama PFA
OLB 191 Koron Crump Arizona State PFA
SS 192 Tray Matthews Auburn PFA
DT 193 Zaycoven Henderson Texas A&M PFA
OG 194 Austin Schlottman TCU PFA
TE 195 Ethan Wolf Tennessee PFA
ILB 196 Ro’Derrick Hoskins Florida State PFA
SS 197 Nick Orr TCU PFA
DT 198 Conor Sheehy Wisconsin PFA
CB 199 Greg Stroman Virginia Tech PFA
FS 200 Jaleel Wadood UCLA PFA
OG 201 Tyrone Crowder Clemson PFA
DT 202 Tyler Lancaster Northwestern PFA
RB 203 Chase Edmonds Fordham PFA
DT 204 Michael Hill Ohio State PFA
WR 205 Cody Thompson Toledo PFA
OLB 206 Peter Kalambayi Stanford PFA
OLB 207 Airius Moore North Carolina State PFA
SS 208 Damon Webb Ohio State PFA
CB 209 Emmanuel Moseley Tennessee PFA
TE 210 De’Andre Goolsby Florida PFA
RB 211 Phillip Lindsay Colorado PFA
WR 212 Robert Foster Alabama PFA
TE 213 Tyler Conklin Central Michigan PFA
OG 214 Beau Nunn Appalachian State PFA
ILB 215 Zaire Franklin Syracuse PFA
OLB 216 Fred Warner BYU PFA
TE 217 Nick Keizer Grand Valley State PFA
CB 218 Heath Harding Miami (Ohio) PFA
RB 219 Ty Isaac Michigan PFA
WR 220 Malik Turner Illinois PFA
DT 221 Kentavius Street North Carolina State PFA
OG 222 Matt Pryor TCU PFA
CB 223 Aaron Davis Georgia PFA
ILB 224 Tre’ Williams Auburn PFA
FS 225 Jamar Summers Connecticut PFA
OT 226 Mo Porter Baylor PFA
C 227 Coleman Shelton Washington PFA
DT 228 Christian LaCouture LSU PFA
WR 229 Davon Grayson East Carolina PFA
OLB 230 Ja’Von Rolland-Jones Arkansas State PFA
TE 231 Cam Serigne Wake Forest PFA
ILB 232 Jacob Pugh Florida State PFA
SS 233 Asantay Brown Western Michigan PFA
CB 234 Dee Delaney Miami PFA
FB 235 Nick Bawden San Diego State PFA
ILB 236 Kenny Young UCLA PFA
OG 237 Hunter Bivin Notre Dame PFA
RB 238 Kyle Hicks TCU PFA
DE 239 Kemoko Turay Rutgers PFA
WR 240 Ka’Raun White West Virginia PFA
RB 241 Quinton Flowers South Florida PFA
CB 242 Jamarcus King South Carolina PFA
P 243 JK Scott Alabama PFA
DT 244 Greg Gilmore LSU PFA
DE 245 Marcus Martin Slippery Rock PFA
WR 246 Braxton Berrios Miami PFA
RB 247 Jordan Wilkins Mississippi PFA
DT 248 Drew Bailey Louisville PFA
QB 249 Nick Stevens Colorado State PFA
WR 250 DaeSean Hamilton Penn State PFA
CB 251 Chandon Sullivan Georgia State PFA
SS 252 Drue Tranquill Notre Dame PFA
DT 253 Bilal Nichols Delaware PFA
ILB 254 Colton Jumper Tennessee PFA
SS 255 Trey Marshall Florida State PFA
CB 256 Amari Coleman Central Michigan PFA
RB 257 Demario Richard Arizona State PFA
CB 258 Arrion Springs Oregon PFA
C 259 Alex Officer Pittsburgh PFA
DT 260 P.J. Hall Sam Houston State PFA
QB 261 Logan Woodside Toledo PFA
FS 262 Chris Hawkins Southern California PFA
C 263 Jake Bennett Colorado State PFA
OT 264 Jeromy Irwin Colorado PFA
CB 265 Priest Willis Texas A&M PFA
QB 266 Dalton Sturm UTSA PFA
WR 267 Darren Andrews UCLA PFA
OT 268 Zach Crabtree Oklahoma State PFA
OG 269 Kyle Bosch West Virginia PFA
WR 270 Bryce Bobo Colorado PFA
ILB 271 Courtney Love Kentucky PFA
RB 272 Malik Williams Louisville PFA
C 273 Coleman Thomas Jr. Tennessee PFA
FS 274 Tray Mitchell Eastern Illinois PFA
DE 275 Marcell Frazier Missouri PFA
CB 276 Tremon Smith Central Arkansas PFA
ILB 277 Devante Downs California PFA
OG 278 Jake Pisarcik Oregon PFA
SS 279 Donnie Miles North Carolina PFA
OLB 280 James Crawford Illinois PFA
SS 281 Cole Reyes North Dakota PFA
SS 282 Chris Cooper Stony Brook PFA
DE 283 Trent Harris Miami PFA
OLB 284 Anthony Winbush Ball State PFA
FS 285 Kamari Cotton-Moya Iowa State PFA
FS 286 Tre Dempsey North Dakota State PFA
DE 287 Demetrius Cooper Michigan State PFA
ILB 288 Quentin Poling Ohio PFA
QB 289 Peter Pujals Holy Cross PFA
CB 290 Danny Johnson Southern PFA
DT 291 Mike Ramsay Duke PFA
FS 292 Kishawn McClain North Texas PFA
OG 293 Skyler Phillips Idaho State PFA
OG 294 Joshua Outlaw Louisiana Tech PFA
DE 295 Eric Cotton Stanford PFA
DE 296 Mike Love South Florida PFA
WR 297 Trent Sherfield Vanderbilt PFA
SS 298 Kahlid Hagens Tennessee-Martin PFA
ILB 299 Christian Sam Arizona State PFA
RB 300 Nick Wilson Arizona PFA
CB 301 Cornell Armstrong Southern Mississippi PFA
ILB 302 Joel Lanning Iowa State PFA
FS 303 Max Redfield Indiana (PA) PFA
DT 304 Deadrin Senat South Florida PFA
WR 305 Dylan Cantrell Texas Tech PFA
ILB 306 Nyles Morgan Notre Dame PFA
OLB 307 Shaquem Griffin Central Florida PFA
DT 308 Lowell Lotulelei Utah PFA
RB 309 Keith Ford Texas A&M PFA
OG 310 Jordan Rose Idaho PFA
RS 311 Charles Nelson Oregon PFA
FS 312 Afolabi Laguda Colorado PFA
OT 313 Justin Evans South Carolina State PFA
WR 314 Steve Ishmael Syracuse PFA
OLB 315 Al-Rasheed Benton West Virginia PFA
CB 316 Jermaine Kelly San Jose State PFA
WR 317 Jonah Trinnaman BYU PFA
SS 318 Ramon Richards Oklahoma State PFA
CB 319 Malcolm Washington Northern Iowa PFA
SS 320 Mike Basile Monmouth (NJ) PFA
OG 321 KC McDermott Miami PFA
FS 322 Josh Liddell Arkansas PFA
WR 323 Shay Fields Colorado PFA
TE 324 Will Dissly Washington PFA
QB 325 Max Browne Pittsburgh PFA
ILB 326 Kavika Luafatasaga Utah PFA
QB 327 Matt Linehan Idaho PFA
WR 328 Derrick Willies Texas Tech PFA
ILB 329 Manase Hungalu Oregon State PFA
WR 330 Jeff Badet Oklahoma PFA
C 331 Austin Golson Auburn PFA
DT 332 Bruce Hector South Florida PFA
CB 333 Ezekiel Turner Washington PFA
RB 334 Gerald Holmes Michigan State PFA
DE 335 Kylie Fitts Utah PFA
RB 336 Darrel Williams LSU PFA
OT 337 Tyler Howell Missouri PFA
CB 338 Donovan Olumba Portland State PFA
DT 339 Steve Richardson Minnesota PFA
P 340 Michael Carrizosa San Jose State PFA
RB 341 D’Angelo Brewer Tulsa PFA
SS 342 Trayvon Henderson Hawaii PFA
WR 343 Devonte Boyd UNLV PFA
RS 344 Janarion Grant Rutgers PFA
CB 345 Justin Martin Tennessee PFA
K 346 Greg Joseph Florida Atlantic PFA
DE 347 Jordan Sherit Florida PFA
OLB 348 D.J. Palmore Navy PFA
DT 349 Scott Pagano Oregon PFA
FB 350 Khalid Hill Michigan PFA
CB 351 Tre Herndon Vanderbilt PFA
RB 352 Lavon Coleman Washington PFA
OG 353 Ian Park Slippery Rock PFA
DT 354 Lyndon Johnson Cincinnati PFA
OLB 355 Chris Frey Michigan State PFA
DE 356 Naashon Hughes Texas PFA
WR 357 Jimmy Williams East Carolina PFA
RB 358 Jalen Hurd Tennessee PFA
DT 359 Filipo Mokofisi Utah PFA
P 360 Ryan Anderson Rutgers PFA
FS 361 Travon Blanchard Texas A&M Commerce PFA
TE 362 David Wells San Diego State PFA
CB 363 Malkom Parrish Georgia PFA
OT 364 Rick Leonard Florida State PFA
WR 365 Marquez Valdes-Scantling South Florida PFA
OT 366 Jamari McGloster Syracuse PFA
OG 367 Darius James Auburn PFA
WR 368 Jumichael Ramos North Carolina State PFA
DT 369 Kendal Vickers Tennessee PFA
WR 370 Allenzae Staggers Southern Mississippi PFA
P 371 Nick Walsh Kansas State PFA
SS 372 Shawn Boone North Carolina State PFA
TE 373 Tyler Hoppes Nebraska PFA
TE 374 Blake Mack Arkansas State PFA
FS 375 Kris Weatherspoon Troy PFA
OG 376 K.J. Malone LSU FA
RB 377 Gus Edwards Rutgers FA
SS 378 Anthony Sherrils Missouri FA
DE 379 Chikwe Obasih Wisconsin FA
WR 380 Nate Brown Missouri FA
OT 381 Sunny Odogwu UCLA FA
SS 382 Kyle Queiro Northwestern FA
QB 383 Connor Jessop Shepherd FA
WR 384 Donald Gray Mississippi State FA
OG 385 R.J. Prince North Carolina FA
OLB 386 Dewey Jarvis Brown FA
WR 387 Damon Gibson MSU Moorhead FA
WR 388 Charles Holland Tiffin (OH) FA
OG 389 Alex Light Richmond FA
CB 390 Mike Jones Temple FA
C 391 Austin Davis Duke FA
TE 392 Ben Johnson Kansas FA
RB 393 Sherman Badie Tulane FA
FB 394 J.D. Moore LSU FA
DE 395 Kiante Anderson East Carolina FA
CB 396 Lashard Durr Mississippi State FA
TE 397 Matt Flanagan Pittsburgh FA
RB 398 Detrez Newsome Western Carolina FA
OLB 399 Ben Niemann Iowa FA
RB 400 Roc Thomas Jacksonville State FA


