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With the growing concern of football being a dangerous game to play, the NFL has taken many steps to make the game safer. On Saturday, the Miami Dolphins along with Heads Up Football did their part in educating parents on football safety.

On Saturday, the Dolphins teamed up with Heads Up Football to hosted a record 300 parents at their fourth annual Mom’s Clinic at the Baptist Health Training Facility at Nova Southeastern University. Unlike previous years, the clinic welcomed both mothers and fathers as they were all educated on football safety.

Former Dolphin and Manager of Youth Programs and USA Football Trainer Troy Drayton was on hand as he talked to parents about proper techniques and the importance of keeping kids hydration.

“We are here educating families. Having both decision makers is a work in progress to a better and safer game. One thing we are trying to do is inform these parents, who then can make sure that their kids are playing safe and tackling properly and training them more on what signs to see,” Dolphins Manager of Youth Programs & USA Football Master Trainer Troy Drayton said. “This event has grown a lot, when you think about when we first started we had about 75-80 people and now we are 300 people strong. We are getting into the roots of change, and for us, that is what we want to do. One of our pillars of Youth Programs is health and safety and aligning with USA Football and its initiatives is an important element for us.”

Dolphins Athletic Trainer Shannon Osborne also talked to parents about the importance of nutrition, heat and hydration and equipment fitting. Parents also took part in drills that showed proper tackling techniques and were taught the correct and safe way for kids to tackle and protect their bodies.

Dolphins Equipment Manager Joe Cimino showed parents the right way helmets and shoulder pads should fit their children to help prevent injuries. Dolphins kicker Andrew Franks was also on hand to demonstrate the correct way to wear helmets and shoulder pads.

“I think it is really important understanding the aspects of how to make the sport itself safer,” Franks said. “Setting these standards early is really important for youth football in general.” “From a player’s standpoint, having your parents around supporting you – the parents have the most contact with their kids and how they play and how to influence those safety protocols.”

Susan Harrington, who is a mom of three boys, said she has learned a lot about football from the information she received from the clinics.

“The first week of practice change my whole perception. Coming here today and seeing all the people here today and what I experienced in this is definitely amazing and it is really informative,” Harrington said. “I took notes on the whole session.”


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This is our very early board as there will be even more changes before August but this gives an early look at the depth of each position.  As expected, quarterback is thin among seniors but tight end, defensive end, and outside linebacker are among the positions with some very promising talent.  The secondary and special teams also boast some good talent.


Quarterback is one position where we could see the most movement as Max Browne, Riley Ferguson, Richard Lagow, and Mike White are among those who could move up the most.


A lot of front seven pass rushers such as NC State end Brandon Chubb, Boston College end Harold Landry, Ohio State end Tyquan Lewis, and Ole Miss end Marquis Haynes lead the pack defensively and overall in this class.


While P5 schools typically have the most talent, as you’d expect, there are some very good players from the FCS, D2, and D3 level this year.  Among the small school names to watch are the South Dakota State tight end Goedert and receiver Wieneke, Illinois State corner Davontae Harris, North Dakota State linebacker Nick DeLuca, Weber State corner Taron Johnson, Samford corner Omari Williams, Stony Brook tackle Timon Parris, Fordham running back Chase Edmonds, MSU Moorhead receiver Damon Gibson, Tiffin receiver Charles Holland, Slippery Rock defensive end Marcus Martin, North Dakota safety Cole Reyes, and Hobart receiver Brandon Shed from the D3 level.


Below is our first look at the 2018 draft class position ratings of seniors only.




