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We at the Football Reporters/ The Sports Chronicles had the chance to catch up with the Founders Of EYE-Scout LLC, Steven Burkett and his Partner Ted Sundquist on one of our radio shows this past Saturday night. Ted worked in the Denver Broncos Organization for 16 years (1992-2008) and was the Broncos GM the last 6 of those years. Eye-Scout and it’s programming platform have led to their latest Product EYE-Draft. During their almost one hour long visit, we got around to the topic of “what IF:”

(Dr, Football-AKA Dr. Bill Chachkes) Ted, if the Eye-Scout platform had been around and you involved back in the last decade, would you have done anything differently?

(Ted Sundquist) Doc, honestly it’s hard to say for sure. We had some great runs drafting and signing some free agents that got us places, sure.

(Dr.F) especially at the Running Back Position!

(TS) Yes at RB, but on defense as well.

(Steven Burkett) It’s also critical to note that while the code was around back then, they were still being used in development of US Gov’t Issue items.

(Kyle Nash) So it was being used to “bust enemy tanks” back then?

(SB) Close, but not quite Kyle…

(Nick Ficorelli) How much of EYE Scout does actually carry over to EYE Draft Guys?

(TS) Much of it is the same base code, the same situationals, except we’re not rating (or self rating) an athlete’s training ability, but rather a GM or Personnel Directors’ Draft Skill!

(SB)  The only thing we changed was the “perspective” of the software operator from athlete to Draft Manager!

(NF) Since we have made the Initial announcement here tonight, we wanted to invite our fellow Draft experts to get involved because this is going to Turn Mock Drafts On it’s Head!

(Dr. F) So I’m officially ON the CLOCK?? Because, I have been trying to call Belichick for two hours to get Jake Ballard back now that he’s healthy!(uproarious laughter from the other interviewers!)

(TS) Your On the Clock Dr. Bill!

(Dr F) Guys, if other GM’s and player personnel directors knew what they could do with this, I think the “Intelligence” curve between teams who draft “smarter” and the teams who have a harder time would straighten out, true?

(SB) Sure Bill, but you have to ask: How many of these teams’ owners would let their personnel departments’ spend on an item like this? Sure, the teams invested in upgrading technology will. But it won’t be as widespread as we’d like or you might except. I’m sure many will take a “wait & see” approach.

(KN) Would you have used EYE Draft/EYE Scout to build either of these two teams we have in the SB any differently?

(TS) Not by much, I think both coaches allowed their personnel folks & GM’s do the job without too much interference.

(Dr. F) Who’s going to win next weekend?

(TS) you’ll have t come to my Twitter Chat During the Second half of the Game!

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