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Coyotes Finally Find Their Way to the Win Column Mon, 06 Nov 2017 15:00:24 +0000 After almost breaking the record for the worst start to an NHL season, the Arizona Coyotes seemed to turn things around as they’ve finally won some games; two to be precise. The first win came on a 4-3 overtime win against the Philadelphia Flyers in Philly on Monday. The Yotes led the entire game with a minute left in regulation, leading 3-1, but the Flyers didn’t admit defeat as they managed to slam home two quick goals in a span of 30 seconds by Jordan Weal and Sean Couturier, sending the game to overtime. Thankfully, the Coyotes hard work paid off as a nifty little “tic-tac-toe” between Max Domi, Clayton Keller, and the goal-scorer Alex Goligoski beat Flyers goaltender Brian Elliott. The Coyotes players spilled over the boards with a sigh of relief, to finally be in the win column.

The real story of the game was the newly acquired goaltender from the New Jersey Devils, Scott Wedgewood. In his Coyotes’ debut, Wedgewood posted a .903 save percentage, also stopping 28 of the 31 shots faced also including his first win as a member of the Arizona Coyotes.

After dropping the next two games, one between the Detroit Red Wings with a score of 5-3 and the next between the Buffalo Sabres 5-4, the Coyotes played on Saturday night at home to face the Carolina Hurricanes.

Some news to mention also, goaltender Antti Raanta was deemed as healthy to play and started against the Hurricanes. With a scoreless first period, it seemed that Antti Raanta was getting back to his old self again. The only goal in the second period came from Coyotes’ rookie star forward Clayton Keller as center Brad Richardson set him up on an amazing one-timer tap in goal. With the second period over, Antti Raanta was still looking sharp as ever with two scoreless periods. Alas, with 2:35 left in the 3rd period, Hurricanes’ center Jordan Staal slapped home a one-time pass from Sebastian Aho to tie the game up. Overtime was needed, but no goals were scored, which would result in the game going to a shootout.