PosRk First Name Last Name School HT WT Rd. Proj.
1 J.T. Barrett Ohio State 6’1 222 2nd FBS
2 Mason Rudolph Oklahoma State 6’4 235 2nd FBS
3 Luke Falk Washington State 6’4 216 4th FBS
4 Quinton Flowers South Florida 6’0 209 7th-PFA FBS
5 Baker Mayfield Oklahoma 6’0 201 7th-PFA FBS
6 Devante Kincade Grambling State 6’0 190 7th-PFA FCS
7 Riley Ferguson Memphis 6’4 210 PFA FBS
8 Max Browne Pittsburgh 6’5 220 PFA FBS
9 Matt Linehan Idaho 6’2 214 PFA FBS
10 Logan Woodside Toledo 6’1 210 PFA FBS
11 Mike White Western Kentucky 6’4 215 PFA FBS
12 Richard Lagow Indiana 6’5 237 PFA FBS
13 Malik Zaire Florida 6’0 222 FA FBS
14 Troy Williams Utah 6’1 208 FA FBS
15 Kenny Hill TCU 6’0 212 FA FBS
16 Austin Allen Arkansas 6’0 209 FA FBS
17 Chris Streveler South Dakota 6’2 220 FA FCS
18 Jeremiah Briscoe Sam Houston State 6’3 220 FA FCS
19 Danny Etling LSU 6’0 215 FA FBS
20 Nick Stevens Colorado State 6’3 205 FA FBS
PosRk First Name Last Name School HT WT Rd. Proj.
1 Nick Chubb Georgia 5’9 228 2nd FBS
2 Royce Freeman Oregon 6’0 229 3rd FBS
3 Sony Michel Georgia 5’11 222 4th FBS
4 Akrum Wadley Iowa 5’11 191 5th FBS
5 Ralph Webb Vanderbilt 5’10 202 5th-6th FBS
6 Chase Edmonds Fordham 5’9 205 6th FCS
7 Justin Jackson Northwestern 5’10 195 6th FBS
8 Lavon Coleman Washington 5’11 223 7th FBS
9 Justin Crawford West Virginia 5’11 198 7th-PFA FBS
10 Ray Lawry Old Dominion 5’9 204 7th-PFA FBS
11 Jordan Chunn Troy 6’0 231 7th-PFA FBS
12 Kyle Hicks TCU 5’9 210 PFA FBS
13 Ito Smith Southern Mississippi 5’9 195 PFA FBS
14 Phillip Lindsay Colorado 5’8 190 PFA FBS
15 Jamal Morrow Washington State 5’9 201 PFA FBS
16 Jalen Hurd Tennessee 6’3 240 PFA FBS
17 D’Angelo Brewer Tulsa 5’9 185 PFA FBS
18 Kalen Ballage Arizona State 6’1 227 PFA FBS
19 Detrez Newsome Western Carolina 5’9 210 PFA FCS
20 Jarvion Franklin Western Michigan 5’11 220 PFA FBS
21 Tre Watson California 5’9 195 FA FBS
22 Doroland Dorceus Memphis 5’10 215 FA FBS
23 John Lovett Princeton 6’2 220 FA FCS
24 Justin Stockton Texas Tech 5’10 200 FA FBS
25 Ty Isaac Michigan 6’2 230 FA FBS
26 Demario Richard Arizona State 5’10 219 FA FBS
27 Corey Avery Sam Houston State 5’10 190 FA FCS
28 Leon Allen Western Kentucky 5’10 245 FA FBS
29 Larry Rose III New Mexico State 5’10 184 FA FBS
30 James Butler Nevada 5’9 210 FA FBS
31 Kyle Lewis Cal Poly 5’11 210 FA FCS
32 Wes Hills Delaware 6’1 205 FA FCS
33 Nick Wilson Arizona 5’9 199 FA FBS
34 Shaun Wilson Duke 5’9 180 FA FBS
35 Anthony Philyaw Howard 6’0 205 FA FCS
36 Xavier Johnson South Alabama 5’10 180 FA FBS
37 Jarred Craft Louisiana Tech 5’11 213 FA FBS
38 Roc Thomas Jacksonville State 5’10 193 FA FCS
39 Ja’Quan Gardner Humboldt State 5’7 205 FA D2
40 Dontrell Hilliard Tulane 5’11 195 FA FBS
PosRk First Name Last Name School HT WT Rd. Proj.
1 Jaylen Samuels North Carolina State 5’11 223 6th FBS
2 Dimitri Flowers Oklahoma 6’1 239 6th-7th FBS
3 Garrett Dickerson Northwestern 6’3 245 PFA FBS
4 Anthony Ellis Charleston Southern 6’1 245 PFA FCS
5 Khalid Hill Michigan 6’1 263 PFA FBS
6 Christian Payne Georgia 6’0 242 PFA FBS
7 Daniel Marx Stanford 6’2 254 FA FBS
8 Elijah Wellman West Virginia 6’1 240 FA FBS
9 Nick Sharga Temple 6’1 240 FA FBS
10 Joe Protheroe Cal Poly 5’11 225 FA FCS
PosRk First Name Last Name School HT WT Rd. Proj.
1 Mike Gesicki Penn State 6’6 252 2nd-3rd FBS
2 Dallas Goedert South Dakota State 6’4 255 3rd-4th FCS
3 De’Andre Goolsby Florida 6’4 244 3rd-4th FBS
4 Marcus Baugh Ohio State 6’4 255 4th FBS
5 Ethan Wolf Tennessee 6’6 245 4th FBS
6 Adam Breneman Massachusetts 6’4 250 5th FBS
7 Andrew Vollert Weber State 6’5 245 7th-PFA FCS
8 Troy Fumagalli Wisconsin 6’5 248 7th-PFA FBS
9 Cam Serigne Wake Forest 6’2 250 PFA FBS
10 Chris Herndon IV Miami 6’4 253 PFA FBS
11 Durham Smythe Notre Dame 6’5 245 PFA FBS
12 Blake Mack Arkansas State 6’3 245 PFA FBS
13 Tyler Conklin Central Michigan 6’3 240 PFA FBS
14 David Wells San Diego State 6’5 255 PFA FBS
15 Brandon Lingen Minnesota 6’4 250 FA FBS
16 Ross Dwelley San Diego 6’4 240 FA FCS
17 Ryan Yurachek Marshall 6’2 232 FA FBS
18 Julian Allen Southern Mississippi 6’2 234 FA FBS
19 Jeb Blazevich Georgia 6’5 242 FA FBS
20 Donnie Ernsberger Western Michigan 6’3 255 FA FBS
PosRk First Name Last Name School HT WT Rd. Proj.
1 James Washington Oklahoma State 6’0 205 2nd FBS
2 Dante Pettis Washington 5’11 192 2nd-3rd FBS
3 D.J. Chark LSU 6’2 187 3rd FBS
4 Anthony Miller Memphis 5’10 190 3rd FBS
5 Allen Lazard Iowa State 6’4 223 3rd-4th FBS
6 J’Mon Moore Missouri 6’2 205 4th FBS
7 Cam Phillips Virginia Tech 5’11 199 5th FBS
8 Jake Wieneke South Dakota State 6’3 215 6th FCS
9 Damon Gibson MSU Moorhead 6’4 231 6th D2
10 Jester Weah Pittsburgh 6’2 210 6th-7th FBS
11 Michael Gallup Colorado State 6’0 195 7th FBS
12 Charles Holland Tiffin (OH) 6’3 185 7th-PFA D2
13 Cedrick Wilson Boise State 6’3 183 7th-PFA FBS
14 Cody Thompson Toledo 6’1 200 7th-PFA FBS
15 Shay Fields Colorado 5’10 180 7th-PFA FBS
16 Darren Carrington Oregon 6’1 195 PFA FBS
17 Trent Sherfield Vanderbilt 6’0 200 PFA FBS
18 Taj Williams TCU 6’3 193 PFA FBS
19 Patrick Smith Tennessee State 5’11 190 PFA FCS
20 Linell Bonner Houston 5’11 202 PFA FBS
21 Nate Brown Missouri 6’2 205 PFA FBS
22 Derrick Willies Texas Tech 6’3 215 PFA FBS
23 Malik Turner Illinois 6’3 205 PFA FBS
24 Justin Watson Penn 6’3 210 PFA FCS
25 Matt VandeBerg Iowa 6’1 195 PFA FBS
26 Jazz Peavy Wisconsin 6’0 184 PFA FBS
27 Davon Grayson East Carolina 6’1 191 PFA FBS
28 Devonte Boyd UNLV 6’1 180 PFA FBS
29 Yedidiah Louis Sam Houston State 5’8 187 PFA FCS
30 Jimmy Williams East Carolina 5’10 194 PFA FBS
31 Jordon Gandy Murray State 6’3 210 PFA FCS
32 Jumichael Ramos North Carolina State 6’2 200 PFA FBS
33 Jalen Tolliver Arkansas-Monticello 6’2 210 PFA D2
34 Allenzae Staggers Southern Mississippi 6’0 190 PFA FBS
35 Dontez Byrd Tennessee Tech 5’10 180 FA FCS
36 Jonathan Duhart Old Dominion 6’3 221 FA FBS
37 DeVonte Dedmon William & Mary 5’9 195 FA FCS
38 Solomon Vault Northwestern 5’10 190 FA FBS
39 Emmanuel Butler Northern Arizona 6’3 220 FA FCS
40 Shaedon Meadors Appalachian State 6’1 185 FA FBS
41 Darren Andrews UCLA 5’9 190 FA FBS
42 Darious Crawley McNeese State 5’10 190 FA FCS
43 Braxton Berrios Miami 5’9 185 FA FBS
44 Keith Kirkwood Temple 6’2 218 FA FBS
45 Terry Pettis Middle Tennessee State 6’5 248 FA FBS
46 Garrett Johnson Kentucky 5’11 175 FA FBS
47 Cameron Echols-Luper Arkansas State 6’0 192 FA FBS
48 John Williams Wagner 6’5 220 FA FCS
49 Brandon Shed Hobart 6’3 205 FA D3
50 Ervin Philips Syracuse 5’11 176 FA FBS
51 DaeSean Hamilton Penn State 6’0 205 FA FBS
52 Gatlin Casey Lehigh 6’2 210 FA FCS
53 Bryce Bobo Colorado 6’1 190 FA FBS
54 Shedrick Davis Louisiana College 6’1 210 FA D3
55 Steve Ishmael Syracuse 6’2 210 FA FBS
56 Marcell Ateman Oklahoma State 6’4 206 FA FBS
57 Da’Mari Scott Fresno State 6’0 210 FA FBS
58 Troy Pelletier Lehigh 6’2 210 FA FCS
59 Koree Reed Hartwick College (NY) 6’0 185 FA D3
60 Steven Dunbar Houston 6’3 210 FA FBS
61 LaQuvionte Gonzalez Kansas 5’9 176 FA FBS
62 Devin Ross Colorado 5’9 185 FA FBS
63 Jordan Villamin Oregon State 6’4 220 FA FBS
64 Doni Dowling Virginia 6’1 215 FA FBS
65 Corey Willis Central Michigan 5’9 175 FA FBS
PosRk First Name Last Name School HT WT Rd. Proj.
1 Mike McGlinchey Notre Dame 6’7 310 1st-2nd FBS
2 Chukwuma Okorafor Western Michigan 6’5 333 2nd FBS
3 Jamarco Jones Ohio State 6’5 310 3rd-4th FBS
4 Braden Smith Auburn 6’6 300 3rd-4th FBS
5 Martinas Rankin Mississippi State 6’4 307 3rd-4th FBS
6 Bentley Spain North Carolina 6’5 300 4th FBS
7 Zach Crabtree Oklahoma State 6’7 310 4th-5th FBS
8 Ike Boetttger Iowa 6’5 307 5th FBS
9 Timon Parris Stony Brook 6’5 310 6th FCS
10 Cole Madison Washington State 6’5 318 7th FBS
11 Brandon Parker North Carolina A&T 6’6 299 7th-PFA FCS
12 Marcell Lazard Boston College 6’6 293 7th-PFA FBS
13 Joe Noteboom TCU 6’4 315 PFA FBS
14 Trevor Darling Miami 6’4 320 PFA FBS
15 Tyler Howell Missouri 6’7 320 PFA FBS
16 Jeromy Irwin Colorado 6’5 295 PFA FBS
17 Jamari McGloster Syracuse 6’7 328 PFA FBS
18 Sunny Odogwu UCLA 6’7 325 PFA FBS
19 Alex Cappa Humboldt State 6’6 305 FA D2
20 Austin Corbett Nevada 6’4 300 FA FBS
21 Casey Tucker Stanford 6’6 301 FA FBS
22 Boone Myers Iowa 6’5 305 FA FBS
23 Nate Velichko San Jose State 6’6 301 FA FBS
24 Aaron Cochran California 6’7 350 FA FBS
25 Rick Leonard Florida State 6’6 305 FA FBS
26 David Bright Stanford 6’5 295 FA FBS
27 Justin Spencer Youngstown State 6’4 305 FA FCS
28 Brett Kendrick Tennessee 6’5 318 FA FBS
29 Anthony Coyle Fordham 6’5 297 FA FCS
30 Leon Johnson Temple 6’5 320 FA FBS
31 Evan Lisle Duke 6’6 310 FA FBS
32 Greg Senat Wagner 6’7 280 FA FCS
33 Ty McCulley CSU-Pueblo 6’5 308 FA D2
34 Reggie Bain Florida Atlantic 6’4 300 FA FBS
35 Joshua Outlaw Louisiana Tech 6’5 305 FA FBS
PosRk First Name Last Name School HT WT Rd. Proj.
1 Cody O’Connell Washington State 6’8 354 3rd FBS
2 Will Hernandez UTEP 6’2 340 4th FBS
3 Viane Talamaivao Southern California 6’2 315 5th FBS
4 Colby Gossett Appalachian State 6’6 315 5th FBS
5 Hunter Bivin Notre Dame 6’5 318 5th FBS
6 Tony Adams North Carolina State 6’1 315 5th-6th FBS
7 Wyatt Teller Virginia Tech 6’4 308 6th FBS
8 Sean Welsh Iowa 6’3 290 6th FBS
9 Beau Nunn Appalachian State 6’4 300 6th FBS
10 Kyle Bosch West Virginia 6’5 304 6th-7th FBS
11 Cory Helms South Carolina 6’4 313 7th-PFA FBS
12 Skyler Phillips Idaho State 6’3 322 7th-PFA FCS
13 Tyrone Crowder Clemson 6’1 340 PFA FBS
14 Wilson Bell Auburn 6’5 320 PFA FBS
15 Chris Durant William & Mary 6’3 294 PFA FCS
16 R.J. Prince North Carolina 6’5 310 PFA FBS
17 Tyrell Crosby Oregon 6’5 310 PFA FBS
18 Jashon Robertson Tennessee 6’2 305 PFA FBS
19 K.J. Malone LSU 6’3 303 PFA FBS
20 KC McDermott Miami 6’6 308 PFA FBS
21 Darius James Auburn 6’4 324 PFA/FA FBS
22 Justin Lea Jacksonville State 6’4 290 PFA/FA FCS
23 Connor Mayes Minnesota 6’4 330 FA FBS
24 Will House Southern Nazarene (OK) 6’3 315 FA D2
25 Aaron Stinnie James Madison 6’4 310 FA FCS
26 Matt Gono Wesley (DE) 6’4 295 FA D3
27 Julian Bertero UC Davis 6’6 305 FA FCS
28 Connor Hiland William & Mary 6’4 293 FA FCS
29 Jacob Alsadek Arizona 6’6 315 FA FBS
30 Frank Sutton Jr. Louisiana Monroe 6’3 302 FA FBS
31 Lavonte Hights Shepherd 6’3 296 FA D2
32 Dejon Allen Hawaii 6’3 290 FA FBS
33 Ishmael Wilson Baylor 6’4 310 FA FBS
34 Gabe Kuhn Memphis 6’4 295 FA FBS
35 Sandley Jean-Felix Marshall 6’5 324 FA FBS
PosRk First Name Last Name School HT WT Rd. Proj.
1 Billy Price Ohio State 6’3 315 2nd FBS
2 Mason Cole Michigan 6’5 305 2nd-3rd FBS
3 Scott Quessenberry UCLA 6’4 315 3rd FBS
4 Frank Ragnow Arkansas 6’5 319 4th FBS
5 Brian Allen Michigan State 6’1 304 6th FBS
6 Austin Schlottman TCU 6’6 300 7th FBS
7 Bradley Bozeman Alabama 6’4 319 7th-PFA FBS
8 Coleman Shelton Washington 6’4 297 PFA FBS
9 Alex Officer Pittsburgh 6’4 335 PFA FBS
10 Coleman Thomas Jr. Tennessee 6’5 301 PFA FBS
11 Nick Linder Miami 6’3 305 PFA FBS
12 Jake Bennett Colorado State 6’3 295 PFA FBS
13 Toa Lobendahn Southern California 6’2 295 PFA FBS
14 Austin Golson Auburn 6’4 314 PFA FBS
15 Tanner Thrift Baylor 6’5 320 PFA FBS
PosRk First Name Last Name School HT WT Rd. Proj.
1 Tyquan Lewis Ohio State 6’4 266 1st-2nd FBS
2 Bradley Chubb North Carolina State 6’4 275 1st-2nd FBS
3 Da’Shawn Hand Alabama 6’4 280 2nd-3rd FBS
4 Duke Ejiofor Wake Forest 6’4 270 3rd FBS
5 Chad Thomas Miami 6’5 265 4th FBS
6 K.J. Smith Baylor 6’2 260 4th-5th FBS
7 Andrew Brown Virginia 6’4 290 6th FBS
8 Chase Winovich Michigan 6’3 245 6th-7th FBS
9 Jalyn Holmes Ohio State 6’5 274 6th-7th FBS
10 Marcus Martin Slippery Rock 6’2 245 6th-7th D2
11 Ebenezer Ogundeko Tennessee State 6’2 255 7th-PFA FCS
12 Darius Jackson Jacksonville State 6’3 237 7th-PFA FCS
13 Kylie Fitts Utah 6’4 254 7th-PFA FBS
14 Marcus Davenport UTSA 6’6 245 7th-PFA FBS
15 Drew Bailey Louisville 6’3 285 PFA FBS
16 Joe Ostman Central Michigan 6’3 255 PFA FBS
17 Justin Lawler Southern Methodist 6’3 262 PFA FBS
18 Trent Harris Miami 6’2 250 PFA FBS
19 Demetrius Cooper Michigan State 6’5 253 PFA FBS
20 Trevon Young Louisville 6’3 237 PFA FBS
21 Marcell Frazier Missouri 6’4 260 PFA FBS
22 P.J. Hall Sam Houston State 6’0 280 PFA FCS
23 Naashon Hughes Texas 6’4 237 PFA FBS
24 Jesse Aniebonam Maryland 6’2 260 PFA FBS
25 Chikwe Obasih Wisconsin 6’2 267 PFA FBS
26 Luke Carrezola Connecticut 6’2 260 PFA FBS
27 Sione Teuhema Southeastern Louisiana 6’3 260 PFA FCS
28 Quincy Redmon Fairmont State 6’5 240 FA D2
29 Aikeem Coleman Idaho 6’2 280 FA FBS
30 Keontre Anderson Jackson State 6’3 230 FA FCS
31 Xavier Thigpen Southern Mississippi 6’4 240 FA FBS
32 Marcus Williamson Coastal Carolina 6’2 245 FA FBS
33 Alec James Wisconsin 6’3 266 FA FBS
34 Ade Aruna Tulane 6’5 265 FA FBS
35 Kemoko Turay Rutgers 6’5 241 FA FBS
PosRk First Name Last Name School HT WT Rd. Proj.
1 Derrick Nnadi Florida State 6’0 312 2nd FBS
2 Michael Hill Ohio State 6’3 305 3rd FBS
3 Maurice Hurst Michigan 6’1 282 4th FBS
4 Lowell Lotulelei Utah 6’1 317 4th-5th FBS
5 Folorunso Fatukasi Connecticut 6’4 310 5th FBS
6 Christian LaCouture LSU 6’4 304 6th-7th FBS
7 Justin Jones North Carolina State 6’2 312 7th FBS
8 Steven Richardson Minnesota 6’0 300 7th-PFA FBS
9 Conor Sheehy Wisconsin 6’3 288 7th-PFA FBS
10 Kentavius Street North Carolina State 6’2 290 PFA FBS
11 Deadrin Senat South Florida 6’0 305 PFA FBS
12 Greg Gilmore LSU 6’4 308 PFA FBS
13 Nifae Lealao Vanderbilt 6’4 312 PFA FBS
14 B.J. Hill North Carolina State 6’3 300 PFA FBS
15 Scott Pagano Oregon 6’3 295 PFA FBS
16 Zaycoven Henderson Texas A&M 6’1 305 PFA FBS
17 Kellen Soulek South Dakota State 6’4 320 PFA FCS
18 Kendal Vickers Tennessee 6’2 295 PFA FBS
19 Nate Tanguay North Dakota State 6’3 293 PFA FCS
20 Dee Liner Arkansas State 6’2 325 FA FBS
21 Will Geary Kansas State 6’0 298 FA FBS
22 Bruce Hector South Florida 6’1 296 FA FBS
23 Jay-Tee Tiuli Eastern Washington 6’3 320 FA FCS
24 Chris Ford Buffalo 6’2 315 FA FBS
25 Abdullah Anderson Bucknell 6’3 295 FA FCS
26 Sebastian Joseph Rutgers 6’4 295 FA FBS
27 Parker Cothren Penn State 6’4 295 FA FBS
28 Bilal Nichols Delaware 6’5 300 FA FCS
29 Filipo Mokofisi Utah 6’2 285 FA FBS
30 Poona Ford Texas 5’11 303 FA FBS
PosRk First Name Last Name School HT WT Rd. Proj.
1 Harold Landry Boston College 6’3 250 1st-2nd FBS
2 Marquis Haynes Mississippi 6’3 222 2nd-3rd FBS
3 Matt Thomas Florida State 6’3 227 3rd FBS
4 Tegray Scales Indiana 5’11 230 3rd-4th FBS
5 Ogbonnia Okoronkwo Oklahoma 6’1 245 3rd-4th FBS
6 James Hearns Louisville 6’3 248 4th FBS
7 Lorenzo Carter Georgia 6’5 242 4th FBS
8 Nyles Morgan Notre Dame 6’0 245 4th FBS
9 Dante Booker Ohio State 6’3 236 4th FBS
10 Mike McCray Michigan 6’3 248 4th-5th FBS
11 Connor Strachan Boston College 6’0 237 5th FBS
12 Ja’Von Rolland-Jones Arkansas State 6’1 233 5th FBS
13 Keishawn Bierria Washington 6’0 230 5th-6th FBS
14 Skai Moore South Carolina 6’3 219 5th-6th FBS
15 Travin Howard TCU 6’1 210 6th FBS
16 Peter Kalambayi Stanford 6’2 242 6th-7th FBS
17 Davin Bellamy Georgia 6’4 240 7th-PFA FBS
18 Airius Moore North Carolina State 6’0 237 PFA FBS
19 Tre’ Williams Auburn 6’1 240 PFA FBS
20 Greg Menard North Dakota State 6’2 238 PFA FCS
21 D.J. Calhoun Arizona State 6’0 228 PFA FBS
22 Taylor Young Baylor 5’10 225 PFA FBS
23 Kenny Young UCLA 6’0 240 PFA FBS
24 Chris Frey Michigan State 6’1 227 PFA FBS
25 Ben Niemann Iowa 6’3 230 PFA FBS
26 Darius Leonard South Carolina State 6’2 220 PFA FCS
27 Cody Poock Minnesota 6’1 230 FA FBS
28 Dwayne Eugene Arkansas 6’0 235 FA FBS
29 Derek McCartney Colorado 6’2 250 FA FBS
30 Al-Rasheed Benton West Virginia 6’0 237 FA FBS
31 Dorian O’Daniel Clemson 6’1 215 FA FBS
32 Keshun Freeman Georgia Tech 6’1 250 FA FBS
33 Chad Meredith Southeast Missouri State 6’4 222 FA FCS
34 Jackson Dillon Memphis 6’6 245 FA FBS
35 Parris Bennett Syracuse 6’0 208 FA FBS
PosRk First Name Last Name School HT WT Rd. Proj.
1 Azeem Victor Washington 6’3 222 2nd FBS
2 Micah Kiser Virginia 6’1 240 2nd FBS
3 Josey Jewell Iowa 6’1 230 2nd-3rd FBS
4 Jack Cichy Wisconsin 6’2 233 3rd-4th FBS
5 Jacob Pugh Florida State 6’4 229 4th FBS
6 Chris Worley Ohio State 6’2 235 4th FBS
7 Shaun Dion Hamilton Alabama 6’0 233 4th-5th FBS
8 Nick DeLuca North Dakota State 6’3 248 6th FCS
9 Zaire Franklin Syracuse 5’11 230 6th FBS
10 Auggie Sanchez South Florida 6’1 245 6th FBS
11 Andrew Motuapuaka Virginia Tech 6’0 233 7th FBS
12 Ro’Derrick Hoskins Florida State 6’2 240 7th FBS
13 Genard Avery Memphis 6’0 255 7th-PFA FBS
14 Rashaan Evans Alabama 6’2 234 PFA FBS
15 Christian Sam Arizona State 6’1 241 PFA FBS
16 Chad Whitener Oklahoma State 5’11 245 PFA FBS
17 Jason Cabinda Penn State 6’1 232 PFA FBS
18 Courtney Love Kentucky 6’1 242 PFA FBS
19 Eric Boggs Appalachian State 6’2 235 PFA FBS
20 Quentin Poling Ohio 5’11 235 PFA FBS
21 Kevin Palma Stanford 6’2 251 PFA FBS
22 Oren Burks Vanderbilt 6’2 222 PFA FBS
23 Reggie Carter Georgia 6’1 230 PFA FBS
24 Shane Cockerille Maryland 6’1 235 PFA FBS
25 Peyton Pelluer Washington State 6’0 227 FA FBS
26 Ja’Whaun Bentley Purdue 6’1 250 FA FBS
27 Matt Adams Houston 6’0 230 FA FBS
28 Junior Joseph Connecticut 6’1 245 FA FBS
29 Jermaine Carter Jr. Maryland 6’0 235 FA FBS
30 Brett Taylor Western Illinois 6’1 230 FA FCS
31 Emmanuel Beal Oklahoma 6’0 211 FA FBS
32 Gabe Loyd Texas State 6’1 240 FA FBS
33 Micah Thomas Navy 6’0 249 FA FBS
34 Jerod Fernandez North Carolina State 6’0 220 FA FBS
35 Addison Gillam Colorado 6’2 230 FA FBS
PosRk First Name Last Name School HT WT Rd. Proj.
1 Jordan Thomas Oklahoma 6’0 192 2nd-3rd FBS
2 Anthony Averett Alabama 5’11 183 2nd-3rd FBS
3 Brandon Facyson Virginia Tech 6’1 197 3rd FBS
4 Tony Brown Alabama 6’0 198 3rd FBS
5 Duke Dawson Florida 5’9 208 3rd FBS
6 Greg Stroman Virginia Tech 5’11 180 4th FBS
7 Deatrick Nichols South Florida 5’10 189 5th FBS
8 M.J. Stewart North Carolina 5’11 200 5th FBS
9 Rashard Fant Indiana 5’10 175 5th-6th FBS
10 Andre Chachere San Jose State 6’0 192 6th FBS
11 Jamarcus King South Carolina 6’1 180 6th FBS
12 Emmanuel Moseley Tennessee 5’10 180 6th FBS
13 Davontae Harris Illinois State 6’0 202 6th-7th FCS
14 Parry Nickerson Tulane 5’11 182 7th FBS
15 Chris Jones Nebraska 5’11 185 7th FBS
16 Amari Coleman Central Michigan 5’11 188 7th-PFA FBS
17 Trumaine Washington Louisville 5’10 180 7th-PFA FBS
18 Dee Delaney Miami 6’1 195 7th-PFA FBS
19 Taron Johnson Weber State 6’0 180 7th-PFA FCS
20 Tyree Robinson Oregon 6’3 205 PFA FBS
21 Heath Harding Miami (Ohio) 5’9 186 PFA FBS
22 Avonte Maddox Pittsburgh 5’9 175 PFA FBS
23 Lance Austin Georgia Tech 5’10 183 PFA FBS
24 Arrion Springs Oregon 5’11 205 PFA FBS
25 Nick Harvey Texas A&M 5’10 185 PFA FBS
26 Mike Stevens North Carolina State 5’11 190 PFA FBS
27 Omari Williams Samford 6’0 190 PFA FCS
28 Henre’ Toliver Arkansas 6’0 185 PFA FBS
29 Priest Willis Texas A&M 6’2 200 PFA FBS
30 Tavierre Thomas Ferris State 5’10 195 PFA D2
31 Rico Gafford Wyoming 5’11 180 PFA FBS
32 Shaq Wiggins Tennessee 5’10 172 PFA FBS
33 Deion Harris North Dakota 6’2 190 PFA FCS
34 Malkom Parrish Georgia 5’10 185 PFA FBS
35 Yusef Sterling-Lowe Texas A&M Commerce 6’0 170 PFA D2
36 Joshua Simmons Limestone (SC) 6’0 202 PFA D2
37 Malcolm Washington Northern Iowa 6’1 172 PFA FCS
38 Ryan Carter Clemson 5’9 180 FA FBS
39 Jamoral Graham Mississippi State 5’9 183 FA FBS
40 Chandon Sullivan Georgia State 5’10 195 FA FBS
41 Darius Allensworth California 5’11 190 FA FBS
42 Mike Minter Middle Tennessee State 5’11 181 FA FBS
43 Simeon Thomas Louisiana Lafayette 6’2 194 FA FBS
44 Kamryn Melton Troy 5’9 185 FA FBS
45 Brandon Addison Old Dominion 5’10 175 FA FBS
46 Grant Haley Penn State 5’9 189 FA FBS
47 Tremon Smith Central Arkansas 6’0 186 FA FCS
48 Jeremy Reaves South Alabama 5’11 185 FA FBS
49 Marcus Edmond Clemson 6’0 175 FA FBS
50 Jeremiah Johnson Concord (WV) 6’1 185 FA D2
PosRk First Name Last Name School HT WT Rd. Proj.
1 Marcus Allen Penn State 6’1 202 3rd FBS
2 Godwin Igwebuike Northwestern 6’0 205 3rd-4th FBS
3 Jaleel Wadood UCLA 5’9 175 4th FBS
4 Sean Chandler Temple 5’11 190 4th-5th FBS
5 Chucky Williams Louisville 6’2 210 4th-5th FBS
6 Dominick Sanders Georgia 6’0 193 6th FBS
7 Travon Blanchard Baylor 6’2 205 PFA FBS
8 Jamar Summers Connecticut 6’0 190 PFA FBS
9 Armani Watts Texas A&M 5’11 200 PFA FBS
10 Chris Hawkins Southern California 5’11 185 PFA FBS
11 Kishawn McClain North Texas 5’11 201 PFA FBS
12 Josh Liddell Arkansas 6’1 210 PFA FBS
13 Kamari Cotton-Moya Iowa State 6’0 200 PFA FBS
14 Joshua Kalu Nebraska 6’0 190 PFA FBS
15 Kris Weatherspoon Troy 6’1 202 PFA FBS
16 Nick Washington Florida 5’11 197 PFA FBS
17 Lucas Webb Chattanooga 6’1 195 FA FCS
18 Tre Dempsey North Dakota State 5’9 184 FA FCS
19 Rob Rolle Villanova 5’11 190 FA FCS
20 Ed Paris LSU 6’0 203 FA FBS
21 Kendall Gant Marshall 6’2 197 FA FBS
22 Carlo Thomas Johnson C. Smith 6’1 185 FA D2
23 Tajee Fullwood South Florida 6’1 203 FA FBS
24 Secdrick Cooper Louisiana Tech 5’11 210 FA FBS
25 Kameron Kelly Jr. San Diego State 6’2 195 FA FBS
PosRk First Name Last Name School HT WT Rd. Proj.
1 Damon Webb Ohio State 5’10 195 3rd FBS
2 Quin Blanding Virginia 6’2 215 3rd FBS
3 Todd Kelly Jr. Tennessee 5’11 208 4th FBS
4 Steven Parker Oklahoma 6’1 204 4th-5th FBS
5 Aaron Davis Georgia 6’0 189 5th-6th FBS
6 Donnie Miles North Carolina 5’11 205 6th FBS
7 Chris Lammons South Carolina 5’10 190 6th FBS
8 Tray Matthews Auburn 6’0 207 6th-7th FBS
9 Kyzir White West Virginia 6’3 212 7th FBS
10 Cole Reyes North Dakota 6’1 220 7th-PFA FCS
11 Nick Orr TCU 5’9 187 7th-PFA FBS
12 Tre Flowers Oklahoma State 6’2 198 7th-PFA FBS
13 Trey Marshall Florida State 6’0 210 7th-PFA FBS
14 Corey Griffin Georgia Tech 6’2 195 PFA FBS
15 D’Cota Dixon Wisconsin 5’10 197 PFA FBS
16 Trayvon Henderson Hawaii 5’11 200 PFA FBS
17 Nate Andrews Florida State 5’11 214 PFA FBS
18 Mike Basile Monmouth (NJ) 6’0 200 PFA FCS
19 D.J. Smith South Carolina 5’10 195 FA FBS
20 Kahlid Hagens Tennessee-Martin 6’2 207 FA FCS
21 Anthony Sherrils Missouri 6’0 205 FA FBS
22 Shawn Boone North Carolina State 5’9 201 FA FBS
23 Miles Taylor Iowa 5’11 205 FA FBS
24 Drue Tranquill Notre Dame 6’1 225 FA FBS
25 Donovan Wilson Texas A&M 6’0 206 FA FBS
PosRk First Name Last Name School HT WT Rd. Proj.
1 Daniel Carlson Auburn 6’3 218 6th FBS
2 Michael Badgley Miami 5’10 180 6th-7th FBS
3 Gary Wunderlich Mississippi 6’0 193 PFA FBS
4 Austin MacGinnis Kentucky 5’9 175 PFA FBS
5 Mike Weaver Wake Forest 6’1 195 PFA FBS
6 Joe Slye Virginia Tech 5’11 210 FA FBS
7 Griffin Oakes Indiana 5’9 200 FA FBS
8 Jonathan Barnes Louisiana Tech 5’8 168 FA FBS
9 Drew Brown Nebraska 5’11 195 FA FBS
10 David Marvin Georgia 6’1 210 FA FBS
PosRk First Name Last Name School HT WT Rd. Proj.
1 JK Scott Alabama 6’5 202 4th-5th FBS
2 Johnny Townsend Florida 6’0 211 7th FBS
3 Trevor Daniel Tennessee 6’1 248 7th-PFA FBS
4 Spencer Smith Memphis 6’1 195 PFA FBS
5 Michael Carrizosa San Jose State 5’9 229 PFA FBS
6 Joe Davidson Bowling Green 6’6 228 PFA FBS
7 Nick Walsh Kansas State 5’10 202 FA FBS
8 Logan Cooke Mississippi State 6’4 224 FA FBS
9 Will Gleeson Mississippi 6’3 189 FA FBS
10 Ryan Winslow Pittsburgh 6’5 210 FA FBS
PosRk First Name Last Name School HT WT Rd. Proj.
1 Evan Berry Tennessee 5’10 207 7th-PFA FBS
2 Darius Phillips Western Michigan 5’10 191 PFA FBS
3 Rashaad Penny San Diego State 5’11 220 PFA FBS
4 D’Ernest Johnson South Florida 5’9 208 PFA FBS
5 Charles Nelson Oregon 5’8 170 PFA FBS
6 Janarion Grant Rutgers 5’9 178 FA FBS
7 J.J. Green Georgia Tech 5’9 188 FA FBS
8 Frank Brown Bethune-Cookman 5’10 185 FA FCS
9 Devon Allen Oregon 5’11 185 FA FBS
10 Jaylen Zachery Central Missouri 5’11 185 FA D2


