Anthony Costanzo’s Pursuit of Perfection

Rookie offensive tackle Anthony Costanzo seems to have fallen into an ideal position with the Indianapolis Colts.  His strengths fit in well with the Colts’ offense, as he explains, “My pass blocking is my biggest strength, which is good considering how much the Colts pass the ball.”

The Colts offensive line didn’t perform as well protecting Peyton Manning as they had in previous years, and the Colts selected Costanzo in the first round (22ndpick overall) to help address that.  He will get an opportunity to start in that unit as a rookie, possibly at the critical left tackle position.  Costanzo was the highest rated left tackle in the draft by several publications.

His personality seems to fit well with Manning, whom Costanzo will be tasked with protecting.  Both are intelligent – Costanzo majored in biochemistry, earned a 3.5 GPA at Boston College, and was a nominee for a Rhodes Scholarship.  They also share one other important trait, “I’m a perfectionist.  I’ve met Peyton and he’s a perfectionist, too, so I think we’re going to get along pretty well.”

Costanzo has a lot of experience coming out of college – he started his first game as a true freshman and played every game during his four year career there, setting a school record with 54 starts.  He is also a mountain, at 6 foot 7 inches tall and weighing 311 pounds, and moves surprisingly quickly for a man his size.

As you’d expect from a self-confessed perfectionist, Costanzo doesn’t allow himself a lot of room for error.  When asked about goals for his rookie campaign, his response was definitive.  “My goal for every season is to give up no sacks.  I’ve been told that’s an unrealistic goal in the NFL but that’s the standard I hold myself to.  That’s going to continue to be my goal every year.”

And that goal will be music to Peyton Manning’s ears.

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