Clayton Keller was the first shooter for the Coyotes, and good thing too, as he managed to slide one past the Canes’ goalie Scott Darling. Even head coach Rick Tocchet said in the post-game interview “The fans loved it. If I don’t put him out there first they will probably kill me.” But the Hurricanes were not done yet as Brock McGinn went top shelf on Raanta to tie the shootout at one. After previous shooter for the Coyotes’ Oliver Ekman-Larsson was stopped, Derek Stepan had the game on his stick to once again take the lead, with a dangle here and there, Stepan back handed one 5-hole on Darling, to give the Coyotes the lead once more. With the final shooter for the Hurricanes in Derek Ryan, Antti Raanta came up big stopping Ryan stick-side to give the Coyotes the win. Raanta even charged away from the net to celebrate with a one-knee slide out of excitement as he met his teammates at center ice for the congratulations.

Despite it only being two wins and the Coyotes still sitting on a 2-12-1 record, this is sure to spark some confidence in Antti Raanta and the entire Coyotes team to possibly crawl out of the whole they are in, but Clayton Keller still seems to be the man in the spotlight. He was even awarded the NHL’s October Rookie of the Month as he posted 9 goals, 6 assists, and 15 points overall, another thing to take note of: he’s only 19! Could he be the next Patrick Kane? With stats like that at only 19 years of age, you better believe it!

The next game for the Coyotes is going to be against the Washington Capitals on Monday in D.C.

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Three missed field goals cost the Seahawks a victory (17-14) Mon, 06 Nov 2017 03:04:51 +0000 Seattle, WA-  Seattle Seahawks’ FG Kicker Blair Walsh missed three field goals that put the Seahawks in a position to lose the game. The three fields goals that were missed were crucial in this loss against the Washington Redskins.

The headline for this game was the defense for both of these two teams. Seattle struck gold first with Bobby Wagner taking down Kirk Cousins in the end zone for a safety, which put the Seahawks up 2-0. After Cousins threw an interception, Seattle got the ball back in good field position. but they could not capitalize on the Redskins’ mistake, so they had to settle for a field goal. The field goal attempt went wide left.

After a Russell Wilson interception, Washington took it to the Seahawks secondary. With a mixture of pass and run, the Redskins scored a touchdown to go up 7-2. However on the next possession Wilson and Jimmy Graham would connect for a 20-yard pass play, as well as a magnificent catch by Doug Baldwin to put Seattle in scoring position, but again Walsh missed another field goal.


Before half Walsh would get a third attempt to put points on the board for Seattle, but it was partially blocked.

The halftime score was 7-2 and an offensive struggle for both teams.

In the second half, the Redskins did just enough to tack on three points to extend the lead to 10-8, but both offensives were not clicking. Every time Seattle looked to have some type of productivity gaining yards, they would hurt themselves by getting penalties. In today’s game, 11 penalties were recorded and again the run game was not there.

In the Fourth Quarter, the Wilson magic show started. After a few big plays down the field by Graham, Baldwin, and Wilson putting pressure on the Redskins’secondary, Seattle finally got in position to score a touchdown but failed on a two-point conversion. With the momentum swinging back on Seattle’s side, the Redskins looked to be in trouble. On the next position for the Redskins, Cousins was backed up near the Seahawks’ end zone with a third and long and Seattle brought the house on him. He was sacked, but as he was going to the ground, he fumbled the ball and one of Seattle’s defenders got on top of the ball and it looked to be a touchdown for Seattle. After a booth review, the call was reversed and Washington caught a big break

With only a couple minutes left in regulation, Seattle went down the field and created the nail bitter illusion once again. Every time the Redskins would get a break or have Wilson in their grasps, Wilson will make something out of nothing. Off of a Redskins’ mistake that left Doug Baldwin free to the end zone, Wilson connected with him and he scored

However, Cousins had some magical throws that would cap off a 1-yard touchdown run and ruin the victory celebration for Seattle.

Wilson ended the game 24 of 45 for 297 yards, two touchdowns, and two interceptions.



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Here is an early look at our top 200 seniors. This will change a lot but this is where we stand as of November 3rd.

Our top rated player is NC State defensive end Bradley Chubb at this point in the season.