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Part Two: The Jacksonville Jaguars NEED to move past the 2010 to 2016 period Thu, 15 Jun 2017 06:46:54 +0000 This part of the Jacksonville Jaguars analysis will cover what needs to happen with their receiver core, and their offensive line.

WIDE RECEIVERS/TIGHT ENDS: Back in 2015, this unit was one of the most productive receiving corps in the National Football League. That year the Jags boasted two 1,000 yard receivers in ALLEN ROBINSON (below; he had 1,400 yards receiving in 2016) and ALLEN HURNS (1,031 yards). So naturally, Jags fans, the media in the River City, and the national media thought that in 2016 those two would pick up where they left off. Wrong!!!! Robinson was available for every game in the 2016 season, while Hurns (35 catches for 477 yards and 3 scores in 2016) had hamstring trouble from weeks 13 through 17, which made him inactive for games and practices during those five weeks.

Allen Robinson_Rookie__2014_350x350

Robinson’s (73 catches for 883 yards and 6 scores) excuse for not picking up where he left off from the 2015 season was: either he wasn’t targeted enough; wasn’t in the offensive game plan for given weeks; the Jags were trying to spread the ball around; and the fact that Robinson’s 2015 season made him a target in 2016, for double and/or single lockdown coverage.

Then there’s MARQISE LEE (below; 63 catches for 851 yards and 3 scores), who may have more talent than either Robinson or Hurns. Lee’s problem since he got drafted back in 2014, is that he can’t stay healthy or the Jags don’t know what to do with him. Plus, he’s also a dynamic return specialist, a talent he was well known for at the University of Southern California when he played there from 2011 to 2013. So, that return specialist business may take time away from his development as a receiver.

Marqise Lee 350x350

The Jags are super crowded at receiver and there’s hope that JUSTIN BLACKMON can take care of his off the field problems with alcohol and get back on the field. But that’s a BIG if. He hasn’t played a down for the Jags since October 27, 2013.

The Jags drafted receiver DEDE WESTBROOK in the fourth round of this year’s draft. He is one of the best wide receivers to ever show his face on the University of Oklahoma (OU) campus, and there’s hope that he can inject the excitement he showed at OU into the Jags receiving corps this year or down the line.

At tight end, the Jaguars have recent free agent signee MYCHAL RIVERA, MARCEDES LEWIS, and BEN KOYACK among others. Rivera was signed to a two year $3.25 million contract in the 2017 free agency season. They signed him to be the receiving threat to replace JULIUS THOMAS (traded to the Miami Dolphins back in March) who was supposed to be doing from 2016 to the present, what they signed Rivera for.

The book on Lewis is that he isn’t the receiving threat that he used to be from 2008 to 2012, and so now he is used as an extra blocking tight end in running situations.

Then there’s Koyack, who was an undrafted free agent signee in 2016 from Notre Dame. He didn’t do anything special last year as he latched onto 19 passes for 161 yards and 1 score. But he did in 2016 and will (from 2017 and on) provide an extra option for Bortles, just in case his primary receivers are locked up in coverage or are hurt.

BOTTOM LINE: Robinson and Lee really need big 2017 seasons, because both of them are unrestricted free agents and of course the Jags offense is counting on it. Robinson, Hurns, Lee, Rivera, Westbrook, Koyack, and their other receivers——and who ever gets the fourth tight end spot——need to step up in 2017 and help Bortles finally take that step to the next level as a passer.

OFFENSIVE LINE: The plan is for new free agent signee BRANDEN ALBERT to start at left offensive tackle. He signed a 2-year, $18.5 million contract with the Jags earlier this spring. Hopefully Albert can stay healthy and perform, because he hasn’t served a full season since the 2011 season when he was a member of the Kansas City Chiefs. Backing him up will be second round pick CAM ROBINSON, who was one of the better offensive linemen in the nation at Alabama last year. Hopefully Robinson is ready to go just in case Albert doesn’t last the season.

Starting right offensive tackle JERMEY PARNELL doesn’t make headlines with his play, and the only folks that know about him is his position coach, his offensive line mates, and a few of his teammates. But he’s a hard worker and is a solid player.

Center BRANDON LINDER is in his contract year and the Jags need for him to be on the field to help anchor this line. He may be at this point their best (not their most talented) offensive lineman. Offensive guards AJ CANN and TYLER SHATLEY are young, but are both scrappy and no-nonsense players who will get better the more they age. They (especially Shatley) will face competition from a number of other guards including JEREMIAH POUTASI, who by now was supposed to be either in the starting lineup or challenging for a starting job at left guard by now.

BOTTOM LINE: BLAKE BORTLES since his rookie year, has been sacked 156 times and that figure doesn’t include the amount of times he’s been knocked down or touched when the ball has left his right arm. The reason why they signed Albert and drafted Robinson is because team management is sick and tired of Bortles ending up on his back. Bortles was sacked 71 times in his rookie year, 51 times in 2015, and 34 times last year. This sack parade for opponents has got to stop.

Albert, Robinson (maybe), Parnell, Cann, Linder, and whomever starts at left guard this year, need to make it their business to keep Bortles healthy and upright most of the time he steps back to pass. Because if the Jags offensive line takes Bortles athleticism or his health for granted and don’t blast open holes for the running game, this will be another long season in Jacksonville.

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Part One: The Jacksonville Jaguars NEED to move past the 2010 to 2016 period Wed, 14 Jun 2017 08:29:52 +0000 NOTE: This is part one of a series on the Jacksonville Jaguars and their quest to get better from 2017 and beyond.

Once upon a time, the Jacksonville Jaguars were one of the most discussed and hottest teams in the National Football League. And that was between the 1996 and 1999 seasons. Back then they had the likes of future hall of famer and running back FRED TAYLOR (below); quarterback MARK BRUNELL; offensive tackle TONY BOSELLI; wide receivers KEENAN MCCARDELL and JIMMY SMITH; defensive end TONY BRACKENS; and of course a head coach in TOM COUGHLIN who ruled those teams with discipline and a my way or the highway sensibility. NFL: Bills vs Jaguars NOV 25

But in this decade, the Jaguars have been a laughingstock and a certain win for many teams that had them on their schedule. Since 2010, the Jaguars have not even sniffed a playoff berth. Moreover, they have finished no better than third place in the AFC South in six out of the last seven seasons of this decade. And more importantly, they’ve went a combined 30-82 (.267 winning percentage) since the opening game of the 2010 season.

If that last paragraph wasn’t enough to make Jaguar fans cringe, there’s also the fact that the Jags have went through five head coaches this decade.

Hopefully current head coach DOUG MARRONE, who has extensive experience coaching in both the college and NFL ranks, is the right man to turn around the Jags. Because this is getting ridiculous. No playoff appearances since 2007, the aforementioned futility of this franchise, injuries to so many players that the Jaguars were counting on since 2010, first and second round draft picks who were busts, and so on.

Below is a look at what the Jaguars have on their roster for the 2017 season.

QUARTERBACKS: Quarterback BLAKE BORTLES (368 of 625 for 3,905 yards, and 23 touchdowns and 16 interceptions in 2016) has tried his best to will this franchise to respectability, with his arm and with his feet. There have been periods where he’s done too much and it has cost the Jags. And there have been periods where he played within his strengths and weaknesses, and it just hasn’t been enough to make the Jags a perennial contender.

Trust this, NO ONE should lay the Jags futility the past three years in particular (Bortles has been a member of the Jags since 2014) on Bortles. Injuries at receiver, inconsistency at receiver here and there, and a lack of a big-time running back(s) has hurt the Jags and Bortles’ development since his rookie year.

Bortles’ backups, veteran quarterback CHAD HENNE and second-year man BRANDON ALLEN didn’t play at all in 2016. And neither one of them are ready to take the Jags on his back if Bortles goes down.

BOTTOM LINE: If Bortles goes down, has a subpar season, or the receivers don’t step up like they did  in 2015, count on another tired offensive season and another losing season in the River City.

RUNNING BACKS: Finally, the Jaguars have a franchise running back. Former LSU star, recent fourth overall pick of the 2017 NFL Draft and running back LEONARD FOURNETTE, is now the property of the Jacksonville Jaguars. He’s big (6 feet and 240 pounds), he’s strong, he’s fast (4.51 in the 40-yard dash at the 2017 NFL Combine), and he’s just the type of workhorse that the Jags need for offensive balance. Leonard Fournette

On the other hand, the Jags drafted incumbent running back TJ YELDON back in 2015 to do what they want to get out of Fournette eventually. But Yeldon doesn’t have the body type to put up with 25 or more carries per game during an entire season. Yeldon was supposed to progress to at least 900 yards or more in 2016 (he had 740 yards rushing in his rookie season), but he regressed to just 465 yards and all of one touchdown. Regression like that is not what the Jags need from this position.

Then there’s CHRIS IVORY who didn’t do much better than Yeldon did (439 yards from scrimmage and just 3 scores). Ivory is built to be a 20 carry or more guy for most of a season (not a  whole season). But he isn’t that explosive and he will take a backseat to Fournette, if the latter stays healthy and is as productive as he’s been hyped to be since the 2015 college football season.

BOTTOM LINE: Seeing as how the Jags’ running game has needed an injection of excitement and consistency for the past five years (MAURICE JONES-DREW was their last franchise running back and that was in 2012), there’s a chance that Fournette may start from day one of 2017 regular season. Fournette wasn’t taken where he was in the draft just to be just a guy or slightly better than Yeldon and Ivory. Fournette was taken with the fourth overall pick so he can be a workhorse, take pressure off of Bortles, and to bring offensive balance to the Jaguars.

Yeldon and Ivory, they either need to keep the seat warm for Fournette or they need to be the number two and three backs that help take pressure off of him. Because even as gifted as Fournette is, he can’t carry the Jags’ running game all by himself.


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Paul Perkins’ Rookie Interview Wed, 24 May 2017 17:00:08 +0000 New York Giants running back Paul Perkins ended his 2016 rookie campaign on a high note. Perkins got the starting nod in the final game of the regular season over Rashad Jennings and validated the coaching staff’s faith by recording the first 100-yard rushing game (102) of the season. He continued to play well by contributing 57 total yards in a Wild Card Playoff loss.

Heading into this spring there was a lot of buzz that the former UCLA Bruin will be the man in the backfield, pending how they fare in the draft or who signs in free agency. After showing luke warm interest in LeGarrette Blount but not signing him, the New York Giants are all in on the second-year back.

Rookie of the Year predictions often look at quality running backs, although QB tends to take the glory. Other than Ezekial Elliot, Jordan Howard, Michael Thomas, and of course Rookie of the Year Dak Prescott, not that many rookies showed up to show out last season. However, Perkins had all the confidence in the world that he would shine once he got an opportunity. Before he even had his first full NFL practice, Pro Player Insiders caught up with Perkins at the 2016 Panini Rookie Premier to gauge his outlook on the next stage of his life.

Credit: Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

On playing in the cold east coast climate after growing up in Arizona and spending his college years in Los Angeles.

I don’t know how I’m going to make it. I’ll have to commit myself to it. I feel like it’s not going to be too hard. I know Owa [Odighizuwa], he was on the Giants last year and I played with him at UCLA, so I’m just going to lean on him for advice.

His thoughts on his close friend since childhood — Green Bay quarterback and former UCLA teammate Brett Hundley.

He’s a great guy. I can’t wait for him to start playing somewhere, wherever it may be.

He discussed what he learned from his father and uncle, who both played running back in the NFL.

You definitely have to compete on and off the field. When you’re on the field, you compete with the guys in your position group. When you’re off the field, you need to get better by watching extra film and taking care of your body, stuff like that.

Speaking of competition, Perkins would begin the season buried on the depth chart behind the aforementioned Jennings and Andre Williams who are now departed, plus others.

You make it this far, you can’t get intimidated by any of the guys you’re competing with. I take it as a challenge.

On playing with Eli Manning.

Not too many people get to play with a two-time Super Bowl winner. His caliber  and his pedigree is up there, so I’m really pleased.

The running back he tries to emulate.

I watched a lot of Marshall Faulk, growing up. I was a big St. Louis Rams fan. I kind of took pieces from everybody. I watched a lot of guys’ highlight film and just tried to mirror all of them. Like Barry Sanders, Gayle Sayers, Eric Dickerson — all of them.

What he  brings to the team.

I want to be an all-around running back and be able to catch the ball out of the backfield. That’s what I’m look forward to hanging my hat on.

How he plans to spend time away from football.

Using this platform to affect people’s lives in New York, back home in Arizona, and also California.


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Superagent Leigh Steinberg talks about the importance of change Mon, 22 May 2017 22:00:08 +0000 Leigh Steinberg is known for his wits, determination, and ambition with branding Steinberg’ Sports and Entertainment, but his story is deeper than his trials. His story starts and ends with compassion for people and impacting the lives of others. “I have made many mistakes in my lifetime, but I always wanted to help people. Helping people was something that I was very passionate about and it has paid off.”

Steinberg is known to acquire exceptional talent to his organization, but he lets his players know that community service, having a positive mindset, and contributing to the community goes a long way. “The athletes that I represent, represents the vision that I have. I want these guys to go out there and inspire people to go out there and make their dreams and goals happen.”leigh

Steinberg does not hold back or use excuses when he explains the reasons behind his alcohol problem that he overcame. “At one point in time, I was lost, I felt like things was going down the tank and I abused alcohol. Words cannot express what I had to overcome, but I knew that I had a purpose. My purpose is to help people and use what I been through as my story to inspire others. Alcoholism is a huge concern that individuals need to take notice to. It is very hard to stop once you are addicted to it. I am very thankful that I had people who helped me and supported my decision with getting help.”

Steinberg has not picked up a drink since 2014 and he uses his story to help others who struggle with alcoholism. It has been stated that 7% of Americans struggle with alcoholism. Alcohol has led to 88,000 deaths per year,” said Atlanta, GA fact sheet.

Outside of his many years of addiction, he has spoken at schools and events about turning your life around. “It is very humbling that people look at my story as inspiration.I like to pass down my wisdom and again it is all about helping others.”

Steinberg talked about the importance of change.” Change can be disruptive, scary, and sometimes too deep for an individual. Recently there have been many disputes about athletes getting paid in college and Steinberg agreed that players should get some type of percentage. “I have been around many athletes and heard some of their stories about how they could not afford food or expenses after games.Some players actually got hurt and could not make it to the pro level, because of their injuries. I am not saying that players should get pro level salary, but they should get something to live like normal students.”

Steinberg’s story inspired the Jerry Maguire film. “I never thought my life would be made into a film. I have made plenty of mistakes, but I felt like I had a passion to change the world. My passion was to impact the lives of every individuals that I came into contact with.”

super 12

A positive surrounding gave Steinberg the chance to get his life back on track and build a positive foundation that many people have been inspired by.


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Buffalo Bills name Joe Schoen assistant general manager Sun, 14 May 2017 14:08:02 +0000 If you have the Carolina Panthers on your resume, the Buffalo Bills could have targeted you as a candidate to work in their organization. During this offseason, the Bills have hired head coach Sean McDermott and general manager Brandon Beane from the Panthers organization and the team stuck with that format to hire its next assistant general manager.

On Sunday morning, the Bills announced that Joe Schoen will become the team’s assistant general manager. For the last three seasons, Schoen was the Miami Dolphins director of player personnel. Prior to that, Schoen spent his first seven seasons in the NFL with the Panthers organization as he worked in the scouting department.

Before working full-time for the Panthers, Schoen was an intern at the team’s ticket office in January of 2000. He also worked in the Panthers training camp later that summer.

Prior to his days working with the Panthers organization, Schoen was a quarterback and later a wide receiver for DePauw University from 1997-2000. As a senior, Schoen was named the Thomas Mount Offensive Player of the Year after he caught a then school record 80 receptions.

Since the NFL draft, the Bills have re-organized their entire front office. The team fired their previous general manager Doug Whaley and their entire scouting staff the morning after this year’s draft.

McDermott reportedly was the person selecting the players during the draft, so the move to fire Whaley was a long time coming.

Buffalo announced the hiring of Beane last week after he was with the Panthers organization since 1998. According to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, Beane and McDermott’s contract are “locked in together.” Don’t be surprised if Schoen contract reflects the same.

Twitter: @antwanstaley

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Michael Floyd returns home to Minnesota Thu, 11 May 2017 16:44:15 +0000 Veteran NFL receiver and St. Paul native Michael Floyd is returning to his home state of Minnesota as the newest member of the Minnesota Vikings.  Floyd signed a one year deal worth $1.5 million with the possibility of incentives.

Last season Floyd was released from the Arizona Cardinals following a DUI arrest in Scottsdale, ending his five season run with the team.  Floyd would go on to sign with the New England Patriots and remained on roster all the way to through their Championship run, but was not re-signed this offseason.

Floyd’s signing creates some much-needed veteran depth at the wide receiver position with Jarius Wright being the only other true veteran receiver on the roster, having been a member of the Vikings since the 2012-2013 season.

The skill-set that Floyd brings to the table coincides perfectly with what the Vikings are trying to build with their offense for the upcoming season.  Floyd is a true vertical threat who can take the top off the defense with his 4.4 speed. His large frame and athleticism helps him box-out corners for jump balls in red-zone situations as well.

With Training Camp inching closer by the day, the position battle at the wide receiver position will be one to watch going forward.  Last season the team kept six receivers on roster and will likely do the same again this season.

Stefon Diggs and Adam Thielen have their spots as the number one and two receivers locked down.  The number three receiver spot is still very much up for grabs, however.

Will we see Laquon Treadwell bounce back from his disappointing rookie year and show why he deserved to be our first-round pick in 2016?  Or will he be surpassed by one of the three new additions to the team in Rodney Adams, Stacy Coley, or Michael Floyd?

Follow us on Twitter @PlayerInsiders and @Jake_Przytarski

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2017 NFL offseason workout dates Wed, 03 May 2017 19:00:55 +0000 Now that the NFL Draft has come and gone, attention now shifts to the offseason workouts of the 32 teams. The first day of voluntary offseason workouts began a couple of weeks, but now that rookie have started to fill out rosters, some of the first-year player’s minicamps will begin starting this weekend.

After that, OTA offseason will commence later on this month and extend into the first week of June. Then teams will have their mandatory minicamp, which will be the last official team function until training camps begin in July.

The NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement stipulates that clubs may hold one mandatory minicamp for veteran players. The mandatory minicamp has to scheduled in the third phase of workouts.

Below, is the NFL Offseason Workout Program calendar for each team. Dates are tentative and subject to change at the discretion of individual clubs:

ARIZONA                    First Day:                                  April 17

                                    OTA Offseason Workouts:         May 16-18, May 23-25, May 30-31, June 1-2

                                    Mandatory Minicamp:                June 6-8

                                    Rookie Minicamp:                      May 12-14

ATLANTA                   First Day:                                  April 17

                                    OTA Offseason Workouts:         May 30, June 1-2, June 5-6, June 8-9

                                    Mandatory Minicamp:                June 13-15

                                    Rookie Minicamp:                     May 12-14

BALTIMORE               First Day:                                  April 17

                                    OTA Offseason Workouts:         May 22, May 24-25, May 30, June 1-2, June 5-6, June 8-9

                                    Mandatory Minicamp:                June 13-15

                                    Rookie Minicamp:                     May 5-7


BUFFALO                   First Day:                                  April 3

                                    OTA Offseason Workouts:         May 16-18, May 23-25, June 5-8

                                    Voluntary Minicamp:                  April 18-20

                                    Mandatory Minicamp:                June 13-15

                                    Rookie Minicamp:                     May 12-14

CAROLINA                 First Day:                                  April 17

                                    OTA Offseason Workouts:         May 23-25, May 30-31, June 1, June 6, June 8-9

                                    Mandatory Minicamp:                June 13-15

                                    Rookie Minicamp:                     May 5-6

CHICAGO                   First Day:                                  April 18

                                    OTA Offseason Workouts:         May 22-23, May 25, May 30, June 1-2, June 5-6, June 8-9

                                    Mandatory Minicamp:                June 13-15

                                    Rookie Minicamp:                     May 12-14

CINCINNATI               First Day:                                  April 17

                                    OTA Offseason Workouts:         May 23-25, May 30-31, June 1, June 5-8

                                    Mandatory Minicamp:                June 13-15

                                    Rookie Minicamp:                     May 5-7

CLEVELAND              First Day:                                  April 17

                                    OTA Offseason Workouts:         May 23-25, May 30-31, June 1, June 5-8

                                    Mandatory Minicamp:                June 13-15

                                    Rookie Minicamp:                     May 12-14

DALLAS                     First Day:                                  April 17

                                    OTA Offseason Workouts:         May 23-25, May 30-31, June 1, June 5-7

                                    Mandatory Minicamp:                June 13-15

                                    Rookie Minicamp:                     May 12-14

DENVER                     First Day:                                  April 10

                                    OTA Offseason Workouts:         May 23-25, May 30-31, June 1, June 5-8

                                    Voluntary Minicamp:                  April 25-27

                                    Mandatory Minicamp:                June 13-15

                                    Rookie Minicamp:                     May 12-13

DETROIT                    First Day:                                  April 17

                                    OTA Offseason Workouts:         May 23-25, May 30-31, June 1, June 5-6, June 8-9

                                    Mandatory Minicamp:                June 13-15

                                    Rookie Minicamp:                     May 12-14

GREEN BAY               First Day:                                  April 18

                                    OTA Offseason Workouts:         May 22-24, May 31, June 1-2, June 5-8

                                    Mandatory Minicamp:                June 13-15

                                    Rookie Minicamp:                     May 5-6

HOUSTON                  First Day:                                  April 17

                                    OTA Offseason Workouts:         May 22-23, May 25, May 30-31, June 1, June 5-6, June 8-9

                                    Mandatory Minicamp:                June 13-15

                                    Rookie Minicamp:                     May 12-14

INDIANAPOLIS          First Day:                                  April 17

                                    OTA Offseason Workouts:         May 22-23, May 25, May 31, June 1-2, June 5-8

                                    Mandatory Minicamp:                June 13-15

                                    Rookie Minicamp:                     May 12-14

JACKSONVILLE        First Day:                                  April 17

                                    OTA Offseason Workouts:         May 23, May 25-26, May 30, June 1-2, June 5-6, June 8-9

                                    Mandatory Minicamp:                June 13-15

                                    Rookie Minicamp:                     May 12-14

KANSAS CITY            First Day:                                  April 17

                                    OTA Offseason Workouts:         May 23-25, May 30-31, June 1, June 6-9

                                    Mandatory Minicamp:                June 13-15

                                    Rookie Minicamp:                     May 6-8

LA CHARGERS          First Day:                                  April 3

                                    OTA Offseason Workouts:         May 16-18, May 23-25, June 5-6, June 8-9

                                    Voluntary Minicamp:                  April 25-27

                                    Mandatory Minicamp:                June 13-15

                                    Rookie Minicamp:                     May 12-14

LA RAMS                    First Day:                                  April 10

                                    OTA Offseason Workouts:         May 23-25, May 30-31, June 1, June 5-8

                                    Voluntary Minicamp:                  April 25-27

                                    Mandatory Minicamp:                June 13-15

                                    Rookie Minicamp:                     May 12-14

MIAMI                          First Day:                                  April 17

                                    OTA Offseason Workouts:         May 23-25, May 30-31, June 1, June 5-8

                                    Mandatory Minicamp:                June 13-15

                                    Rookie Minicamp:                     May 5-7

MINNESOTA               First Day:                                  April 17

                                    OTA Offseason Workouts:         May 23-25, May 30-31, June 1, June 5-8

                                    Mandatory Minicamp:                June 13-15

                                    Rookie Minicamp:                     May 5-7

NEW ENGLAND         First Day:                                  April 17

                                    OTA Offseason Workouts:         May 22-23, May 25, May 31, June 1, June 12-13, June 15

                                    Mandatory Minicamp:                June 6-8

                                    Rookie Minicamp:                     May 5-7

NEW ORLEANS         First Day:                                  April 17

                                    OTA Offseason Workouts:         May 23-25, May 30-31, June 1, June 5-8

                                    Mandatory Minicamp:                June 13-15

                                    Rookie Minicamp:                     May 12-14

NY GIANTS                First Day:                                  April 18

                                    OTA Offseason Workouts:         May 22-23, May 25, May 30-31, June 2, June 5-6, June 8-9

                                    Mandatory Minicamp:                June 13-15

                                    Rookie Minicamp:                     May 12-14

NY JETS                     First Day:                                  April 17

                                    OTA Offseason Workouts:         May 23-25, May 30-31, June 1, June 5-8

                                    Mandatory Minicamp:                June 13-15

                                    Rookie Minicamp:                     May 5-7

OAKLAND                  First Day:                                  April 17

                                    OTA Offseason Workouts:         May 22-23, May 25, May 30-31, June 2, June 5-6, June 8-9

                                    Mandatory Minicamp:                June 13-15

                                    Rookie Minicamp:                     May 5-7

PHILADELPHIA          First Day:                                  April 17

                                    OTA Offseason Workouts:         May 23-25, May 30-31, June 1, June 5-6, June 8-9

                                    Mandatory Minicamp:                June 13-15

                                    Rookie Minicamp:                     May 12-14

PITTSBURGH            First Day:                                  April 17

                                    OTA Offseason Workouts:         May 23-25, May 30-31, June 1, June 5-8

                                    Mandatory Minicamp:                June 13-15

                                    Rookie Minicamp:                     May 12-14

SAN FRANCISCO      First Day:                                  April 10

                                    OTA Offseason Workouts:         May 22-23, May 25, May 30-31, June 2, June 5-6, June 8-9

                                    Voluntary Minicamp:                  April 25-27

                                    Mandatory Minicamp:                June 13-15

                                    Rookie Minicamp:                     May 5-7

SEATTLE                   First Day:                                  April 18

                                    OTA Offseason Workouts:         May 30, June 1-2, June 5-6, June 8-9

                                    Mandatory Minicamp:                June 13-15

                                    Rookie Minicamp:                     May 12-14

TAMPA BAY              First Day:                                  April 17

                                    OTA Offseason Workouts:         May 23-25, May 30-31, June 1, June 5-8

                                    Mandatory Minicamp:                June 13-15

                                    Rookie Minicamp:                     May 5-7

TENNESSEE              First Day:                                  April 17

                                    OTA Offseason Workouts:         May 23-25, May 30-31, June 1, June 5-8

                                    Mandatory Minicamp:                June 13-15

                                    Rookie Minicamp:                     May 12-14

WASHINGTON           First Day:                                  April 17

                                    OTA Offseason Workouts:         May 23-25, May 30-31, June 1, June 5-8

                                    Mandatory Minicamp:                June 13-15

                                    Rookie Minicamp:                     May 12-14


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Pick by Pick Breakdown of the Vikings’ Draft Wed, 03 May 2017 16:50:03 +0000 Another NFL Draft is in the books, and as per usual, “Slick” Rick Spielman was at the top of his game through the three day process.  At one point in the Draft, Spielman had executed more trades than the Vikings had picks, but clearly there is method to the madness with the Vikings ending up with 11 players taken in the 2017 NFL Draft.