Rank Pos First Name Last Name School Projection
1 DE Bradley Chubb North Carolina State 1st
2 C Billy Price Ohio State 1st
3 OLB Rashaan Evans Alabama 1st
4 OLB Harold Landry Boston College 1st-2nd
5 RB Nick Chubb Georgia 2nd
6 QB Luke Falk Washington State 2nd
7 ILB Josey Jewell Iowa 2nd
8 WR James Washington Oklahoma State 2nd
9 DE Tyquan Lewis Ohio State 2nd
10 DT Maurice Hurst Michigan 2nd
11 OT Mike McGlinchey Notre Dame 2nd
12 DT Derrick Nnadi Florida State 2nd
13 OT Chukwuma Okorafor Western Michigan 2nd-3rd
14 TE Mike Gesicki Penn State 2nd-3rd
15 CB M.J. Stewart North Carolina 2nd-3rd
16 OLB Lorenzo Carter Georgia 2nd-3rd
17 OT Braden Smith Auburn 2nd-3rd
18 TE Dallas Goedert South Dakota State 3rd
19 OLB Trevon Young Louisville 3rd
20 C Frank Ragnow Arkansas 3rd
21 OG Austin Corbett Nevada 3rd
22 SS Kyzir White West Virginia 3rd
23 QB Baker Mayfield Oklahoma 3rd
24 RB Rashaad Penny San Diego State 3rd
25 QB Mason Rudolph Oklahoma State 3rd
26 WR Allen Lazard Iowa State 3rd-4th
27 OLB Marquis Haynes Mississippi 3rd-4th
28 CB Anthony Averett Alabama 3rd-4th
29 WR D.J. Chark LSU 3rd-4th
30 FS Marcus Allen Penn State 4th
31 FS Sean Chandler Temple 4th
32 C Mason Cole Michigan 4th
33 WR Dante Pettis Washington 4th
34 OLB Uchenna Nwosu Southern California 4th
35 OT Cole Madison Washington State 4th
36 OLB Darius Leonard South Carolina State 4th
37 RB Royce Freeman Oregon 4th
38 WR Anthony Miller Memphis 4th
39 TE Ian Thomas Indiana 4th
40 ILB Shaun Dion Hamilton Alabama 4th
41 OT Martinas Rankin Mississippi State 4th
42 FS Quin Blanding Virginia 4th
43 ILB Azeem Victor Washington 4th
44 TE Troy Fumagalli Wisconsin 4th
45 RB Sony Michel Georgia 4th
46 WR Michael Gallup Colorado State 4th
47 TE Marcus Baugh Ohio State 4th-5th
48 FS Godwin Igwebuike Northwestern 4th-5th
49 C Sean Welsh Iowa 4th-5th
50 OG Will Hernandez UTEP 4th-5th
51 CB Grant Haley Penn State 4th-5th
52 OG Wyatt Teller Virginia Tech 4th-5th
53 OT Brandon Parker North Carolina A&T 4th-5th
54 OLB Garret Dooley Wisconsin 4th-5th
55 WR Cam Phillips Virginia Tech 4th-5th
56 CB Tony Brown Alabama 4th-5th
57 OLB Ogbonnia Okoronkwo Oklahoma 4th-5th
58 FB Jaylen Samuels North Carolina State 4th-5th
59 CB Duke Dawson Florida 5th
60 OT Jamarco Jones Ohio State 5th
61 DE Chad Thomas Miami 5th
62 CB Brandon Facyson Virginia Tech 5th
63 OT Timon Parris Stony Brook 5th
64 OLB James Hearns Louisville 5th
65 WR J’Mon Moore Missouri 5th
66 CB Davontae Harris Illinois State 5th
67 ILB Micah Kiser Virginia 5th
68 RB Justin Crawford West Virginia 5th
69 DE Duke Ejiofor Wake Forest 5th
70 CB Darius Phillips Western Michigan 5th
71 ILB Jason Cabinda Penn State 5th
72 RB Ito Smith Southern Mississippi 5th
73 CB Levi Wallace Alabama 5th
74 OLB Chris Covington Indiana 5th
75 WR Elijah Marks Northern Arizona 5th
76 FS Dominick Sanders Georgia 5th
77 WR Cedrick Wilson Boise State 5th
78 QB J.T. Barrett Ohio State 5th-6th
79 DT Folorunso Fatukasi Connecticut 5th-6th
80 RB Kalen Ballage Arizona State 5th-6th
81 OT Andrew Nelson Penn State 5th-6th
82 OLB Mike McCray Michigan 5th-6th
83 FS Natrell Jamerson Wisconsin 5th-6th
84 OLB Matt Thomas Florida State 5th-6th
85 DE Marcus Davenport UTSA 5th-6th
86 WR Jake Wieneke South Dakota State 5th-6th
87 CB Deatrick Nichols South Florida 5th-6th
88 OLB Davin Bellamy Georgia 5th-6th
89 WR Donald Gray Mississippi State 5th-6th
90 ILB Andrew Motuapuaka Virginia Tech 5th-6th
91 C Scott Quessenberry UCLA 5th-6th
92 WR Jester Weah Pittsburgh 5th-6th
93 DT Justin Jones North Carolina State 5th-6th
94 OT Tyrell Crosby Oregon 5th-6th
95 FS Stephen Roberts Auburn 5th-6th
96 CB Dane Cruikshank Arizona 5th-6th
97 OLB Skai Moore South Carolina 5th-6th
98 OG Tony Adams North Carolina State 5th-6th
99 ILB Genard Avery Memphis 5th-6th
100 P Johnny Townsend Florida 5th-6th
101 CB Rashard Fant Indiana 6th
102 QB Danny Etling LSU 6th
103 RB Darius Tice South Florida 6th
104 OG John Montelus Virginia 6th
105 ILB Chris Worley Ohio State 6th
106 FS Kameron Kelly Jr. San Diego State 6th
107 DE Andrew Brown Virginia 6th
108 OLB Dante Booker Ohio State 6th
109 RB Jeff Wilson North Texas 6th
110 OLB Keishawn Bierria Washington 6th
111 OG Cody O’Connell Washington State 6th
112 CB Taron Johnson Weber State 6th
113 RB Akrum Wadley Iowa 6th
114 QB Kurt Benkert Virginia 6th
115 CB Isaac Yiadom Boston College 6th
116 OLB Leon Jacobs Wisconsin 6th
117 OT Desmond Harrison West Georgia 6th
118 TE Chris Herndon IV Miami 6th
119 OG Isaiah Wynn Georgia 6th
120 OLB Darius Jackson Jacksonville State 6th
121 FS Chucky Williams Louisville 6th-7th
122 ILB Tegray Scales Indiana 6th-7th
123 SS Tray Matthews Auburn 6th-7th
124 WR Jaleel Scott New Mexico State 6th-7th
125 QB Riley Ferguson Memphis 6th-7th
126 DE Da’Shawn Hand Alabama 6th-7th
127 WR Justin Watson Penn 6th-7th
128 C Brian Allen Michigan State 6th-7th
129 SS Tracy Walker Louisiana Lafayette 6th-7th
130 WR Andre Levrone Virginia 6th-7th
131 OLB Da’Sean Downey Massachusetts 6th-7th
132 CB Jalen Davis Utah State 6th-7th
133 RB Justin Jackson Northwestern 6th-7th
134 TE Adam Breneman Massachusetts 6th-7th
135 SS Jarrod Franklin Tulane 6th-7th
136 WR Javon Wims Georgia 6th-7th
137 OG Jamil Demby Maine 6th-7th
138 DT James Looney California 6th-7th
139 QB Mike White Western Kentucky 6th-7th
140 OLB Chase Winovich Michigan 7th
141 CB Michael Joseph Dubuque 7th
142 QB Kyle Lauletta Richmond 7th
143 CB Parry Nickerson Tulane 7th
144 OLB Dorian O’Daniel Clemson 7th
145 SS Tre Flowers Oklahoma State 7th
146 DE Jalyn Holmes Ohio State 7th
147 QB Nic Shimonek Texas Tech 7th
148 DE Joe Ostman Central Michigan 7th
149 WR Darren-Marcus Carrington II Utah 7th-PFA
150 FS Armani Watts Texas A&M 7th-PFA
151 K Daniel Carlson Auburn 7th-PFA
152 CB Jordan Thomas Oklahoma 7th-PFA
153 OLB Koron Crump Arizona State 7th-PFA
154 ILB Auggie Sanchez South Florida 7th-PFA
155 K Michael Badgley Miami 7th-PFA
156 QB Jeremiah Briscoe Sam Houston State 7th-PFA
157 CB Avonte Maddox Pittsburgh 7th-PFA
158 OT Ty McCulley CSU-Pueblo 7th-PFA
159 CB Chris Jones Nebraska 7th-PFA
160 DT B.J. Hill North Carolina State 7th-PFA
161 DT John Atkins Georgia 7th-PFA
162 OLB Peter Kalambayi Stanford 7th-PFA
163 OT Joe Noteboom TCU 7th-PFA
164 CB Kamrin Moore Boston College 7th-PFA
165 SS Evan Berry Tennessee 7th-PFA
166 FS Joshua Kalu Nebraska 7th-PFA
167 CB Andre Chachere San Jose State 7th-PFA
168 OLB Oren Burks Vanderbilt 7th-PFA
169 CB Omari Williams Samford 7th-PFA
170 OT Bentley Spain North Carolina 7th-PFA
171 SS D’Cota Dixon Wisconsin 7th-PFA
172 DT Taylor Stallworth South Carolina PFA
173 OLB Corey Thompson LSU PFA
174 FS Tyree Robinson Oregon PFA
175 RB Martez Carter Grambling State PFA
176 ILB Nick DeLuca North Dakota State PFA
177 P Trevor Daniel Tennessee PFA
178 SS Steven Parker Oklahoma PFA
179 C Bradley Bozeman Alabama PFA
180 DT Zaycoven Henderson Texas A&M PFA
181 C Austin Schlottman TCU PFA
182 TE Ethan Wolf Tennessee PFA
183 ILB Ro’Derrick Hoskins Florida State PFA
184 CB Nick Orr TCU PFA
185 DE Conor Sheehy Wisconsin PFA
186 CB Greg Stroman Virginia Tech PFA
187 FS Jaleel Wadood UCLA PFA
188 OG Tyrone Crowder Clemson PFA
189 TE Jordan Thomas Mississippi State PFA
190 DT Tyler Lancaster Northwestern PFA
191 DT Michael Hill Ohio State PFA
192 WR Cody Thompson Toledo PFA
193 OLB Airius Moore North Carolina State PFA
194 SS Damon Webb Ohio State PFA
195 CB Emmanuel Moseley Tennessee PFA
196 OT Colby Gossett Appalachian State PFA
197 RB Phillip Lindsay Colorado PFA
198 TE Tyler Conklin Central Michigan PFA
199 ILB Zaire Franklin Syracuse PFA
200 TE Nick Keizer Grand Valley State PFA