Trading down and stockpiling picks would end up being the story of the Vikings’ Draft, but Spielman was far from shy in going after players that he would have to trade up to get.  When first-round talent Dalvin Cook slipped to the second round, Spielman pulled the trigger on what looks to be one of the biggest steals in this year’s Draft.

Second Round, Pick 41: RB, Dalvin Cook

How one of the most talented running backs in one of the deepest running back Draft classes in a decade fell to the second round is pretty remarkable.  Disregarding the off the field issues, Cook is a first-round talent all day long, and would have gone a lot sooner in any other Draft lacking the depth at running back that this year’s Draft possessed.
Cook has all of the tools to be a three down back in the NFL but will need to improve in pass-protection, which really only requires the desire to learn.  Next to Leonard Fournette, Cook is the most dynamic back with the ball in his hands and is a threat to score from anywhere on the field.

The biggest knock on Cook is ball security, something that he struggled with during his time at Florida State. If he can improve on taking better care of the football and grow in his ability to pass-protect, Cook could be well on his way to being the next great Vikings running back.

Third Round, Pick 70: G/C, Pat Elflein

Pat Elflein out of Ohio State is the second and final player that Spielman moved up to get in the Draft, and when you learn more about him, the reasoning becomes very clear.

Not only does Elflein provide positional flexibility between the guard and center positions, he provides the toughness and down-right grittiness that offensive line coach Tony Sparano has been looking to build among the unit since taking over prior to the 2016 season.  Elflein will need to improve in pass-protection, but his ability to create running room for the Vikings newly reloaded stable of running backs is sure to pay dividends going forward.

The importance of Elflein’s ability to play the center and guard positions cannot be overstated given the injury disaster this team faced last season.  The inability to establish any sort of running game almost single-handedly derailed what looked like a very special season five weeks in.

Fourth Round, Pick 109: DT, Jaleel Johnson

When the former Hawkeye turned Vikings great Chad Greenway retired this offseason, the Vikings saw fit to try and groom another one by adding defensive tackle Jaleel Johnson in the fourth round of the Draft.

The former high-school wrestler provides depth and rotational ability right out of the gate for a team that sorely needs it.  With questions still lingering about defensive tackle Sharrif Floyd’s availability this upcoming season after sitting out the entirety of the 2015-2016 season, Spielman made a wise decision to add a player of Johnson’s caliber at this stage of the Draft.

Like teammate and fellow defensive tackle Tom Johnson, Jaleel Johnson has an innate ability to get after the quarterback, as evidenced by his 7.5 sacks last season with Iowa leading to being named to First-Team All Big-10.

Fourth Round, Pick 120: ILB, Ben Gedeon

A “throwback” type of player according to Spielman, Gedeon provides immediate depth and potential starting ability in the not so distant future. With the Vikings having to part ways with linebacker Audie Cole this offseason due to free-agency, Gedeon will look to take over for Audie Cole as Eric Kendricks’ backup at the middle linebacker position.

In the meantime, Gedeon will likely see the field most on special teams given his ability to finish as a tackler.

Fifth Round, Pick 170: WR, Rodney Adams

For a team that needed a receiver that can take the top off the defense, Rodney Adams out of South Florida may be the answer.  Adams is a dynamic player with the ball in his hands and plays with a level of speed that only Stefon Diggs possesses in the Vikings wide receiver core.

With kick returning duties needing to be addressed following the departure of Cordarrelle Patterson, Adams will likely battle with another new receiver whom the Vikings took in the seventh round named Stacy Coley.

As a receiver, Adams could push veteran Jarius Wright out given his superior speed and playmaking ability if he were to be lined up in the slot.  His lack of play strength may hold him back going forward and his drop rate during his sophomore and junior seasons is alarming, but if he can improve in these areas he can be a solid third or fourth receiver on this team.

Fifth Round, Pick 180: G, Danny Isidora

As an athlete, there is a lot to like about University of Miami’s Danny Isidora. He has quick feet and ideal size to make a living in the NFL.

Unfortunately, he was exposed to some extent in the Senior Bowl when faced with a “bull-rush” that took him out of position in the one on one drills.  This is likely the reasoning behind why he fell to the fifth round.

There is no doubt that the coaching staff is aware of Isidora’s limitations and will look to improve his technique when they can get their hands on him.  If he can learn to withstand power and maintain his position, Isidora has all of the remaining tools to become a dependable starter in the NFL for years to come.

Sixth Round, Pick 201: TE, Bucky Hodges

Of all the picks made in rounds four through seven, this is my favorite of them all, and I’m still left scratching my head wondering how an athlete like Hodges fell so far.

Standing at a solid 6’6″ with a 39 inch vertical and running in the 4.5′s, Hodges has red-zone threat written all over him and looks to be an absolute matchup nightmare for linebackers and DB’s alike.

Hodges will need to improve as a blocker, but his ability as a pass-catcher was far too good to pass up in the sixth round.  Depending upon where they decide to line him up, he may not need to do much blocking anyway.

Seventh Round, Pick 219: WR, Stacy Coley

Another vertical threat out of Florida, in this case Miami, Coley possesses big time speed and soft hands that will translate well into the next level of competition.

Coming out of high school, Coley was one of the most highly recruited wide receivers in the nation. With the U, Coley flashed signs of greatness, but questions have lingered as to whether or not he truly loves the game.

With Rookie mini-camp and Training Camp rapidly approaching, it will be up to Coley to prove he has the work ethic and desire to compete in the NFL.  Coley possesses all of the intangibles to make a living in the NFL, but it may be his attitude that holds him back from reaching his true potential.

Seventh Round, Pick 220: DE, Ifeadi Odenigbo

An edge rusher out of Northwestern finishing with 10 sacks during his senior year, Odenigbo exhibits the traits that defensive line coach Andre Patterson covets among rookies, namely length and pure athleticism.

Odenigbo is still very raw and can use some improvement on his run-stopping abilities, but Coach Patterson is more than capable of working with and improving upon these shortcomings.

Seventh Round, Pick 232: LB, Elijah Lee

Named First-Team All-Big 12 during his junior season, Lee made a living at Kansas State making splashy plays and doing it with a level of nastiness you would hope for from a linebacker.

Lee will likely only see the field as a special teams contributor during his rookie season, but possesses the tools to eventually start and make a difference at the second level of the Vikings defense.

Seventh Round, Pick 245: DB, Jack Tocho

Many Draft experts had the Vikings selecting a DB a lot earlier in the Draft than where they did, which happened to be their last pick of the 2017 NFL Draft.

Unlike a lot of the picks mentioned previously, Tocho is not a freak athlete, but he does possess one of the highest football IQ’s of any player selected by the Vikings this year.

Above all else, Tocho’s ability to play the corner and safety positions was very likely the key intangible that moved Spielman to pull the trigger on the DB out of NC State.

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Voghens Larrieux Quest to the Bills Sun, 30 Apr 2017 19:03:28 +0000 Every year the NFL Draft have individuals that defines the odds by getting drafted. Voghens Larrieux, who came to the United States from Haiti, worked hard and perfected his crafted, was drafted by the Buffalo Bills Saturday. Before he was drafted Saturday, he was emotionally overwhelmed with excitement and joy just by getting a chance to be in the category of getting picked. Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, tree, sky, outdoor and nature

“I am very excited for the future. I have worked hard everyday. I know that my strengths are good hands, very strong, and I am very consistent, but my flaws that I need to improve in is overthinking. I do a lot of overthinking and at times overthinking has messed me up. However this is something I wanted and worked hard for. I am willing to do whatever it takes and learn from the best to be the best.”

Outside of football Larrieux has been a great role model for individuals in the community and has impacted the North Carolina region in a positive way. “It makes me feel great that I could impact others on and off the field. At times dreams can be very challenging, but you have to be consistent in what you do. You have to understand that you have to fight for what others can not see. You have to set higher standards for yourself and never give up.”

Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling

As athletes in college, there has been a major concern with players getting paid. Some individuals feel players should get paid, while others feel it will take the focus of fighting for the pro level and more so content with just getting paid. Are they doing it because they are passionate or just want to get paid. Larrieux stated that it will be nice for players to get paid something. “Sometimes players have to use their own money to travel or do not have the funds to eat or so. I agree that players should get something for being an athlete. It can get tough on players, because the money factor is something we can not overlook. I hope that players could get some type of salary or something for what we do on the field.”

As Larrieux prepares for his future with the Bills, he knows that football has shaped him into the individual that he is today. “Football showed me that I have to take responsibility for my actions, you have to be dedicated, and also remember that you are looked at on and off the field.”

Image may contain: 2 people, suit and indoor
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Noteworthy players selected in Rounds 4-7 of the 2017 NFL Draft Sun, 30 Apr 2017 00:18:42 +0000 After three days and 253 picks, the 2017 NFL Draft is finally in the books. This year was one of the deepest defensive draft classes in recent memory. Even on the third day, there were a lot of potential starters waiting to be chosen.

Here are the some of the more noteworthy selections from rounds 4-7.

Dede Westbrook, Jacksonville Jaguars, Round 4, Pick 110

After catching 74 receptions for 1,465 yards and 16 touchdowns last season, Dede Westbrook was a finalist for the 2016 Heisman Trophy Award.  So, after winning the Biletnikoff Award as the nation’s top receiver, why did Westbrook slip to the fourth round?

Westbrook was arrested twice on misdemeanor family violence in 2012 and again in 2013. Also, according to Albert Breer, Westbrook was kicked out of his combine interview.

If Westbrook can stay out of trouble off the field, he will give the Jaguars another weapon to go with their trio of receivers in Allen Robinson, Allen Hurns and Marqise Lee.

Eddie Jackson, safety, Chicago Bears, round 4, pick 112

The Chicago Bears needed to draft a safety this weekend, so they decided to take a risk and select Eddie Jackson from Alabama. On the field, Jackson was a four-year starter for the Crimson Tide as he recorded nine interceptions, forced two fumbles and recovered three of them.

Like many players selected on the third day of the draft, Jackson has some medical concerns. Against Texas A&M last season, Jackson fractured his leg and missed the rest of the regular season. In 2014, Jackson also tore his ACL, but he did play 11 games the next season. Jackson could become a steal if he can stay healthy.

Mack Hollins, wide receiver, Philadelphia Eagles, Round 4, Pick 118

While the stats don’t back it up, Mack Hollins is a receiver that can take the top off a defense. He is big at 6-4, 209 pounds and Carson Wentz needs all the red zone weapons he can get. So selecting a player like Hollins that averaged 19.3 yards per receptions is certainly a positive.

Hollins also bring value on special teams, so the Eagles can insert him there on day one and he should produce.

Jake Butt, tight end, Denver Broncos, Round 5, pick 145

Jake Butt was probably a lock as a day two selection before the Orange Bowl. Then the tight end tore his ACL and he fell all the way to round five. The Denver Broncos got a potential starter in Butt down the line.

Butt can not only catch the football, but he is also a solid blocker for his position. Virgil Green led the Broncos tight ends in receptions a season ago as he caught 22 balls for 237 yards. If Butt is healthy in time for training camp, expect him to push Green for touches in the Broncos offense.

Corn Elder, cornerback, Carolina Panthers, Round 5, Pick 152

The Carolina Panthers clearly missed the presence of Josh Norman a season ago as the team finished 29th in pass defense. The team hopes Corn Elder can help replacement some of Norman’s production.

For the Miami Hurricanes in 2016, Elder racked up 76 tackles, one interception and 12 breakups. He was named to the All-ACC team by the coaches and the second-team All-ACC from the media writers. At 5-10, 183 pounds, Elder will likely play in the slot for the Panthers and should no doubt make their team.

Jeremy McNichols, running back, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Round 5, Pick 162

With Doug Martin suspended for the first four games of the 2017 season, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers needed to draft a running back at some point. They might have found a late-round gem in Boise State running back Jeremy McNichols.

For the Broncos in 2016, McNichols rushed for 1709 yards and 23 touchdowns. He also caught 37 passes for 474 yards and four touchdowns. McNichols might not be an every-down back in the league at 5-9, 214 pounds, but he should at least get some carries in the Buccaneers offense.

Celeb Brantley, defensive tackle, Cleveland Browns, Round 6, Pick 185

At one time, Brantley had a chance to be possibly sneak into the first round of the draft, but a recent simple battery charge was enough to scare teams off and push him to the sixth round.

At 6-3, 307 pounds, Brantley is a strong, dominant defensive tackle that also has enough quickness to play as a defensive end as well. Cleveland got an outstanding run stopper in the sixth round.

Brad Kaaya, quarterback, Detroit Lions, Round 6, Pick 215

After starting three seasons at Miami, Brad Kaaya decided in January it was time to take his game to the NFL. Although Kaaya had to wait awhile to hear his name call, he will be reunited with his former college head coach, Al Golden, who is the Detroit Lions tight end coach.

Statistically, Kaaya was the best quarterback in Miami history as he left Coral Gables as the team’s leading passer in yards, completions and finished third in career touchdowns with 69. Kaaya will have a chance to backup starting quarterback Matthew Stafford.

Chad Kelly, quarterback, Denver Broncos, Round 7, Pick 253

This year’s Mr. Irrelevant is very relevant as Ole Miss quarterback Chad Kelly was the final player selected in the 2017 NFL Draft. Kelly started at Ole Miss for two seasons as he threw for 6,800 yards, 50 touchdowns against 21 interceptions.

One of the reasons Kelly fell to the seventh round was he tore his ACL in Week 10 of last season. Kelly also had some off-the-field concerns as well. Kelly has a ton of talent, so he has the potential to make the Broncos roster.

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Vikings select Pat Elflein with 70th overall pick Sat, 29 Apr 2017 16:17:10 +0000 An offensive line that struggled mightily for most of the 2016 season added a stalwart interior lineman to help bolster the unit for the upcoming season.

The Minnesota Vikings traded up in the 3rd round to take Pat Elflein out of Ohio State with the 70th overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft. This is the earliest the Minnesota Vikings have selected an offensive lineman in the Draft since 2012 when they selected Matt Kalil fourth overall.

While it is unknown where the Vikings will line Elflein up on the offensive line given his ability to play both guard and center, his positional flexibility opens up a wide range of options for the Vikings to mix and match in order to create the optimal offensive line combination.

Regardless of where the Vikings decide to line Elflein up, he is more than ready to come in and battle for a starting position.

“I’m very excited about this opportunity and I’m going to give everything I’ve got to the whole Minnesota Vikings organization,” Pat Elflein said an interview with Chris Tomasson of the Pioneer Press. “A reason why they picked me is I can play both center and guard, and play either very well.  I’m ready to come in and work.”

With Spielman electing to take a running back and an offensive lineman in the second and third rounds, it will make for an interesting third day of the Draft for the Minnesota Vikings having seven picks remaining in their back pocket and a wide range of directions they could go with the picks.

Knowing Spielman’s tendency to wheel and deal as he did last night, there will likely be more than a few trades made in the remaining four rounds depending on their Draft board.

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Cincinnati Bengals draft controversial running back Joe Mixon at number 48 overall Sat, 29 Apr 2017 01:43:05 +0000 In the second and third round of the NFL Draft, players with checked past usually begin to come off the board. Joe Mixon has a troubled past and that’s likely why the running back slipped to the second round.

The Cincinnati Bengals chose Mixon with the 48th pick overall. Mixon will join a crowded backfield in Cincinnati that already has Jeremy Hill and Giovani Bernard.

Last year, video of Mixon punching woman Amelia Molitor was released two years after the incident occurred in 2014. Mixon was suspended for the entire 2014 season by Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops after the event happened. Molitor and Mixon reached a settlement agreement last week prior to the draft.

On the field, Mixon helped the Sooners to a second straight Big 12 Championship in 2016 as he rushed 1,274 yards and 10 touchdowns. He also caught 37 receptions for 538 yards and five touchdowns a season ago.

There were many NFL teams that decided to take Mixon off their draft board because of his episode with Molitor, but the Bengals were one of the teams that sat down and talked to Mixon prior to the draft. Cincinnati has a history with selecting players with questionable histories in their past, so owner Mike Brown obviously gave the OK to draft Mixon.


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Minnesota Vikings trade up to select running back Dalvin Cook 41st overall Sat, 29 Apr 2017 01:18:42 +0000 Some analysts said prior to this year’s draft that Florida State running back Dalvin Cook was the best running back in the 2017 draft class. But he was not selected in the first round. It took Cook until No. 41 overall in the second round, but he finally heard his name announced at the NFL Draft.

The Minnesota Vikings traded up seven spots from No. 48 to No. 41 to select Cook. There was probably a good chance that if the Vikings stayed at No. 48, Cook might have been selected by the Philadelphia Eagles or another team ahead of them.

Cook’s on the field talent cannot be argued as he was one of the best running backs to ever play for Florida State. In 2016, Cook rushed for 1765 yards and 19 touchdowns. He also caught 33 balls for 488 yards and a touchdown.

“I’m extremely excited for Dalvin and his family,” Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher said. “The Vikings are getting a tremendous player. He changed the numbers on the scoreboard for us here and was as dynamic as any running back I’ve ever been around. Dalvin can be a game changer at the next level. He’s one of the all-time greats to put on a Florida State uniform. He’s also a guy that was a great leader for us and worked as hard as anybody. He and his family deserve this awesome moment. I’m thrilled for him.”

While Cook isn’t a huge running back at 5-10, 210 pounds, he is a home run threat whenever he touches the football. The reason Cook slipped to the second round was reportedly because of off-the-field concerns.

“So the reason as far as I’m told (his slide) relates to some of the people that he hangs out with off the field,” NFL Network reporter Ian Rapoport said prior to the second round. “It’s more upbringing than character if that makes any sense. Because at this point, from what I’m told, the on-field character is very good, considered to be at Florida State an excellent teammate, a very hard worker. But some of it is the situations he puts himself in off the field. He has promised teams that the people around him are not coming with him to the NFL, and we’ll see how that puts him as far as the standing goes in the second round today.”

With Minnesota choosing to move on from future hall-of-fame running back Adrian Peterson this offseason, Cook will have an opportunity to play lot in the Vikings offense. Yes, they signed Latavius Murray during the offseason, but the team can release him after the 2017 season without any cap penalty.

Cook will finally give the Vikings a three-down back that the team can use out of the shotgun. Minnesota will also have Cook under control for four seasons at very little cost to them.

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2017 NFL Draft: Day 1 Thoughts Fri, 28 Apr 2017 15:05:40 +0000 Unlike drafts in the past, the first day of the 2017 NFL Draft gave viewers a ton of movement and unpredictability. There were six trades made on day one of the draft and none of them were more surprising than the Chicago Bears moving up one spot to select North Carolina quarterback Mitchell Trubisky.

Chicago gave up a lot to the San Francisco 49ers just to move up from No. 3 overall to No 2 in order to select Trubisky. The Bears not only exchanged first round picks with the 49ers, but they also sent San Francisco a 2017 third and fourth round pick along with a 2018 third round pick.

“It was an incredible moment when the commissioner went to the stage and called my name,” said Trubisky after he was selected.  “I can’t wait to get started.  It means a lot to start my NFL career in Chicago.  My favorite player growing up was Walter Payton.  I’m looking forward to wearing that jersey.  The city of Chicago is my home now.”

Although Trubisky left North Carolina as the most accurate passer in Tar Heels history, he only started 13 games while in college. If Trubisky becomes a franchise quarterback, no one will remember how much they gave up to draft him. With signing Mike Glennon to a three-year, $45 million contract during the offseason, it was a bit surprising the Bears drafted a quarterback so early in the draft

Here are the other thoughts from the first day of the draft:

Lynch hits home run in his first draft

In his first draft as the San Francisco 49ers general manager, John Lynch couldn’t have asked for a better draft. Not only did the 49ers get the player they wanted in Solomon Thomas at No. 3 overall, but they also received extra picks from the Bears in the process.

If you add Thomas along with DeForest Buckner and Arik Armstead and the 49ers all of sudden have a formable defensive line. Lynch also used one of the picks he received from Chicago to jump back into the first round at No. 31 to select linebacker Reuben Foster.

If not for some medical red flags, Foster would have probably been a top 10 selection. Lynch and the 49ers couldn’t have asked for a better draft as the 49ers selected two players with top-10 talent on day one.

Cleveland Browns weren’t impressed with quarterbacks outside of Trubisky

Leading up to the draft, there were rumbling about the Cleveland Browns possibly selecting Trubisky at No.1 overall. Cleveland ultimately decided to select defensive end Myles Garrett with their first pick. The team later trade their No. 12 pick to the Houston Texans in exchange to move down to No. 25 where they selected Jabrill Peppers.

Cleveland also jumped back into the first round to take tight end David Njoku No. 29. While many have scratched their head on why the Browns haven’t taken a quarterback yet, it is evident the team doesn’t want to reach for one.

Since returning to the NFL in 1999, the Browns have failed to find that franchise quarterback via the draft. With a team that has so many holes, it is smart the Browns would fortify other positions before selecting a quarterback. Cleveland has enough picks where they can still take a DeShone Kizer, Davis Webb or Josuha Dobbs later on.

It finally seems like the Browns franchise has the right idea for once.

Houston, you could have a problem

Everyone knows the Texans have a need at the quarterback position as Tom Savage isn’t viewed as a long-term solution. What is strange is Houston trading up 13 spots to select Deshaun Watson.

Sure, Watson could have been gone by the time the Texans picked at No. 25, but the team gave up picks to take him. Now, Houston will be without a first or second round pick in 2018. The Texans are in prime position to win now and are feeling pressure from the Tennessee Titans and Indianapolis Colts, but trading up to get Watson could come back to haunt the team if they miss the postseason in 2017.

Dalvin Cook

Rumors have surfaced about Dalvin Cook’s character since the NFL Combine. It appears that was enough to scare some teams away from picking him in round one. Just based on talent alone, Cook was worth a first round pick and arguably the best running back in the draft.

Cook could come off the board early in round two as Green Bay and Seattle have the first two picks on day two. If Green Bay and Seattle pass on Cook, he could wait awhile to hear his name called as the Jaguars, Bears, Rams, Panthers, Bengals and Saints have early second round selections and none of those teams appear to have a need at running back.


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Looking Back and Moving Forward Thu, 27 Apr 2017 18:55:37 +0000 The NFL Draft is a special time of year for the select few who are lucky enough to take the next step in their football career. The NFL draft signifies the first day into their future, a time for reflection, and optimism for what is to come. Following the two plus years, these prospects spent at their various schools they made friends, created memories, and left a lasting legacy. Moving on to the next stage these same prospects look to continue this at the next level, as they once again will be the new guys on the block just trying to find their way. Pro Player Insider was able to catch up with some of the draft’s top prospects and ask them about their college career and their hopes and aspirations moving forward.

Malik McDowell, Michigan State

NCAA Football: Indiana at Michigan State

Looking back at college:
“Really just my college teammates, my coaches, it’s really just a good time in college. I’m not really going to miss the college thing and everything, it was just good times living with your guys and really just the last chance of that, a last (hurrah)”

Looking Forward:
“New competition, really figuring out the game again. Starting to learn the game all over, it’s always next level, the new level of play you got to change up the level of play too.”

Cam Robinson, Alabama


Looking back at college:
“I think more than anything my teammates, you know our locker room was an extremely close-knit group. That along with the fans that you know are so dedicated to us and have been supporting us through everything. I think just my teammates and the fans, and I will miss the University. “

Looking Forward:
“Just competing at that high level, I’m a competitor man, I just love to compete. I want to compete against the best and obviously, in the NFL you are going to get the best. So I think that is one of the things I am going to look forward to. They (Teams) should know they are going to be getting a tough and relentless player 100% on each and every play.”

Mitchell Trubisky, North Carolina

NCAA FOOTBALL: SEP 17 James Madison at North Carolina

Looking back at college:
“Definitely my teammates, going to miss my teammates the most, especially my roommates and some of my best friends and fans at North Carolina. It was a very special place to me being in Chapel Hill, and I am going to miss that but I got to take the next step in my career and I know they are going to support me all the way. That’s the beautiful thing about it. But definitely going to miss my teammates… Just spending time with my best friends, my brothers off the field, coming over to our house, hanging out, and the Pitt game last year at home. Just really every home game that we played in front of the Carolina blue, Carolina nation, it was just an awesome experience.”

Looking Forward:
“Just taking the next step and proving myself. Coming into whatever franchise picks me and helping them win, when I go in to help and compete and help them win Super Bowls, I am very excited to do that.”

Chidobe Awuzie, Colorado


Looking back at college:
“The people, the roommates, and the grind. You go on that field every day with the same common goal, it is hard some days, some days it is easier but just being in there together with your guys. Just going to miss being in there in that grind with those specific guys, those teammates. “

Looking Forward:
“It has been my dream so you know so you know just being able to be here is enough for me. Having the opportunity to go is enough for me. You know when I get there I am not going to have any expectations I am just going to put my head down and grind, try to do the best that I can to be legendary, that’s my goal to be legendary.”

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2017 NFL Draft: Live Blog Wed, 26 Apr 2017 20:05:59 +0000 04-27-17

11:42: The Saints end the first round by picking Ryan Ramczyk a OT from Wisconsin. Ugh. That’s all I have to say about that. Any chance we can get Brandin Cooks back? With that, I am going to bed. More tomorrow.

11:31: Another National nightmare has ended, the 49ers pick Reuben Foster. It’s up to the Saints to close us out. Let’s do something great.

11:30: The Seahawks are going to drop out of round 1. They trade their pick to the 49ers.

11:25: The Steelers select T.J. Watt the edge rusher from Wisconsin and younger brother of J.J. Watt. I would think Steelers fans are going to love that pick. The Saints are two picks out. I am on twitter trying to confirm Foster is still eligible for the draft. This is nuts. If I am being honest, I hope Adrian Peterson isn’t the only former Oklahoma Sooners running back that the Saints add this week.

11:21: The Browns moved back into the first round to pick David Njoku a tight end from Miami. Oh. I didn’t see that coming. But, this is the Browns we are talking about.

11:15: Dallas picks Taco Charlton a DE from Michigan. I remember when the Cowboys let Jerry Jones make the draft picks and that was more fun. Cleveland has moved back into the first round. QB?

11:12: The Bills make a pick this time and its TreDavious White a CB from LSU. That is three players from LSU in the first round.

11:07: The Seahawks trade their pick to the Falcons. My guess is the Falcons pick a huge bust here. Remember when they were winning the Super Bowl 28-3? The Falcons pick Takk McKinley a OLB from UCLA. Eh.

11:00: The Browns pick Jabrill Peppers from Michigan. That should go over well in Cleveland, Ohio. Is it possible that Foster’s arm is actually detached from his body? Is it possible he will be there for the Saints at 32? Nah… right?

10:55: The Raiders take the risk and pick Gareon Conley a DB from Ohio State. Conley was accused of raping a girl in Cleveland on April 9. Conley has denied the accusation. Assuming he is being honest about that, this is a slam dunk pick by the Raiders.

10:45: The Giants pick Reuben Forster. Just kidding, they actually take Evan Engram a tight end from Ole Miss. They have to be bummed on just missing out on O.J. Howard. Will Reuben Foster fall out of round 1? What about Dalvin Cook? Will the Saints stay at 32 or trade that pick for a haul to someone looking to grab a guy before anyone can scoop him up tomorrow?

10:40: Sad face. My draft room is empty. My daughter went to bed at 8:00. My dog and wife went to bed at 10. My brother just walked out the door. Its just me and the 2 or 3 people that are following this blog. The Lions pick Jared Davis from Florida and the Dolphins pick Charles Harris from Missouri. No one wants to pick Reuben Foster. I thought he would slip, but I didn’t see him available at 23.

10:31: The Broncos pick the first offensive lineman. Wingo says this is the latest it has ever happened in the modern draft era. Garett Bolles is the guy from Utah. He brings a cute little kid on stage. I will say now, without knowing the next 12 picks, his jersey will sell the least of any first round pick.

10:28: O.J. Howard becomes the third Alabama player picked by the Buccaneers. This is a pick made on the player not a specific need. Is he the first famous O.J. to be born after the Juice became infamous instead of famous?

10:20: The Titans pick Adoree’ Jackson a DB from USC. The Titans are going to be one of those teams that have their draft graded very well in a couple of days. They got many people’s top rated WR and a great athlete in Jackson.

10:15: The long National nightmare is over. Jonathan Allen goes 17 to the Redskins. We have a run on Alabama defenders. The Pens are still up 3-2. The Caps have pulled the goalie. 25.7 seconds left.

10:10: Another defensive player off the board that isn’t named Allen. The Ravens pick Marlon Humphrey a CB from Alabama. Humphrey went 30-0 in his last two years of high school and won the SEC every year he was at Alabama. The Pens are up 3-2 with 4 minutes left in the third. The Redskins have turned in their pick. So naturally, ESPN heads to commercial break.

10:02: Malik Hooker is a guy that the Colts are probably surprised to still see on the board. That is five defensive players in the last six picks. Jonathan Allen is still on the board. My dog went to bed.

9:53: The Eagles pick a DE but not Allen. There has to be a story here right? Derek Barnett is the lucky guy to get picked by the Eagles in front of 70,000 people. If you have dual screen capabilities, the Pens and Caps are tied at 2 with 11:35 left in the third period.

9:45: The Cardinals pick Hasson Reddick. The local boy goes 12. That should start a run on defensive players. Does anyone want Jonathan Allen? He is getting into Aaron Rodgers territory.

9:32: The Browns passed on Wentz last year and they pass on Watson this year. The Texans trade into 12. I would be shocked if it wasn’t to pick Watson. The Browns will have two first round picks again next year, but at some point you have to pull the trigger on a QB.

9:30: I never even gave the chance that Marshon Lattimore would be available for the Saints a thought. I am thrilled. Thrilled. Did that just work out for the Browns too? Why not pick Watson if you are them?

9:20: I am a little surprised the Chiefs picked Patrick Mahomes over Watson but Mahomes can launch the football. With that said, my underwear is wet as a Saints fan. Do we really have a choice between the best DB on the board AND Jonathan Allen? Wow.

9:14: The Bills trade the 10th pick to the Chiefs for the 27th pick and a third round pick this year PLUS a first round pick next year. The Chiefs must want a QB. My logic earlier was if you are going to ship off a ton of assets it should be for a QB. So do the Chiefs pick Watson?

9:12: Wow. The Bengals pick John Ross. He is the fastest player in the draft, but he is banged up. I would have never guessed he would get picked in the top ten. As a Saints fan, this couldn’t have broken better. Regardless of what the Bills do, the Saints can pick Allen or Lattimore. I have to imagine that Loomis and Payton are doing backflips.

9:00: The Chargers pick Mike Williams. I think he is the best wide receiver in the draft. That makes 4 offensive players and 3 on defense in a draft that was supposed to be top heavy with impact defensive players. I think the Panthers are going to take McCaffrey and the Bills are going to take Howard. If I’m right, that would be at least 6 players of 10 on offense.

8:50: ESPN accidentally cut to the green room and tipped the Jets hand. Jamal Adams on the phone crying means that LSU is the first school with two players off the board. Trey Wingo spent the next few minutes trying to renew drama in the pick by downplaying what everyone else already knew.  I bet the Jets were shocked to see Adams sitting there for them. He could have easily been #1 on their board and if that was the case it probably didn’t matter who called or what they offered. The Chargers could make it back to back safeties and grab, Malik Hooker.

8:43: The Titans pick Corey Davis and this feels like a reach to me. I think there was too many good defensive players on the board. I get the desire to acquire a weapon for Marcus Mariota, but if so, I would rather take Mike Williams. The Jets have to be fielding a bunch of phone calls from teams who want to take Allen or Thomas.

8:35: I love that pick for the Jaguars. It takes a lot of pressure off of Blake Bortles. This guy is special. When you pick in the top five I think that’s what you want more than anything. I think the people in the Carolina draft room are the most disappointed, they are going to have to pray no one snags Christian McCaffrey. Yesterday, I paired the Titans and Lattimore and I am going to stick with that guess.

8:30: The 49ers make a pick this time and take Solomon Thomas. The Jaguars are on the clock and if I am them I am rushing up the card with Leonard Founette’s name on it.

8:22: The Bears pull the trigger on the quarterback and pick Mitchell Trubisky. They traded 4 picks to move up one spot and you don’t give up all those assets to pick a defensive lineman. Shefter got swerved there. I’m not going to pretend to be an expert about the kid, but would you want to take a QB with the second pick in the draft that has only played 13 games in college? The 49ers are up again, and I still think they would move back further if they can. If not, I think Adams is the pick.