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Tennessee Titans Pick Six Versus The Baltimore Ravens Sat, 04 Nov 2017 14:00:24 +0000

The Tennessee Titans face a team that has given them some nightmares over their time in Nashville. Any time the Baltimore Ravens are mentioned when it comes to the Titans, people start replaying moments where the Ravens broke the Titans collective hearts. The biggest moment that sticks in the memories of Tennessee fans is when Eddie George was met by Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis. George was stripped of the football and Lewis ended up taking the soul of the Titans on that play as he ran the ball into the endzone. The hurt from the Ravens is still here in Nashville and will probably be talked about until the end of time. Needless to say, the Titans are not the biggest fans of the Ravens and the hate for them is still here in the Music City. Going into this game, the Ravens are not exactly where they thought they would be. They are currently sitting at 4-4 but it hasn’t been the most impressive-looking .500 performance this season. The Titans, coming off a bye week, have to be ready for the Ravens to come in desperate for a win. And knowing the history of this rivalry along with what is at stake for them, the Titans better come ready to play. Let’s take a look at a few things the Titans could do to win this game.



1)  Body Baltimore’s Defense

APTOPIX Titans Jaguars Football

The Tennessee Titans are facing an uncharacteristically soft Ravens run defense. Seeing the Ravens associated with bad run defense is something we never really see. Along with seeing that with surprise, the Titans running game ought to see this with a wide grin on their faces. For the Titans, they have to take advantage of this weakness from the Ravens by punishing Baltimore over and over with consistent doses of DeMarco Murray and Derrick Henry. If Tennessee is able to get good work from their offensive line along with getting their running game at least at least 25-30 attempts combined, the Titans will increase their chances to win the game.

2) Remember Third Down


The Titans were abysmal last game out against the Cleveland Browns. While it is easy to point to everything being bad against the Browns except the win, there was one thing in particular that was not good. The Titans were 5/17 on third-down conversions and it almost cost them the game in Cleveland two weeks ago. In this game (in which they will be playing against tougher competition), the Titans must convert third downs at a more efficient rate. Now they don’t have to get all of them, but a 40-50% conversion rate on third down is something that will make the Titans hard to beat.

3) Welcome Back Corey Davis

Corey Davis

The Titans have been good in the passing game, but they have missed the rookie speedster. Davis has that unique combination of blazing speed and size that can be hard to stop. With the Ravens maybe having more safeties sneaking up in the run game, Davis could arrive back on the field from his hamstring issue with easy one-on-one matchups. With his size and speed, that could mean a dangerous weapon could be even greater for the Titans. Could we see Davis be the guy to take the top off defenses like people expected him to be? We maybe could see it in this one and if we do, then we could really see some explosion from the Titans that could lead to a win.



1)  Make Flacco Dance

flacco 5

No, Flacco isn’t busting a move in the pocket while he is listening to the sounds from the stadium. While he may not have music to dance, the Titans defense can surely make him dance a little bit back in the pocket. Being that Flacco is not the most mobile quarterback, he can try to run but it will be to no avail. If Tennessee can mix it up and keep some pressure on him, the Titans will help themselves immensely because Flacco is less accurate when he has to pay attention to all the attention coming his way from the defensive line.

2) More Byard

Kevin Byard 2

When Kevin Byard was selected by the Titans in the third round of the 2016 NFL Draft, there were some that scratched their heads when he was selected. Flash forward to now and he just may be the best defensive player the Titans have so far. The talented safety had three interceptions and so far has been the defensive MVP of the team. For the Titans, he must show up and show out again in this game. The more he makes plays and is present in the game, the better the Titans defense plays. They will need him in this one most definitely.

3)  Be A Brick Wall

jurrell casey dancing

The Titans have to get after Flacco, but they also have to focus on what the Ravens do best. At this point in the season, the Ravens rank in the top five in running the football. The duo of Alex Collins and Javorius “Buck” Allen  have been making things happen for the Ravens when things have looked bad for them in the passing game. With this being the case, the Titans need to step up their run game defense. If they are able to stuff the Ravens, then they dictate what the Ravens do a little bit more. Titans defensive tackle Jurrell Casey and linebacker Wesley Woodyard must be on time and present at all times. If they are, then you get a frustrated Ravens offense.

The Titans are sitting at the top of the division and can control their destiny. That starts with this game versus Baltimore. Will we get the Titans team that dominated the Jacksonville Jaguars in the second half of their contest this season or will we see the lackluster performance we saw the Titans have against the Cleveland Browns? We shall see come Sunday.

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Coyotes Tie NHL Record for Worst Start in League History Mon, 30 Oct 2017 14:00:56 +0000 The Arizona Coyotes are still struggling as they have dropped down to 0-10-1. With this record, the Coyotes are now tied with the New York Rangers for the worst start to a season in NHL history. Turns out the Coyotes would be making history this season after all, just not the way they intended. The team is still playing fairly well as the offense has been getting slightly better throughout the weeks, but goal tending is still the primary issue. The Coyotes have started 4 goalies in just 11 games. With the Coyotes’ starting goalie Antti Raanta still injured, Louis Domingue has been the man needed to step up, but he just hasn’t been able to keep his team in the competition. In fact, after another loss to the New Jersey Devils on Saturday the 28th, Louis Domingue was placed on waivers. Louie just hasn’t been able to find his game as he’s registered a 4.33 goals against average and a .856 save percentage and going 0-6-0.

Domingue has been with the team for 4 seasons now and has been progressively getting better since his season debut in the 2014-2015 season, as he has been posting a save percentages of around .911 percent in his first three seasons. This year has just been nothing but struggles and the 25 year-old goalie has been deemed as one of the primary problems.

Before the game against the Devils, the Coyotes traded a 5th round pick in the 2018 draft to the Devils for goalie Scott Wedgewood, so signs were already hinting that if Domingue didn’t win that game, his days with the Arizona Coyotes were over, and just that happened. Now whether or not he will clear waivers or be picked up by another team is unknown at this point.

Antti Raanta is still on the Injured Reserve list, so goalie prospect, Hunter Miska has been called up from the AHL. So it appears that the Coyotes new goalie lineup will be either Adin Hill, who has been phenomenal in his 3 starts posting a 3.76 goals against average and a .880 save percentage, and Hunter Miska will serve as backups and goalie Scott Wedgewood will be the starter, or the coaches will just rotate the three goalies. Regardless, the Coyotes are doing anything at this point to try and turn this team around before things go from bad to worse, but how much worse can it get at this point?

Hopefully the Coyotes recent changes will show some positive turn-around, but first things first, is to finally get their first win of the season. With the changes in goaltending, hopefully the Coyotes will be able to have some better luck in games, but will it be enough to spark some positive change?


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Jimmy Graham wins it for Seattle in dramatic fashion (41-38) Mon, 30 Oct 2017 01:50:44 +0000 Seattle, WA- After a big and forth battle with the Houston Texans, Jimmy Graham was the hero that scored the go-ahead touchdown and got the victory for the Seahawks. With 1:49 seconds left in regulation, Russell Wilson took his team down the field to attempt to win the game. Wilson threw a 40-yard pass to Paul Richardson who somehow outjumped his defender to put his team in position to score.


The Texans’ secondary looked gassed and on the next play, Jimmy Graham caught an 18-yard touchdown that sealed the win for the Seahawks, which put them in a tie with the Rams for first place in their division.

Despite the loss, Rookie sensation DeShawn Watson has been improving each and every week. He torched the Seahawks’ secondary by throwing  402 yards on them and broke their streak of opponents scoring in the first quarter. Watson finished the game with 402 yards, 50 yards on the ground, threw 4 touchdowns, and threw 2 interceptions. He is the first player to have 19 touchdowns in his first seven games.

The storyline in this game was the offensive line that gave Wilson time in the pocket to deliver some nice balls to Paul Richardson, Doug Baldwin, and Jimmy Graham. Richardson and Graham had contributed to some of the touchdowns that were scored.

Russell has completed 26/41 for 452 yards, 1 interception, and 4 touchdowns. The 452 yards that he threw today was a career high for Wilson

After a monotonous win, there have been some rumors swirling around the Seattle office that Jimmy Graham could be traded in the next few days. He has not been the right fit for this organization and has struggled with catching balls and impacting the game like he once did. It would be interesting to see how this will pan out for Seattle.

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The Oakland Raiders Take on the Buffalo Bills in Buffalo Sun, 29 Oct 2017 19:40:33 +0000  

The Oakland Raiders came into this week eight matchup against the Buffalo Bills sitting fourth in the AFC East with a record of (3-4). Big offseason addition for the Oakland Raiders, running back Marshawn Lynch did not play in this one, serving his one-game suspension for hitting a referee in week seven. Presumably a big loss for Oakland going against the sixth-ranked rush defense in the NFL. The Buffalo Bills, coming off a last-second victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are second in the AFC East with a record of (4-2). The Bills came in looking to string together back to back victories, especially following an eventful week as they traded away defensive tackle Marcel Dareus to the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Looking to exploit the Buffalo Bills defense early on the Raiders had no trouble moving the ball. On their first drive of the game, the Raiders picked up 72-yards through the air taking advantage of an injured Bills secondary. Following a failed challenge on fourth down by the Buffalo Bills, Derek Carr connected with Michael Crabtree for 23-yards to put the Raiders deep in Bills territory. The Raiders would cap off their drive and put the first points of the day on the board by a 1-yard run by fullback Jamize Olawale. The first score of the season for Olawale gave the Raiders an early 7-0 lead.

Putting together their first sustained offensive drive of the game midway through the second quarter, the Bills went 64-yards in 9-plays to tie the score at 7-7. A big 22-yard reception by rookie receiver Zay Jones gave him the longest catch of his career and put the Bills in Raiders territory. A long 14-yard run by LeSean McCoy would set up the action for former Oakland Raider Andre Holmes. Holmes would haul in an 8-yard reception before tip-toeing in the corner of the end zone for a 6-yard score. The touchdown was Holmes’ third of the season.