8:17: There it is. The 49ers make the trade they wanted to make and swap picks with the Bears. Adam Shefter is speculating that the Bears have moved up to grab Solomon Thomas. I’m sort of surprised they wouldn’t want to take a QB, but when you are in a division with Aaron Rodgers and Matthew Stafford you have to be able to sack them.

8:15: Myles Garrett is the first pick in the draft. Nicely done, Cleveland. San Francisco is on the clock. I have absolutely have no ideas what they are going to do. My guess is that they would like to make a trade. If they can’t, I speculated Jonathan Allen would be the pick. I think I have been talked into Jamal Adams being the pick.

8:07: That bum Goodell is booed viciously by an impressive crowd in Philadelphia. The Browns are on the clock. Don’t screw this up, Cleveland. The best player in the draft is Myles Garrett. The Browns know it and have been hinting he would be their pick since the Super Bowl. This should be an easy pick. I did a quick poll on twitter and 90% of the votes are for Garrett.

8:00: Quick look at the draft room. I have the draft on TVA and Caps vs. Pens on TVB. Paula is just about ready for bed and her Uncle Anthony is trying to pretend to be very busy on the rocker. Also in the room but not pictured: Tammy (wife), Colston (Dog)


7:40: The players have been announced, the anthem has been belted out, Philadelphia is ready (according to Trey Wingo). This blog will refresh over and over as we follow the show tonight (that is what this is right? A show?). The newest post will always be on top. Huge thanks to Melissa for having me back again this year. I will use twitter a little to try and drive some traffic and maybe put up a poll or two. Alright, lets do this…



It has come to the point, or so it seems, that draft season is as long as the playing season in the NFL. Mercifully, draft season will be over on Saturday. In the meantime, we have a little bit more of the same as everyone else. I will tell you what I think happens tomorrow during the first 10 picks. Yet another mock draft. Yawn.

Did you ever notice mock drafts seem to be loaded with skill position players? I have to figure you get more clicks and more buzz if you have a quarterback and a running back in the top five than a couple of guards and an edge rusher. How excited do you get if you click on a mock draft and the expert has your team picking a guard?

Anyway, before we get to the top 10. Here are three things I am most confident will happen tomorrow:

  1. Myles Garrett is going to be the first pick.
  2. There will be a trade in the top ten. There might even be two trades. I hate trying to predict a trade. I won’t bother when I fill out my top ten.
  3. Leonard Fournette won’t get past Carolina.

Time to take a shot. Here is my best guess for the top ten.

  1. Cleveland: Myles Garrett, DE, Texas A&M
  2. San Francisco: Jonathan Allan, DT, Alabama
  3. Chicago: Mitch Trubisky, QB, North Carolina
  4. Jacksonville: Leonard Fournette, RB, LSU
  5. Tennessee: Marshon Lattimore, CB, Ohio State
  6. Washington: Solomon Thomas, DE, Stanford
  7. San Diego: Jamal Adams, S, LSU
  8. Carolina: Christian McCaffrey, RB, Stanford
  9. Cincinnati: Reuben Foster, LB, Alabama
  10. Buffalo: OJ Howard, TE, Alabama

That is all for today.

Tomorrow, I will be back in this very spot to watch the show with you, make fun of how wrong my top ten was, and to talk about whatever else might come up. Last year at this time, no of us knew we would be talking about a top prospect (allegedly) in a gas mask.

In the meantime, ProPlayerInsiders has people on the ground in Philadelphia. Be sure to stay close to twitter for whatever they might have from the site.

Also, if you can handle some more talk, I had Dan Wetzel from Yahoo! Sports and Chris Burke from Sports Illustrated on my podcast yesterday. I talked Joe Mixon with both, and all kinds of other draft issues with Burke.

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Pro Player Insiders Final 2017 NFL Draft Board Wed, 26 Apr 2017 18:52:52 +0000 Pro Player Insiders Final 2017 NFL Draft Board


With the draft this week it is time to unveil our final board. It is important to note that this is how we rank the players and not how we think they will come off the board. It is impossible to know for sure what order they will be drafted.


Leading our board is Texas A&M defensive end Myles Garrett who is expected to be the top pick but we would also not be shocked if it was a quarterback or Jamal Adams, Solomon Thomas, or someone else.


We believe four or five quarterbacks could go in round one while it is possible only one or two are taken in round one.


The top rated small school prospect is Ashland tight end Adam Shaheen who we have rated as a late second or early third round grade.


Below is a look at the complete board!




Rank Pos First Name Last Name School Grade
1 DE Myles Garrett Texas A&M 1st
2 DE Solomon Thomas Stanford 1st
3 SS Jamal Adams LSU 1st
4 RB Leonard Fournette LSU 1st
5 TE OJ Howard Alabama 1st
6 CB Marshon Lattimore Ohio State 1st
7 DE Derek Barnett Tennessee 1st
8 DT Jonathan Allen Alabama 1st
9 FS Malik Hooker Ohio State 1st
10 DT Malik McDowell Michigan State 1st
11 WR Mike Williams Clemson 1st
12 QB Mitchell Trubisky North Carolina 1st
13 OT Cam Robinson Alabama 1st
14 OT Garett Bolles Utah 1st
15 CB Kevin King Washington 1st
16 RB Christian McCaffrey Stanford 1st
17 QB Deshaun Watson Clemson 1st
18 WR John Ross Washington 1st
19 ILB Reuben Foster Alabama 1st
20 OLB Haason Reddick Temple 1st-2nd
21 CB Adoree’ Jackson Southern California 1st-2nd
22 RB Dalvin Cook Florida State 1st-2nd
23 CB Tre’Davious White LSU 1st-2nd
24 WR Corey Davis Western Michigan 1st-2nd
25 OLB Takk McKinley UCLA 1st-2nd
26 QB Patrick Mahomes II Texas Tech 1st-2nd
27 CB Marlon Humphrey Alabama 1st-2nd
28 OT Ryan Ramczyk Wisconsin 1st-2nd
29 ILB Jarrad Davis Florida 1st-2nd
30 DE Taco Charlton Michigan 1st-2nd
31 CB Chidobe Awuzie Colorado 1st-2nd
32 CB Gareon Conley Ohio State 1st-2nd
33 SS Obi Melifonwu Connecticut 1st-2nd
34 QB DeShone Kizer Notre Dame 1st-2nd
35 WR Zay Jones East Carolina 1st-2nd
36 TE David Njoku Miami 1st-2nd
37 QB Davis Webb California 2nd
38 SS Jabrill Peppers Michigan 2nd
39 WR Curtis Samuel Ohio State 2nd
40 DE Jordan Willis Kansas State 2nd
41 C Pat Elflein Ohio State 2nd
42 OLB Zach Cunningham Vanderbilt 2nd
43 OLB Tim Williams Alabama 2nd
44 ILB Raekwon McMillan Ohio State 2nd
45 OG Forrest Lamp Western Kentucky 2nd
46 FS Budda Baker Washington 2nd
47 OLB Tyus Bowser Houston 2nd
48 OLB Charles Harris Missouri 2nd
49 CB Teez Tabor Florida 2nd
50 TE Evan Engram Mississippi 2nd
51 DT Larry Ogunjobi Charlotte 2nd
52 FS Marcus Williams Utah 2nd
53 OLB T.J. Watt Wisconsin 2nd-3rd
54 OT Roderick Johnson Florida State 2nd-3rd
55 CB Quincy Wilson Florida 2nd-3rd
56 CB Sidney Jones Washington 2nd-3rd
57 SS Josh Jones North Carolina State 2nd-3rd
58 DE Carl Lawson Auburn 2nd-3rd
59 DT Chris Wormley Michigan 2nd-3rd
60 DE DeMarcus Walker Florida State 2nd-3rd
61 OG Dan Feeney Indiana 2nd-3rd
62 FS Marcus Maye Florida 2nd-3rd
63 CB Cordrea Tankersley Clemson 2nd-3rd
64 TE Adam Shaheen Ashland 2nd-3rd
65 WR ArDarius Stewart Alabama 2nd-3rd
66 DT Dalvin Tomlinson Alabama 2nd-3rd
67 OT Taylor Moton Western Michigan 2nd-3rd
68 WR JuJu Smith-Schuster Southern California 2nd-3rd
69 DT Carlos Watkins Clemson 3rd
70 DT Davon Godchaux LSU 3rd
71 WR Chris Godwin Penn State 3rd
72 TE Gerald Everett South Alabama 3rd
73 WR Cooper Kupp Eastern Washington 3rd
74 CB Fabian Moreau UCLA 3rd
75 DT Elijah Qualls Washington 3rd
76 DE Tarell Basham Ohio 3rd
77 OLB Ryan Anderson Alabama 3rd
78 OG Dion Dawkins Temple 3rd
79 DT Montravius Adams Auburn 3rd
80 OG Isaac Asiata Utah 3rd
81 RB D’Onta Foreman Texas 3rd
82 DT Jaleel Johnson Iowa 3rd
83 TE Jake Butt Michigan 3rd
84 C Ethan Pocic LSU 3rd
85 OG Danny Isidora Miami 3rd
86 WR Amara Darboh Michigan 3rd
87 RB Alvin Kamara Tennessee 3rd
88 CB Desmond King II Iowa 3rd-4th
89 CB Cam Sutton Tennessee 3rd-4th
90 OT Antonio Garcia Troy 3rd-4th
91 SS Eddie Jackson Alabama 3rd-4th
92 DT Caleb Brantley Florida 3rd-4th
93 RB Samaje Perine Oklahoma 3rd-4th
94 DT Vincent Taylor Oklahoma State 3rd-4th
95 WR Isaiah Ford Virginia Tech 3rd-4th
96 DE D.J. Smoot Illinois 3rd-4th
97 ILB Kendell Beckwith LSU 3rd-4th
98 RB Joe Mixon Oklahoma 3rd-4th
99 FS Justin Evans Texas A&M 3rd-4th
100 OG Dorian Johnson Pittsburgh 3rd-4th
101 DE Daeshon Hall Texas A&M 3rd-4th
102 SS Tedric Thompson Colorado 3rd-4th
103 CB Jourdan Lewis Michigan 3rd-4th
104 WR Josh Malone Tennessee 3rd-4th
105 OLB Duke Riley LSU 3rd-4th
106 OLB Alex Anzalone Florida 4th
107 TE Jordan Leggett Clemson 4th
108 RB Brian Hill Wyoming 4th
109 QB Josh Dobbs Tennessee 4th
110 DE Tanoh Kpassagnon Villanova 4th
111 WR Dede Westbrook Oklahoma 4th
112 QB Nate Peterman Pittsburgh 4th
113 OG David Sharpe Florida 4th
114 TE George Kittle Iowa 4th
115 OG Zach Banner Southern California 4th
116 OT Julie’n Davenport Bucknell 4th
117 TE Jeremy Sprinkle Arkansas 4th
118 WR Josh Reynolds Texas A&M 4th
119 CB Shaquill Griffin Central Florida 4th
120 TE Bucky Hodges Virginia Tech 4th
121 DE Trey Hendrickson Florida Atlantic 4th
122 WR Chad Hansen California 4th
123 OG Nico Siragusa San Diego State 4th
124 QB Brad Kaaya Miami 4th
125 WR KD Cannon Baylor 4th
126 DE Derek Rivers Youngstown State 4th
127 WR Kenny Golladay Northern Illinois 4th
128 WR Carlos Henderson Louisiana Tech 4th-5th
129 OLB Vince Biegel Wisconsin 4th-5th
130 RB James Conner Pittsburgh 4th-5th
131 SS John Johnson Boston College 4th-5th
132 RB Wayne Gallman Clemson 4th-5th
133 WR Taywan Taylor Western Kentucky 4th-5th
134 CB Rasul Douglas West Virginia 4th-5th
135 CB Jalen Myrick Minnesota 4th-5th
136 RB Marlon Mack South Florida 4th-5th
137 DT Nazair Jones North Carolina 4th-5th
138 ILB Anthony Walker Northwestern 4th-5th
139 RB Donnel Pumphrey San Diego State 4th-5th
140 CB Howard Wilson Houston 4th-5th
141 RB Kareem Hunt Toledo 4th-5th
142 WR Jehu Chesson Michigan 4th-5th
143 OG Jessamen Dunker Tennessee State 4th-5th
144 DE Fadol Brown Mississippi 4th-5th
145 OT Collin Buchanan Miami (Ohio) 4th-5th
146 OG Avery Gennesy Texas A&M 4th-5th
147 TE Jonnu Smith Florida International 4th-5th
148 WR Shelton Gibson West Virginia 4th-5th
149 RB Jeremy McNichols Boise State 4th-5th
150 WR Mack Hollins North Carolina 5th
151 DT Grover Stewart Albany State (GA) 5th
152 K Zane Gonzalez Arizona State 5th
153 ILB Ben Gedeon Michigan 5th
154 CB Ahkello Witherspoon Colorado 5th
155 QB C.J. Beathard Iowa 5th
156 DE Deatrich Wise Jr. Arkansas 5th
157 C Tyler Orlosky West Virginia 5th
158 OLB Jayon Brown UCLA 5th
159 FS Delano Hill Michigan 5th
160 OT Will Holden Vanderbilt 5th
161 C Kyle Fuller Baylor 5th
162 C J.J. Dielman Utah 5th
163 OG Jordan Morgan Kutztown 5th
164 OT Chad Wheeler Southern California 5th-6th
165 DT Ryan Glasgow Michigan 5th-6th
166 OG Sean Harlow Oregon State 5th-6th
167 DT Tanzel Smart Tulane 5th-6th
168 RB Jamaal Williams BYU 5th-6th
169 OT Conor McDermott UCLA 5th-6th
170 OLB Carroll Phillips Illinois 5th-6th
171 FS Xavier Woods Louisiana Tech 5th-6th
172 CB Corn Elder Miami 5th-6th
173 OG Jermaine Eluemunor Texas A&M 5th-6th
174 OT Adam Bisnowaty Pittsburgh 5th-6th
175 OLB Marquel Lee Wake Forest 5th-6th
176 DT Eddie Vanderdoes UCLA 5th-6th
177 WR Ryan Switzer North Carolina 5th-6th
178 WR Malachi Dupre LSU 5th-6th
179 SS Jadar Johnson Clemson 5th-6th
180 SS Rayshawn Jenkins Miami 5th-6th
181 CB Marquez White Florida State 6th
182 WR Noah Brown Ohio State 6th
183 TE Eric Saubert Drake 6th
184 TE Ricky Seals-Jones Texas A&M 6th
185 WR Ishmael Zamora Baylor 6th
186 RB Tarik Cohen North Carolina A&T 6th
187 OT Dan Skipper Arkansas 6th
188 WR Amba Etta-Tawo Syracuse 6th
189 OT Sam Tevi Utah 6th
190 DE Isaac Rochell Notre Dame 6th
191 OG Ben Braden Michigan 6th
192 TE Michael Roberts Toledo 6th
193 DT Jarron Jones Notre Dame 6th
194 OLB Ejuan Price Pittsburgh 6th
195 ILB Connor Harris Lindenwood (MO) 6th-7th
196 C Jon Toth Kentucky 6th-7th
197 TE Cole Hikutini Louisville 6th-7th
198 WR Isaiah McKenzie Georgia 6th-7th
199 CB Brian Allen Utah 6th-7th
200 OG Damien Mama Southern California 6th-7th
201 RB Elijah McGuire Louisiana Lafayette 6th-7th
202 OT Aviante Collins TCU 6th-7th
203 WR Travis Rudolph Florida State 6th-7th
204 WR Fred Ross Mississippi State 6th-7th
205 WR Robert Davis Georgia State 6th-7th
206 TE Scott Orndoff Pittsburgh 6th-7th
207 ILB Blair Brown Ohio 6th-7th
208 DE Hunter Dimick Utah 6th-7th
209 QB Jerod Evans Virginia Tech 6th-7th
210 OLB Samson Ebukam Eastern Washington 6th-7th
211 WR Zach Pascal Old Dominion 6th-7th
212 DE Keionta Davis Chattanooga 7th
213 WR Trent Taylor Louisiana Tech 7th
214 DE Noble Nwachukwu West Virginia 7th
215 RB T.J. Logan North Carolina 7th
216 DT Jeremiah Ledbetter Arkansas 7th
217 RB Matt Dayes North Carolina State 7th
218 CB Brandon Wilson Houston 7th
219 TE Brandon Barnes Alabama State 7th
220 RB Corey Clement Wisconsin 7th
221 CB Brendan Langley Lamar 7th
222 RB Elijah Hood North Carolina 7th
223 P Toby Baker Arkansas 7th
224 OLB Dylan Cole Missouri State 7th
225 C Cameron Tom Southern Mississippi 7th
226 OLB Jordan Evans Oklahoma 7th
227 OG Erik Austell Charleston Southern 7th
228 QB Chad Kelly Mississippi 7th
229 DT Dylan Bradley Southern Mississippi 7th
230 CB Jamal Agnew San Diego 7th
231 OLB Eric Wilson Cincinnati 7th
232 CB D.J. Killings Central Florida 7th
233 OT Andrew Eide BYU 7th
234 WR Chad Williams Grambling State 7th
235 OT Jylan Ware Alabama State 7th
236 WR Tim Patrick Utah 7th
237 OG Corey Levin Chattanooga 7th
238 DT D.J. Jones Mississippi 7th
239 OLB Devonte Fields Louisville 7th-PFA
240 OLB Jalen Reeves-Maybin Tennessee 7th-PFA
241 CB Damontae Kazee San Diego State 7th-PFA
242 RB Aaron Jones UTEP 7th-PFA
243 SS Josh Harvey-Clemons Louisville 7th-PFA
244 DT Patrick Ricard Maine 7th-PFA
245 WR Stacy Coley Miami 7th-PFA
246 DT Stevie Tu’ikolovatu Southern California 7th-PFA
247 CB Channing Stribling Michigan 7th-PFA
248 FS Chuck Clark Virginia Tech 7th-PFA
249 DT Charles Walker Oklahoma 7th-PFA
250 RB Joe Williams Utah 7th-PFA
251 WR Bug Howard North Carolina 7th-PFA
252 OT Justin Senior Mississippi State 7th-PFA
253 OLB Tanner Vallejo Boise State 7th-PFA
254 FS Shalom Luani Washington State 7th-PFA
255 DE Garrett Sickels Penn State 7th-PFA
256 OLB Elijah Lee Kansas State 7th-PFA
257 WR Artavis Scott Clemson 7th-PFA
258 SS Montae Nicholson Michigan State 7th-PFA
259 CB Jack Tocho North Carolina State 7th-PFA
260 OT Brad Seaton Villanova 7th-PFA
261 FS Nate Gerry Nebraska 7th-PFA
262 WR Victor Bolden Oregon State 7th-PFA
263 CB Treston Decoud Oregon State 7th-PFA
264 FS Rudy Ford Auburn 7th-PFA
265 ILB Hardy Nickerson Illinois 7th-PFA
266 FS David Jones Richmond 7th-PFA
267 RB Dare Ogunbowale Wisconsin 7th-PFA
268 OLB Pita Taumoepenu Utah 7th-PFA
269 WR Keevan Lucas Tulsa 7th-PFA
270 LS Anthony Kukwa Lake Erie 7th-PFA
271 CB Nate Hairston Temple 7th-PFA
272 RB I’Tavius Mathers Middle Tennessee State 7th-PFA
273 WR Rodney Adams South Florida 7th-PFA
274 OLB Dylan Donahue West Georgia 7th-PFA
275 ILB Harvey Langi BYU 7th-PFA
276 OLB Keion Adams Western Michigan 7th-PFA
277 OLB Josh Carraway TCU 7th-PFA
278 OG Cameron Lee Illinois State 7th-PFA
279 DE Darius English South Carolina 7th-PFA
280 ILB Ben Boulware Clemson 7th-PFA
281 WR Travin Dural LSU 7th-PFA
282 WR Krishawn Hogan Marian (IN) 7th-PFA
283 FS Damarius Travis Minnesota 7th-PFA
284 OLB Matt Milano Boston College 7th-PFA
285 CB Jeremy Clark Michigan 7th-PFA
286 P Justin Vogel Miami 7th-PFA
287 CB Jeremy Cutrer Middle Tennessee State 7th-PFA
288 TE Darrell Daniels Washington 7th-PFA
289 OLB Tashawn Bower LSU 7th-PFA
290 P Austin Rehkow Idaho 7th-PFA
291 CB Derrick Jones Mississippi 7th-PFA
292 QB Trevor Knight Texas A&M 7th-PFA
293 FB Freddie Stevenson Florida State 7th-PFA
294 RB De’Angelo Henderson Coastal Carolina 7th-PFA
295 FS Kai Nacua BYU 7th-PFA
296 WR Michael Rector Stanford 7th-PFA
297 DE Bryan Cox Jr. Florida 7th-PFA
298 TE Colin Jeter LSU 7th-PFA
299 OT Javarius Leamon South Carolina State 7th-PFA
300 RB Chris Carson Oklahoma State 7th-PFA
301 OT Andreas Knappe Connecticut 7th-PFA
302 SS Lorenzo Jerome Saint Francis (PA) 7th-PFA
303 CB Sojourn Shelton Wisconsin 7th-PFA
304 FB Sam Rogers Virginia Tech 7th-PFA
305 DE Ifeadi Odenigbo Northwestern 7th-PFA
306 OG Kent Perkins Texas 7th-PFA
307 CB Ezra Robinson Tennessee State 7th-PFA
308 OT Dieugot Joseph Florida International 7th-PFA
309 CB Aarion Penton Missouri 7th-PFA
310 TE Jacob Hollister Wyoming 7th-PFA
311 SS Branden Leston Western Kentucky 7th-PFA
312 OG Michael Dunn Maryland PFA
313 FS Mike Tyson Cincinnati PFA
314 ILB Keith Kelsey Louisville PFA
315 WR Keon Hatcher Arkansas PFA
316 QB Cooper Rush Central Michigan PFA
317 RB Stanley Williams Kentucky PFA
318 WR Gabe Marks Washington State PFA
319 ILB Riley Bullough Michigan State PFA
320 CB Ashton Lampkin Oklahoma State PFA
321 RB De’Veon Smith Michigan PFA
322 WR Jalen Robinette Air Force PFA
323 DE JoJo Mathis Washington PFA
324 K Rigoberto Sanchez Hawaii PFA
325 QB Seth Russell Baylor PFA
326 FB Marquez Williams Miami PFA
327 WR DeAngelo Yancey Purdue PFA
328 TE Pharaoh Brown Oregon PFA
329 SS Jamal Carter Miami PFA
330 ILB Calvin Munson San Diego State PFA
331 SS Adrian Colbert Miami PFA
332 OLB Joe Jones Northwestern PFA
333 SS Jason Thompson Utah PFA
334 CB Mike Davis BYU PFA
335 ILB Kevin Davis Colorado State PFA
336 OLB Jimmie Gilbert Colorado PFA
337 DE Johnathan Calvin Mississippi State PFA
338 DE Ken Ekanem Virginia Tech PFA
339 OLB Kennan Gilchrist Appalachian State PFA
340 DT Jeremy Faulk Garden City CC PFA
341 FB Algernon Brown BYU PFA
342 C Brandon Kublanow Georgia PFA
343 P Hayden Hunt Colorado State PFA
344 TE Keith Towbridge Louisville PFA
345 TE Dan Brunskill San Diego State PFA
346 OG Kofi Amichia South Florida PFA
347 WR Riley McCarron Iowa PFA
348 WR Kenny Walker III UCLA PFA
349 OT Robert Leff Auburn PFA
350 DE Evan Schwan Penn State PFA
351 OT Mason Zandi South Carolina PFA
352 QB Mitch Leidner Minnesota PFA
353 DT Rashaad Coward Old Dominion PFA
354 CB Torry McTyer UNLV PFA
355 OLB Richie Brown Mississippi State PFA
356 TE Jason Croom Tennessee PFA
357 OT Erik Magnuson Michigan PFA
358 K Jake Elliott Memphis PFA
359 QB Alek Torgensen Penn PFA
360 FB Prescott Line Michigan State PFA
361 DT Treyvon Hester Toledo PFA
362 CB Will Likely Maryland PFA
363 SS Dallas Lloyd Stanford PFA
364 RB Justin Davis Southern California PFA
365 DT DeAngelo Brown Louisville PFA
366 WR Damore’ea Stringfellow Mississippi PFA
367 OLB Brandon Bell Penn State PFA
368 DE Avery Moss Youngstown State PFA
369 DT Josh Tupou Colorado PFA
370 DT Rod Henderson Alabama State PFA
371 OT Storm Norton Toledo PFA
372 TE Blake Jarwin Oklahoma State PFA
373 TE Billy Brown Shepherd PFA
374 DT Woody Baron Virginia Tech PFA
375 SS Casey DeAndrade New Hampshire PFA
376 OG Nate Theaker Wayne State (MI) PFA
377 DT Matt Godin Michigan PFA
378 WR Quincy Adeboyejo Mississippi PFA
379 OT Jerry Ugokwe William & Mary PFA
380 CB Des Lawrence North Carolina PFA
381 QB Sefo Liufau Colorado PFA
382 C Chase Roullier Wyoming PFA
383 P Kenny Allen Michigan PFA
384 OG Kyle Kalis Michigan PFA
385 OT Levon Myers Northern Illinois PFA
386 DT Jordan Carrell Colorado PFA
387 K Conrad Ukropina Stanford PFA
388 WR Jamari Staples Louisville PFA
389 FS Dymonte Thomas Michigan PFA
390 FS Fish Smithson Kansas PFA
391 RB Dalton Crossan New Hampshire PFA
392 QB Brady Gustafson Montana PFA
393 DE Sydney Omameh Grand Valley State PFA
394 ILB Kenny Olugbode Colorado PFA
395 SS Jordan Sterns Oklahoma State PFA
396 OG Tyler Catalina Georgia PFA
397 C Jay Guillermo Clemson PFA
398 CB Josh Holsey Auburn PFA
399 FB Nate Iese UCLA PFA
400 DE Al-Quadin Muhammad Miami PFA
401 CB Tony Bridges Mississippi PFA
402 LS Cole Mazza Alabama PFA
403 FS Leon McQuay III Southern California PFA
404 SS Ahmad Thomas Oklahoma PFA
405 OLB James Onwualu Notre Dame PFA
406 CB Ryan Lewis Pittsburgh PFA
407 WR Noel Thomas Jr. Connecticut PFA
408 WR James Quick Louisville PFA
409 SS Devin Chappell Oregon State PFA
410 RB Devine Redding Indiana PFA
411 RB Jahad Thomas Temple PFA
412 OT Jonah Pirsig Minnesota PFA
413 SS Maurice Smith Georgia PFA
414 WR Bobo Wilson Florida State PFA
415 TE Hayden Plinke UTEP PFA
416 DT Chunky Clements Illinois PFA
417 DE Pat O’Connor Eastern Michigan PFA
418 WR Drew Morgan Arkansas PFA
419 ILB Brooks Ellis Arkansas PFA
420 WR Jerome Lane Akron PFA
421 RB Taquan Mizzell Virginia PFA
422 CB Breon Borders Duke PFA
423 WR Greg Ward Jr. Houston PFA
424 DE Lewis Neal LSU PFA
425 WR Speedy Noil Texas A&M PFA
426 OLB Dayon Pratt East Carolina PFA
427 OG Ethan Cooper Indiana (PA) PFA
428 FB Emanuel Byrd Marshall PFA
429 OT Taylor Gadbois Southeastern Louisiana PFA
430 ILB Chase Allen Southern Illinois PFA
431 LS Brad Northnagel California PFA
432 OLB Jeff Camilli Fresno State PFA
433 ILB John Law Appalachian State PFA
434 SS Darrion Millines Southern Methodist PFA
435 CB Art Maulet Memphis PFA
436 SS Leo Musso Wisconsin PFA
437 QB Patrick Towles Boston College PFA
438 QB Zach Terrell Western Michigan PFA
439 OG Nick Fett Iowa State PFA
440 OLB Ryan Watson Air Force PFA
441 DT Rob Bain Illinois PFA
442 DE DeVante Wilson California PFA
443 OLB Sam McCaskill Boise State PFA
444 FB John Robinson-Woodget Massachusetts PFA
445 CB Kailo Moore Mississippi PFA
446 CB J.D. Harmon Kentucky PFA
447 P Matt Haack Arizona State PFA
448 SS Tahaan Goodman UCLA PFA
449 DT Shalom Ogbonda Florida Atlantic PFA
450 DT Corey Thomas Northern Illinois PFA
451 ILB Anthony Williams Utah State PFA
452 FB Ricky Ortiz Oregon State PFA
453 OLB Randy Allen South Alabama PFA
454 DT Demond Tucker Iowa State PFA
455 WR Corey Jones Toledo PFA
456 SS Donald Payne Stetson PFA
457 FS T.J. Mutcherson Central Florida PFA
458 WR Josh Magee South Alabama PFA
459 OG Josh Ruka Northern Illinois PFA
460 DT Taiwan Johnson Arkansas PFA
461 RB Marcus Cox Appalachian State PFA
462 TE Tyler White Illinois PFA
463 OLB D.J. May Wyoming PFA
464 C Cam Keizur Portland State PFA
465 TE Anthony Firkser Harvard PFA
466 C Mike Coe North Dakota PFA
467 CB Xavier Coleman Portland State PFA
468 OG Adam Pankey West Virginia PFA
469 WR Robert Tonyan Jr. Indiana State PFA
470 P Cameron Johnston Ohio State PFA
471 OLB Alex Scearce Coastal Carolina PFA
472 RB William Stanback Virginia Union PFA
473 FS Randall Goforth UCLA PFA
474 CB Josh Thornton Southern Utah PFA
475 DT Josh Augusta Missouri PFA
476 OLB Lucas Wacha Wyoming PFA
478 OT Victor Salako Oklahoma State PFA
479 LS Colin Holba Louisville PFA
480 RB Teriyon Gipson New Mexico PFA
481 OG Jake Eldrenkamp Washington PFA
482 TE Johnny Mundt Oregon PFA
483 WR Austin Carr Northwestern PFA
484 QB Jeremy Johnson Auburn PFA
485 TE Jonathan Dorsey Alabama A&M PFA
486 OLB Chad Geter Gardner-Webb PFA
487 WR Garry Brown California (PA) PFA
488 WR Anthony Nash Duke PFA
489 K Matt Davis UNC Pembroke PFA
490 RB Justin Thomas Georgia Tech PFA
491 CB Reggie Porter Utah PFA
492 TE Sean Culkin Missouri PFA
493 WR Jhajuan Seales Oklahoma State PFA
494 WR C.J. Board Chattanooga PFA
495 FS Daquan Holmes American International PFA
495 DT Patrick Gamble Georgia Tech PFA
496 SS Nicholas Morrow Greenville College (IL) PFA
497 WR Dan Arnold Wisconsin-Platteville PFA
498 OG Josh Boutte LSU PFA
499 QB Wes Lunt Illinois PFA
500 FB Alex Armah West Georgia PFA


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Day 3 Drafts’ gets a gift from NFL Organizations Tue, 25 Apr 2017 21:48:33 +0000 In an unique setting, multiple NFL organizations will be announcing their last picks on Saturday. Also many familiar players will be recognized for their quality work on and off the field. Here is some of the teams that will recognize players from different areas around the world.

  • Arizona Cardinals – Ten season ticket members will join cheerleaders and Big Red, the team’s mascot, to announce picks from the GRAND CANYON.
  • Chicago Bears – Bears running back JORDAN HOWARD and military personnel will make selections from the team’s headquarters at HALAS HALL.
  • Cleveland Browns – Former Browns player JOSH CRIBBS and season ticket members, along with alumni, will announce picks from CEDAR POINT AMUSEMENT PARK.
  • Denver Broncos – Military members and NFL legends will make selections from PIÑON CANYON MANEUVER SITE.
  • Houston Texans – Astronauts at the INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION AND SPACE CENTER will announce picks for the first time from outer space.
  • Indianapolis Colts – Colts defensive end KENDALL LANGFORD will make picks from the INDIANAPOLIS ZOO, along with staff personnel.  
  • Jacksonville Jaguars – Picks will be announced from LONDON and JACKSONVILLE.
  • Kansas City Chiefs – Service members will make picks from the WHITEMAN AIR FORCE BASE.
  • New York Jets – Children of fallen EMT Yadira Arroyo will announce Day 3 selections from EMT HOUSE 26
  • Philadelphia Eagles –  Actor MORRIS CHESTNUT and CNBC’s JIM CRAMER will make picks from the NFL DRAFT THEATER.
  • Pittsburgh Steelers – Actor MILO VENTIMIGLIA, Actress MANDY MOORE, current players, and members of a local youth football team will announce selections from HEINZ FIELD.
  • San Francisco 49ers – Country music singer JON PARDI will make picks from LEVI’S STADIUM.
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers – General JOSEPH VOTEL, Commander of the United States Central Command, will announce selections from the team’s headquarters at ONE BUCANNEERS PLACE.
  • Washington Redskins – Actor MICHAEL EALY will make picks with fans from FEDEX FIELD.

This should be an exciting way to announce the last players to get drafted in an exciting fashion.

Image result for 2017 nfl draft



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