Defense reigned supreme in the first half for both sides as the offense was scarce. In the final minute of the first half, the Bills defense got a boost from the unlikely source of rookie Matt Milano. Milano took a DeAndre Washington fumble 40-yards back for the score. The play would give the Bills a 14-7 lead heading into the half. With only 131-yards of total offense in the first half for the Bills, the fourth-ranked defense in points per game allowed showed its worth.

Coming out of half the Bills took advantage of Raiders miscues once again as the team came to life after a slow start. A fumble by Jalen Richard on a punt return following the first drive of the half would give the Bills the ball back at the 15-yard line. The rookie Milano once again forcing the turnover as he stripped the ball. The Bills would have to settle for a Stephen Hauschka field goal from 35-yards out.

Continuing to force turnovers, the Bills big offseason addition Micah Hyde picked up his fifth interception of the season after a tipped pass from Derek Carr allowed him to make the diving play. Once again for his second of the day, Hauschka would kick it in from 44-yards out to extend the lead for Buffalo to 20-7.

The Bills would not take their foot off the gas as they continued to pile it on. A 12-play, 80-yard drive by the Bills highlighted by a beautiful Tyrod Taylor pass to Holmes for 36-yards as well as a 24-yard catch by return man Brandon Tate. Tyrod Taylor would punch it in from 1-yard out at the beginning of the fourth quarter extending the lead 27-7.

The Raiders making their best attempt at a comeback were able to go 79-yards on 9-plays for a touchdown early in the fourth quarter. Carr was able to connect with his running back DeAndre Washington for a 4-yard score to bring the game within two scores, 27-14. The Raiders comeback however would end there as a McCoy touchdown would seal it.

Crucial for the Bills in this one was time of possession, an area they excelled in, having the ball nearly ten more minutes than Oakland. McCoy would finish his day with over 100-yards rushing and 20-yard receiving. The three turnovers the Bills defense forced were crucial to the defensive effort and the 34-14 win.

The Bills improved with the win to (5-2) on the season and will face the Jets next week. The Raiders fall to (3-5) and will head to Miami to face the Dolphins.

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Cardinals vs Rams Sun, 29 Oct 2017 15:34:32 +0000 To most Cardinal fans, it’s quite obvious that after a 33-0 beatdown courtesy of the Los Angeles Rams the Cardinals are officially broken.  Fresh off a win against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers the Arizona Cardinals looked ready to make a statement internationally. Unfortunately, the Cardinals not only lost to the Rams but they officially – in my eyes -  ended their season –  that is after Quarterback Carson Palmer broke his arm in the 2nd quarter. This is the beginning of the end for the 2017 Arizona Cardinals.

Cardinals Rams Football

Todd Gurley celebrates a touchdown vs the Cardinals.


Cardinals were completely throttled from beginning to end by the Los Angeles Rams last Sunday in London. To many of us Cardinal fans it feels like our beloved team starts off strong in the beginning of any particular game but then seem to flounder and lose steam as the game progresses. The big momentum swing in Sundays game was when Kicker Phil Dawson missed yet another chip shot Field Goal which took the wind out of the Cardinals sail immediately. The Los Angeles Rams then took advantage of this and moved the ball on the Cards any way they liked, all the way to a 33-0 victory in London. There wasn’t much worth noting coming from the Cardinal offense – besides the Carson Palmer injury. On the defensive side it seemed like everyone had given up, oh what a surprise. Since the offense cannot hold under pressure when on the field the Cardinal defense seemed to collectively throw in the towel. As a Cardinal fan you can take this loss in one of two ways, ether the Cardinals are that bad or the Rams are that good.


The injury plagued season of the Arizona Cardinals continues with the latest injury of quarterback Carson Palmer which all but ends the Cards season. Since the offensive line failed to protect Palmer the Cardinals are finally going to pay the ultimate price and be without Palmer for likely the rest of the season. Now that the Cardinals are stuck with backup Quarterback Drew Stanton it seems to be a longshot that the Cardinals can salvage their season and put together a meaningful run. Unfortunately, this is the story of the Cardinals very disappointing 2017 campaign. From offense to defense the “next man up” mentality won’t save the Cardinals this season.

NFL: International Series-Arizona Cardinals at Los Angeles Rams

Wide Receiver Tavon Austin runs away from Linebacker Chandler Jones.


The Cardinals look like a dysfunctional team. With rumors of head Coach Bruce Arians retirement lingering and the idea that Quarterback Carson Palmer might’ve played his last snap as a Cardinal, some might wonder if this is the end of an era in Arizona. The Cardinals 2017 season is a wash and no fan should have a reason to believe backup Quarterback Drew Stanton can lead this team to the postseason. The Cardinals should look to rest players like David Johnson for next season and use this time to see what 3rd sting Quarterback Blaine Gabbert has. All this in an effort to see if they need to draft a Quarterback in this years draft class.

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Cardinals outlast the Bucs Sun, 29 Oct 2017 15:32:58 +0000 The Arizona Cardinals hashed it out with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers down in Glendale, Arizona over the weekend. Cards fans are not only raving about what newly acquired Cardinal – Adrian Peterson – did in his debut, but also what the Cardinals did collectively as a group to defeat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. After all was said and done, the final score was 38 to 33, and with that the hopes of this Cardinal team to make a run for the playoffs was restored. Although, it might have only been one game the Arizona Cardinals made a splash this weekend with a group effort to defeat a young and upcoming Bucs team. Throughout the game the Offense, Defense, and Special Teams all played big parts in Sundays win over the Buccaneers.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Arizona Cardinals

Adrian Peterson Scores a Touchdown.



-       The offensive line of the Arizona Cardinals played its best game of the year on Sunday only allowing 2 sacks and its fewest Quarterback hurries of the year. With most everyone healthy on the Cardinals offensive line – with the single exception of Mike Iupati – this looks like the best version of the Arizona Cardinals offense we’ve seen all year. If the Cardinals can stay healthy on the offensive line then we could see a completely different team starting this week.

-       Since Quarterback Carson Palmer was rarely touched by a top pass rushing team from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, he had his best game of the season in which he went 18 for 22 on his passes and had 283 yards with 3 touchdowns.

-       Adrian Peterson was a force to be reckoned with throughout the entire game as he had 26 carries for 134 yards which is by far a season-high. However, with David Johnson coming back in a little over a month these two could single handily get the Cardinals to the post season.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Arizona Cardinals

Larry Fitzgerald Slices through the Bucs Defense.


-       Tyrann Mathieu still isn’t back to his honey badger ways quite yet. With such poor play from him – and who knows with the way his contract is set up – he might not be a Cardinal come 2018. Thankfully, both Cardinal Safety’s Antione Bethea and Tyvon Branch have put on a clinic and have truly been “ball hawking” safeties this year.

-       The Cardinals gave up just about 30 unanswered points, and this I believe shows just how important Cornerback Patrick Peterson is. Immediately after his exit in the third quarter due to quad injury the Cardinals could not keep Wide Receiver Mike Evans in check. Thankfully, Patrick Peterson says he’ll play this weekend in London.

-       Outside Linebacker Chandler Jones has been nothing short of dominate all season long. Personally, I thought after the Cardinals lost Linebacker Markus Golden that Jones wouldn’t be as productive as he’s been. Boy was I wrong, week in and week out Chandler Jones proves why he deserved that rich contract extension over the Summer.



Justin Bethal squares up against Doug Martin to make a tackle.

Special Teams:

-       Overall, a great effort from the Special Teams collectively. But more specifically from the Punting unit as Punter Andy Lee is coming into his own here in Phoenix since he is constantly flipping the field for the Cardinals.


Overall maybe I was too quick to judge this Cardinal team last week. With a record of 3-3 we could possibly tie division rivals Los Angeles Rams (NFC West leaders) if we could pull down a win in London. The Cardinals showed some life and a lot of it is owed to newly acquired Cardinal Adrian Peterson. However, the game in London is a must win for the Cardinals if they wish to keep pace with the Rams and the Seahawks. If the Cardinals are so lucky to escape with a win on Sunday we could be talking about a 4-3 ballclub with an easier schedule ahead. Stay tuned.

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Bills trade away Marcell Dareus to the Jaguars for a future pick Sat, 28 Oct 2017 06:45:13 +0000 Buffalo, NY- The Buffalo Bills are trading defensive tackle Marcell Dareus to the Jacksonville Jaguars for a 6th round pick next year. This was no shock to Dareus in any type of way, allegedly he was on the chopping block since the start of preseason, but the Bills could not find a team that would take on his huge six-year 98.6 million dollar contract.marcell-dareus

General manager Brandan Beane had some answers to why the organization decided to trade him now.  “Jacksonville reached out to us today and we thought about it and talked it through as an organization and decided it was a good move for the Bills and a good move for Marcell Dareus. To be honest with you, we just take it day by day. I was not calling people about him as the trade deadline approached. I know people suspected maybe we were or weren’t. Quite honestly, had not called anyone. Jacksonville reached out to us and made an inquiry and it kind of went from there. But, we’re evaluating everybody through this whole process. He definitely would’ve been a guy we would’ve talked about after the season [with] how does he fit going forward, but this opportunity came up and again, we thought it was a win for Marcell and obviously for the Bills as well.”

The move for Dareus was great because he has a chance to impact the game with a ferocious defense with the Jaguars. The Jaguars lead the league with 33 sacks and bringing in a guy that has great speed rushing the quarterback when healthy, can be a game changer for the organization.

This is a reset button for Dareus to rewrite the past. He has had issues with getting into trouble and served a couple of suspensions, but with a change of scenery and him being the veteran, it will only give him confidence, as well as the team.  The Jaguars have improved with having a balanced offense and actually making people bat an eye at them, so the trade worked out for both sides. The Bills do not have to worry about keeping him on their roster and the Jaguars pick up a man that has been very productive on the field.

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The Offensively Ugly Win In Cleveland Tue, 24 Oct 2017 13:30:34 +0000

The Tennessee Titans headed into Cleveland looking to build upon their win on Monday night versus the Indianapolis Colts. The team started firing on all cylinders and Marcus Mariota showed the world that he could beat a team from the pocket, as he was limited due to his hamstring injury. The Browns have not won a game all year, so it was thought this game would be light work for them. Well apparently, the Titans offense was thinking the Browns would be light work as well. The Titans struggled offensively and if it had not been for the defense (especially the efforts of safety Kevin Byard), the Titans would have lost that game to the lowly Cleveland Browns. But alas, the Titans were able to win the game 12-9 in one of their worst performances of the season and they head into the bye week tied for the lead in the AFC South with the Jacksonville Jaguars at 4-3. While the good news is that they won, the bad news is there is still some issues with the Titans offense. For them to win the division, they not only have to avoid another performance like they had against the Browns, but they have to figure out a few things offensively.

The running game was thought to be the strength of the Titans coming into this season. Unfortunately for the Titans, things have not gone the way they have hoped for. The Titans have not been able to run the football consistently at all. Missed blocks, missed holes and just overall bad execution has the Titans running game not exactly dominating like they did last year. Sure, they show flashes and statistics have them listed as one of the Top 10 running games in the NFL, but they are really not running the football as well as they were last season and everyone knows it. Because of that lack of production, the Titans need to find ways to supplement the running game. The one thing they can do is to use some screens to the wide receivers, mainly wide receiver Taywan Taylor. The speedy wide receiver makes plays when he has his hands on the ball and if the running game is not going, you may as well get this guy the ball in space and let him do his thing. Other than the screens, the Titans can also run quick routes. Those routes are like extensions of the running game and could potentially help loosen up things for DeMarco Murray and Derrick Henry to have room to roam.

The running game was not the only thing that has had issues this season. The Titans were at the top of the NFL in scoring touchdowns in the red zone last season. So with the addition of Eric Decker and rookie Corey Davis at wide receiver, the Titans were expected to be even more dangerous inside the twenty yard line. Well, as of right now, things have not quite worked out the way they thought. Instead of being near the top in terms of scoring touchdowns in the red zone, the Titans are now one of the worst in the NFL. The Titans have been missing golden opportunity after golden opportunity to score touchdowns, often settling for field goals. The result of them missing chances is inconsistency offensively in the area of the field it counts the most. One thing the Titans could do is put their hopes a little more in the hands of Mariota down near the goal line. Last season, he was masterful in the red zone. Provided that he is healthy, give him more chances to have run/pass options. That will give the defense more to think about and allow for all the weapons he has to get open and make a play. The more dynamic Mariota can be in the red zone, the better.

The Titans are on pace for a 9-7 season and that may not be good enough for them to get in the playoffs. If they are going to make a run, it will be because of their offense getting it together. Now the Titans have a bye week to try and figure out the issues that have plagued them so far. So while this is a time for the Titans to rest and get ready for the rest of the season, it is also time for them to try and get some things corrected. Terry Robiskie (Tennessee Titans offensive coordinator), this is your time to get things going in the right direction again.

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